Berlin Summer Nights

26 Aug ’10 by Sara Community, Street Life
Our Berlin nights - about discovering the city and hanging around randomly on rooftops.

Rarely do I ever find the right words to describe the impact that Berlin – and especially the Berlin nightlife – has had on my life. Just like that you feel the itch to be outside, to spend hours people watching while chilling on the curbs of the streets you’ve come to love, sipping on beer or Mate. The flow is all that matters.

Six comments

  1. ich mag die bilder. ham charme. :)

  2. Yep, last one’s at Ritter Butzke.

  3. /me likes.

  4. you are so damn right about these lovely lost berlin nights! there’s nothing more to want…

  5. Ich mag das die Bilder nicht so scharf sind, hat irgendwie Stil und ich mags irgendwie (:

    Generell ist dieser Blog so ziemlich die Offenbarung, einfach wunderbar geschrieben und die ganzen schönen Fotos *.* Ich liebe Finding Berlin – wird es part 3 geben, z.B. finding the world?