Berlin in Snow

by Stefan · 13.12.2012 · Kiez Life · 7 comments

There is not much to say about the cur­rent weather situ­ation. It is both fant­astic (won­der­ful white snow land­scapes and com­fort­able cozy get-togethers indoors are the per­fect pre-Christmas warm up) and ter­rible (it’s cold as a mother out there, traffic is stuck all the time and if you haven’t yet landed butt first on ice then you have about 3 months left to dis­cover this tra­di­tional Ber­lin winter prac­tice). Sud­denly everything has changed.

In the next couple of days before Christ­mas, the city will become calmer and less fren­etic. People will leave to see their fam­il­ies in the rest of Ger­many and spend most of their days at home, warm­ing up their feet. Nobody likes the cold very much, but the snow is amaz­ing. As long as the sun shines and it’s not rain­ing I might even prefer the winter to the sum­mer in some respects.

The weather fore­cast says it’s going to be –11° in the upcom­ing week. Get your­self hid­ing, y’all!

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  1. Schöne Bilder Stefan!

  2. Love these! I miss Berlin.


  4. these are great! I was in Ber­lin less than 2 weeks ago and it looked noth­ing like this. looks like i missed it. at least there’s next time!

  5. Love this stuff! Great day and night photos!

  6. Awe­some !!