Who’s got the best delivery food in Berlin?

Need to order in, but don't know what's the best delivery food in Berlin? Look no further: I have an absolutely and totally subjective list of restaurants and services right here for you!
5 Jan ’17 by Sara Food

Every year, the delivery service registry Lieferheld analyze their customer’s most favorite orders and give out awards to the best delivery restaurants in Germany. Their beste Lieferservices are not rated by the customers, but instead analyzed from the order data of Lieferheld. So what is the best delivery food in Berlin?

Unsurprisingly, Berlin’s winner is (yet again) the Prenzlauer Berg restaurant Habba Habba!

Unfortunately, if you’re not in Prenzlauer Berg (or close), you won’t be able to order. That’s too bad, as Habba Habba are certainly fantastic! Their fresh, orient-inspired food is a dream for delivery food. Regardless of your diet, you’ll certainly find something delicious to snack on: falafel & hummus, sandwiches and full plates. The only falafel restaurant that is perhaps better than Habba Habba is Nachtigall on Ohlauer Straße. But they don’t have delivery, which is a loss for the city. Who are the other all over winners, you ask?

Top 3 Lieferheld Award Winners 2017:
  1. Habba Habba, Kastanienalle 15
  2. EPIS, Rabensteiner Str. 36
  3. Fatoush, Simon Dach Straße 41a

The best delivery restaurants in Berlin (as careefully chosen by FINDINGBERLIN)

The best I’ve tried a lot of delivery food in Berlin. Winters are long, German supermarkets aren’t well stocked, and as a freelancer, I tend to spend a lot of time in bed. Lieferheld may have data on their side, but I have the advantage of an insatiable hunger.  1

In the past years, there was definitely a rise of good delivery food around here. But what’s the best delivery food in Berlin in my humble opinion, you ask?

I haven’t lived in every area of Berlin, so I really don’t know! But I still have my favorites.2


How about this:

YOU tell me what’s one is the best delivery food in Berlin (in your opinion) in the comments. And I have 6×10€ Lieferheld vouchers to give-away randomly as a thank you for your help!

You’ll get extra-points if you can name one in Spandau.

And now here it comes: the BEST DELIVERY FOOD IN BERLIN 2017 (according to my own personal opinion.)

1. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: The Bowl

We’ve already written a lengthy review and a poem about The Bowl. Way before “food bowls” became a thing in Berlin, The Bowl opened up in Friedrichshain with the concept of raw, vegan and delicious food. And since their ingredients are mostly fresh anyway, the delivery option is a perfectly healthy alternative.

tl;dr: Vegan, Healthy, No Sugar

2. Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Kreuzberg, Neukölln: CHUTNIFY

While Chutnify works perfectly as sit-down restaurant, the delivery options are nothing to joke about too! The dosas are fresh and crispy, and the Bombay Bhel is probably the best interpretation of summery Indian food that I’ve ever tried before. I mean ever. I had no idea that Indian could be anything else but the ever rotation variation of curry and rice. Boy was I wrong!

tl;dr: Indian, Not Really Indian Though It’s Much Better Than Curry, Spicy, Vegan/Vegetarian/Animals

3. Pankow, Schöneberg, Weißensee (…): Schillerburger

Started from the bottom of Neukölln, now they’re everywhere. Schillerburger have quickly made their game a franchise, and Berlin is better off for it. While the fries are definitely fresher when you eat them at the restaurant, the burgers are still great after a bumpy ride. Schillerburger is may not be the best burger in town, but it’s a solid delivery option: not too large burgers, consistent taste and quality, very handy architecture and no redundant specials or stuff like that. Don’t order the sweet potato fries if you can help it.

tl;dr: Animal burger, vegetarian burger, delivery to practically everywhere, there is also a Schillerburger at Berghain Kantine

4. Neukölln: Os’ Kitchen

The slightly greasier version of Habba Habba is Os’ Kitchen in Neukölln. If you ever wanted perfect hummus, falafel and absolutely fantastic Mujaddara – almost as if delivered by your Syrian mother – this is the right spot to be. Kibbe, Kafta, Batata Harra, Sambusek, Manakish – if these words mean ANYTHING to you, you MUST try Os! I haven’t tried ordering the Fatteh yet, as I truly believe that there are some things that should never be delivered. But Oz’ Kitchen is great value and solid food (still not better than Nachtigall though), if only they’d be able to scale down on the plastic a little bit.

tl;dr: Animal, Vegan, Vegetarian, Falafel, Hummus, MUJADDARA ALLAHU AKBAR!

5. Kreuzberg, Wedding, Neukölln: Wonderwaffel

There are moments in life when you need a pick-me-up in form of a great dessert. Wonderwaffel is to Kreuzberg what the Eisbar is to Berghain: disgusting in theory, but once you try it, it totally makes sense. Warm waffels are filled with ice cream, fresh fruit and other nasty sweets and yes, they make it to your doorstep without falling apart or drowning in liquid! I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY DO IT BUT IT WORKS! I also just found out they have PROTEIN Waffles hahahaha BULK SEASON 2017!!!

tl;dr: Nasty, Vegetarian, Dessert, Is This Real Life?

