Berlin High Rise

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What if Ber­lin was like New York? What if all we did was breed high rising monu­ments, cov­er­ing the sky with amaz­ing archi­tec­ture, giv­ing Ber­lin the look and feel of a met­ro­polis? A con­ven­tional met­ro­polis, that is.

Most people tend to appre­ci­ate that Ber­lin is not like New York, and yet it seems like an inter­est­ing exper­i­ment: what would this city look like? Just in case someone decides to build a high rise right into Mitte, say, or Kreuzberg, we should know what to expect. A Study & Post­card Pro­ject by Fabian Freytag shows exactly that: Ber­lin and its poten­tial high rises.

As Freytag says, he cre­ated the post­cards “to cre­ate a kind of per­cep­tual dis­turb­ance. The inten­tion is to replace real­ity with fic­tion to gen­er­ate cri­teria for a new real­ity. An architecs attack on the exper­i­ence of the pub­lic space.” He trans­formed some of Ber­lins most notori­ous build­ings to become colossal, per­spect­ive chan­ging ele­ments of the “big picture”.

You can buy the post­cards at west­ber­lin bar&shop (friedrich­strasse 215, 10969 ber­lin) and online. But: if you’re lucky, you can win one of 5 sets of high rise post­cards that we’re giv­ing away for our read­ers. Leave a com­ment under this post to par­ti­cip­ate and we’ll let you know by the end of the week!

  1. Very cool. Can they please do that with the Boros Bunker?

  2. oh, I love that. It reminds me of my time in Chicago. Please demol­ish some build­ings in Neuk­orln to set up some huge scrapers. hell yeah

  3. Some of these are rather dirsturb­ing, espe­cially the Branden­bur­ger Tor next to dull, white towers.
    Great work to show to future city plan­ners though, if they come up with the idea of high-rise build­ings at, let’s say, Alex­an­der­platz ever again ;)

  4. High Five!

  5. would love to be the lucky one, nice project…

  6. Love the pics!
    When I returned home from my NY trip last year I totally missed the sky­scrapers for almost two weeks. It felt weird without them.
    My fav is the copy of the Flatiron Building!

  7. As a former New Yorker and cur­rent Ber­liner who loves both cit­ies for what they are, I felt a very vis­ceral sense of ill­ness and unease when look­ing at these, rather like vertigo.

    I think this is exactly what was inten­ded, so in other words: good job!

  8. And I thought Alexa couldn’t get any uglier… :) Great stuff.

  9. Haha. If only…

  10. great post and bril­liant photos!

  11. There’s a clear les­son just from look­ing at the post cards; they could be real– so let’s not make it so.

  12. I Love those pics! And a very nice Idea!

  13. Haupt­bahnhof? Really?

  14. this is a great way to encour­age a more cre­at­ive and ima­gin­at­ive POV when look­ing at city space/Berlin

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