Berlin: Mapped by Jenni Sparks

by Sara · 05.12.2013 · Made In Berlin, Places · 131 comments

Maps are a trav­el­ers most treas­ured home dec­or­a­tion. Although the gen­eric ones are far from pretty, they’re still worth another look, time and time again. Even more so when the maps have been obvi­ously used and scribbled on. I love see­ing where people went on vaca­tion, which sights they marked and what kind of stuff they drew on their maps. 

How about a hand-drawn map, then? Maybe of Ber­lin? Artist Jenni Sparks appar­ently likes the func­tion­al­ity of maps, too, but decided to bring some beauty into it. After hav­ing drawn Lon­don and New York before, Ber­lin is finally also fin­ished. The res­ult is fant­astic. Mind you, it’s not just a map that guides you through the streets. This map includes every pop­u­lar spot of the city, drawn into little cute icons.

For someone like me, this is so much bet­ter for ori­ent­a­tion. I don’t care about left, right, left, straight­for­ward, and I suck at remem­ber­ing street names. But I do remem­ber the look of build­ings and their func­tions, so to nav­ig­ate from here to there or to remem­ber some­thing that I passed but can hardly grasp any­more, this map is just per­fect. This map is made for me! The rich detail is just stunning. 

And it makes for a great Christ­mas present, too. See­ing that we have been lazy around here, we decided to col­lab­or­ate with Jenni Sparks and the amaz­ing guys from Ever­made to give one of those mes­mer­iz­ing hand-drawn map prints away! 

What you have to do to win the Hand Drawn Map of Ber­lin by Jenni Sparks:

- Please either like or share or tweet this post or leave a com­ment under it so we can see who wants the map! 

Good luck! You can take part in this give-away til the 15th of Decem­ber, so we can send it out in time (hope­fully) for Christmas!

Buy the Hand Drawn Map of Ber­lin here.

  1. I want this map!

    It looks great.

  2. WOW..genial..

  3. Yes! This is an abso­lutely bril­liant map, I’d love to win it!
    Thanks for the oppor­tun­ity,

  4. Excel­lent com­pet­i­tion, this map is awe­some! Would love to have it!

  5. tolles ges­chenk für freunde!!

  6. Das wäre so schön für Wein­achten ! #Berlin

  7. oh, I’d love to put this on my wall… fin­gers crossed!

  8. Map me up, bitte!

  9. wun­der­voll!

  10. I need this map for get­ting lost in my beloved Berlin?!

  11. maxikre­isch, looove it. And so would my wall :)

  12. map me in there, some­where cool

  13. made with so much love. would love to get one!

  14. wow für soviel liebe und zeit. ist großartig geworden. die hätte ich unfass­bar gerne.

  15. Wow yeah

  16. can’t think of any bet­ter map to explore Ber­lin. def­in­itely want one on my blank wall.

  17. I love it!! Would love one

  18. Echt geil!! Beau­ti­ful Map!! Abso­lutely love it.

  19. So many feels! Awe­some­ness in a print.

  20. Leav­ing Ber­lin after 2 years and I’d love to take this home!

  21. Schön..Ick möchte dat ey! Beau­ti­ful I am inter­ested as well.

    Der Inder Berliner
  22. Ich nehm’ 10 und dann noch eine!

  23. ui. das hätte ich gern.

  24. Would love a shot at put­ting this beaut up on my wall.

  25. uuh, pretty please! (:

  26. DO WANT :D

  27. Oh my, how gor­geous!! I’d love to have this beau­ti­ful gem :)
    [Just tweeted/ @partyheidi ]

  28. Want :)!!

  29. this is bey­ond gor­geous! a clear case of HABENWOLLEN :)

  30. I want one!!! =)

  31. was eine liebeserklärung an die schön­ste stadt der welt <3

  32. Wow! me want! <3

  33. Going to Ber­lin for the first time ever with my wife this Christ­mas. This map would kill two birds with one stone: i)Helping me track down the hippest cafes in Kreuzberg and ii)Making one beau­ti­ful present for the Mrs.

    Please please please!

  34. Please!

  35. Will­haben!!!


  36. I so want this! I’m mov­ing to Ber­lin in one week and this would be per­fect for our new home :) Pretty please!

  37. amaz­ing cre­ation ;-) love and want it for me !

  38. Wow, this map is awe­some! I would love to put it on my wall, so I can plan some nice trips :)

  39. Make me happy…

  40. This is so cool!

  41. a traum

  42. Superbe! I miss Ber­lin very much and it would be great to have this map to put on my walls!
    Thanks for sharing!

  43. ooooh such a cute present for my girl!!:)

  44. although i would love to have it by myself.. what a pity!:)

  45. OH JA!

  46. sehr gern.

  47. Live and love Ber­lin since 10 years , Please let me hang this in my liv­in­groom :) <3

  48. Oooooh.…That would be bril­liant. I’d love to be in the game. (And win the beau­ti­ful map.)

  49. Beau­ti­ful!

  50. Toll. Bitte hierher!

  51. Beau­ti­ful and a per­fect christ­mas gift for our kitchen :-)

  52. Oh, würde die sich gut in meiner Wohnung machen…

  53. das nehme ich!

  54. Dear Santa, how are you?

  55. wun­der­schön!

  56. YES! I would def­in­itely love this. Would help my 3 kids always remem­ber their home here in Berlin.

    Aaron Alexander
  57. Per­fect present for my best friend who always gets lost in big Berlin! :)

  58. Pretty Please, I love this and i would love to own it!
    Thanks and merry Christmas

  59. Love this!

  60. Great work of art, with a pur­pose! Love it.

  61. good damn I want it so hard

  62. oh how beau­ti­ful! i really looove it.. and it would fit so per­fectly in my new hall­way.. <3 wanna have!!

