Berliner Biermeile

I honestly don't know why I decided to go and why I thought my expectations would be exceeded. Spoiler: they weren't.
10 Aug ’10 by Sara Events

Being cool and on the ‘in’ side of Berlin does not only imply spending a lot of money on the appropriate attire; more than that it’s about where you let yourself be seen. The annual Beermeile, a good stretch of the Karl Marx Allee packed with all sorts of beer stands, is definitely not one of the cool places.

But then again it’s so easy to dismiss the obvious. Sure, the music’s a mix of awkward shabby cover bands and German Schlagerpop, but in the end the tourists, the hipsters, the students, the Berliners, those who are too old to label themselves and those who fit neither here nor there all come to the same basic instinct: drinking.

The Biermeile is certainly long, and there’s one distinctive difference between the festival in Berlin and the Oktoberfest in Munich: the Oktoberfest concentrates on the Bavarian tradition (Augustiner, Paulaner) while the Biermeile is just a reason to get fucked up. Well, at least I was there once.

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  1. wirklich netter beitrag :)