Berlin High Rise

by Sara · 28.01.2013 · Kiez Life, Places · 15 comments

What if Berlin was like New York? What if all we did was breed high rising monuments, covering the sky with amazing architecture, giving Berlin the look and feel of a metropolis? A conventional metropolis, that is.

Most people tend to appreciate that Berlin is not like New York, and yet it seems like an interesting experiment: what would this city look like? Just in case someone decides to build a high rise right into Mitte, say, or Kreuzberg, we should know what to expect. A Study & Postcard Project by Fabian Freytag shows exactly that: Berlin and its potential high rises.

As Freytag says, he created the postcards “to create a kind of perceptual disturbance. The intention is to replace reality with fiction to generate criteria for a new reality. An architecs attack on the experience of the public space.” He transformed some of Berlins most notorious buildings to become colossal, perspective changing elements of the “big picture”.

You can buy the postcards at westberlin bar&shop (friedrichstrasse 215, 10969 berlin) and online. But: if you’re lucky, you can win one of 5 sets of high rise postcards that we’re giving away for our readers. Leave a comment under this post to participate and we’ll let you know by the end of the week!

  1. Very cool. Can they please do that with the Boros Bunker?

  2. oh, I love that. It reminds me of my time in Chicago. Please demolish some buildings in Neukorln to set up some huge scrapers. hell yeah

  3. Some of these are rather dirsturbing, especially the Brandenburger Tor next to dull, white towers.
    Great work to show to future city planners though, if they come up with the idea of high-rise buildings at, let’s say, Alexanderplatz ever again ;)

  4. High Five!

  5. would love to be the lucky one, nice project…

  6. Love the pics!
    When I returned home from my NY trip last year I totally missed the skyscrapers for almost two weeks. It felt weird without them.
    My fav is the copy of the Flatiron Building!

  7. As a former New Yorker and current Berliner who loves both cities for what they are, I felt a very visceral sense of illness and unease when looking at these, rather like vertigo.

    I think this is exactly what was intended, so in other words: good job!

  8. And I thought Alexa couldn’t get any uglier… :) Great stuff.

  9. Haha. If only…

  10. great post and brilliant photos!

  11. There’s a clear lesson just from looking at the post cards; they could be real- so let’s not make it so.

  12. I Love those pics! And a very nice Idea!

  13. Hauptbahnhof? Really?

  14. this is a great way to encourage a more creative and imaginative POV when looking at city space/Berlin

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