  63. Oh ja!

  64. Incred­ible map! I really want it! :D

  65. Großartigst!

  66. Ja, ja, für den Flur! Möchte mitmachen!

  67. Made with so much love!
    I want it so bad!!! :D

  68. Awe­some work! I was look­ing for a long­time for a unique and with so much love for detail hand-drawn map of Ber­lin. I would love to pol­ish up my walls at home with Jenni’s Ber­lin map.

  69. Super!
    Würde gut in unsere neue Wohnung passen, also her damit! :)

  70. Won­der­ful! It would be per­fect in my liv­ing room.

  71. Großartig! Bitte bitte bitte :)

  72. I like it and want it, oh ja

  73. Love this map! would really like to add it to my Berlinabilia…

  74. I’ve been eying this for ages! I want it sooo bad!!

  75. Would be happy to hang such a dynamic, liv­ing map along­side the fol­low­ing quote…

    “Ber­lin ist eine Stadt, ver­dammt dazu, ewig zu wer­den, niemals zu sein.” Karl Scheffler


  76. Sehr sehr schön! Wäre toll zu Weihnachten!

  77. so beau­ti­ful!!

  78. WOW!! Super schöne Karte :)

  79. richtig cool!

  80. nie wieder verirren!

  81. This is what I need for not feel­ing that bad now that I’m leav­ing Ber­lin. Great work. I want it so bad!

  82. Wun­der­schön!

  83. gimmedat!

  84. Das wäre toll!!

  85. This is beau­ti­ful! I have lives for 4 years in Ber­lin and many friends get a map from the trans­port sys­tem and then when vis­it­ors come over we always pin where we live. This is even cooler, –and incid­ent­ally, I don’t have one on my wall yet, so… — could I pretty please with sugar on top (and a cherry!) have one? :)

  86. Ich musste vor einer Weile leider aus Ber­lin weg­ziehen. Nach Frank­furt, of all places. Und weil ich fast jeden Tag davon träum’, irgend­wann mal wieder an die Spree zurück­zukom­men, würd ich mir dieses wun­derbare Stück Arbeit als Landkarte meiner Träume an die große Wand in der Küche hän­gen und beim Mor­gen­kaf­fee einen Kiez­spazi­er­gang unterneh­men — jeden Tag der Woche in einem anderen Bezirk, garniert mit den vielen tausend Bildern in meinem Kopf, die mir die große Stadt ges­chenkt hat…

  87. Want! Big time!

  88. Joa, die würd ich auch gern gewinnen

  89. Trapped in Neukölln.

    Please map me out!

  90. Ick nehm se!

  91. Truly beau­ti­ful! i want it!

  92. AWESOME MAP :) Wed­ding 65 YEAH! ;)

  93. Dear Santa of Find­ing B,

    here I have my say: I want the Hand Drawn Map of Berlin.

  94. want want!

  95. nice one!

  96. wün­sche mir nichts sehnlicher :)

  97. meine wand wäre entzückt, wenn sie sich mit dieser karte schmücken dürfte!

  98. Love it.

  99. Yes please!

  100. Ich zieh bald um und das würde sich echt gut machen in der neuen Wohnung!

  101. THIS IS IT!

  102. toll toll toll!

  103. So my birthday’s on the 16th…(just sayin’)


  105. I want that map sooooo bad! It has been on my wish­list for ages!

  106. would love to win this!

  107. such a great piece of art!

  108. ME WANT. amaz­ing stuff. :D

  109. Would love to win it!

  110. i would love to win this beauty!

  111. Hav­ing just moved to Ber­lin this would be such a use­ful thing to have, awe­some map!

  112. looks awe­some :)

  113. ahhh, if only it could be mine…

  114. my life is empty without maps

  115. Die Karte kön­nte bestimmt mein HEIMWEH ein bis­schen mildern. Ich bin in Ber­lin aufge­wach­sen und lebe nun seit knapp einem Jahr in Köln und ich ver­misse meine Heimat Ber­lin sooo dolle. :/
    Ber­lin wird immer in meinem HERZEN sein, aber viel­leicht dem­nächst auch zusätz­lich noch an meiner WAND..!? :)

  116. die karte ist der knalla

  117. I’d love to hang a map on the wall of our new apart­ment here in Ber­lin — would be a great start!

  118. Simply amaz­ing

  119. No, no, no, I don’t want this map! Ser­i­ously! I don’t like it!

  120. Great! Wait­ing for a map of Paris as well! :)

    Anna-Maija Sohn
  121. nice scheiße! ich will es besitzen!

  122. This would look amaz­ing in my new cafe in Glasgow!

  123. Love it!

    annaleigh Grace
  124. Mutti´s Weih­nachts­ges­chenk!!! <3

  125. Großartigst!! Das wäre das ideale Ges­chenk für meinen kleinen Bruder, der leider aus Ber­lin weg­ziehen musste…

  126. ich will das meinem fre­und schen­ken der cool­er­weise mit mir zusam­men wohnt sodass es auch ein ges­chenk für mich wäre. ich fux!

  127. das gen­i­al­ste Ges­chenk für meinen Vater, der so gerne sol­che Karten mag :)

  128. Gese­hen und gedacht: die muss ich haben! Wundervoll!

    Julia van der Vorst
  129. Beau­ti­ful amaz­ing incred­ible YES PLEASE!

  130. A beau­ti­ful map — I would love to have one for Christmas!

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