6. Mitte: Djimalaya

Okay, now that I’m considering this list, there seems to be a very steep lean towards oriental food. But who am I to blame myself? At least I can diversify. Djimalaya is the Israeli version of Hummus + topping, meaning it’s slightly less tarty than Arabic hummus, stiff with tahini and loaded with oil – the trifecta of a perfect hangover meal!

tl;dr: Could use more lemon, Hangover, Hummus, Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal

8. Kreuzberg, Mitte, Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Hellersdorf, Lichterfelde, Lichtenberg, Tempelhof (…): Domino’s Pizza

There’s really good sit-down restaurant pizza, and there’s delivery pizza. That’s its very own category and no discussion. You can’t sit down and eat delivery pizza and you should never order-in restaurant pizza. There’s a reason why Domino’s is an international player, and it has everything to do with consistent quality, fast delivery and solid menu deals. Tastes exactly like pizza should taste: good. Never beyond expectations.

tl;dr: Animal, Vegetarian, American Pizza, Party Pizza, Available EVERYWHERE in Berlin and much better than Call a Pizza

9. Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg: Tommi’s Burger Joint

Absolutely: Tommi’s Burger is the best burger in Berlin. The only reason why their delivery post is not up higher is that I think they haven’t yet perfected their delivery practices. The burger needs to be blessed with kisses and more moisture in order to survive even the shortest ride, and their fries turn into a soggy mess if they travel longer than 10 minutes. The point is: if you can go to their restaurants and have their amazingly perfect burgers there, then it beats their delivery version by far. But hey, I’d hit it. ;) ;) ;)

tl;dr: Best burger in Berlin when not delivered, perfect architecture, hungry young men need to order two to be full, Animal, Vegetarian

10.  Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukölln: IIU Sushi & More

Another one from the Lieferheld Best-Of: IIU makes some great Sushi fusion combos if you’re into thawed fish. I mean, Sushi in Berlin has become this really cheap, really mediocre meal because nobody treats fish the way it deserves to be treated – but IIU is neither better nor worse than other delivery services in that department. Where IIU really stands out is their hot soups and little snacks. There were times when nothing made me as happy as ordering their Red Hot Chicken Soup or a vegetarian alternative. The clear broth was like a bath in flavorful warmth.

tl;dr: Asian fusion fast food, mediocre Sushi but good Kimchi and Soups, Quick Delivery

Alrighties, that’s it for now.

Now it’s on you to complete the best delivery food in Berlin list:

Let me know (you can make it a tl;dr too if you’re lazy) in the comments which delivery service is your favorite and why. I have 6×10 Lieferheld vouchers to give away to randomly chosen lucky winners! Tell me: What is the best delivery food in Berlin?

  1. Okay, before you get your pitchforks out: Everything I just said it's not true. I have my delivery moments, but I like to cook for myself, I love grocery shopping and I'm always guilty about the environment and the poor delivery guys, which is why I've stepped down from my Netflix & Gluttony habit.
  2. Also, some of these can't be ordered via Lieferheld. Just saying.

Twelve comments

  1. I have a good one:
    Deep fried empanadas are meant to be delivered and I’ll tell you why: they reach an insanely high temperature in the inside when they are fresh, and who has the time to wait?
    With the delivery you get them at right temperature: they are still warm and you avoid 3rd degree burns in your mouth ;)

  2. Co-sign everything you wrote about Tommi’s Burger Joint! And this list makes me mad since I live just off the grid for many of these places, grrrrr….

  3. Schillerburger geht immer :)

  4. I mostly order sushi and for that i like miyaki the best. They have a selfmode soysauce which is realy great. And of course I do like habba habba. It tastes good, is fresh and always a good choice.

  5. i <3 Habba Habba!

  6. Miyaki Sushi Lounge in Friedrichshain. Best fried Sushi rolls ever!

  7. Red Dragon for a quick Asian fastfoodish fix

  8. For me it’s hatoki.de. It may look unimpressive, but the sushi and vietnamese kitchen is great. Prices are fair.

  9. Schillerburger? really?
    2 points on this:
    First why is it not recommended for Neukölln when it’s where they started? Is it because Neukölln knows better?
    Second: Do we really need to support the “Schiller” people? after colonizing the gentrifying Schillerkiez and capitalizing on the name… They are now going all over Berlin. But they are only the first step before the like of Aesop that you described in http://www.findingberlin.com/kreuzberg-36-gentrification-soap/
    Berlin (or Kreuzberg) fought against McDonald implantation but is now getting colonized by smaller chains like schiller* and Amrit? Is it better?

    At the same time, Domino’s being on the list…

    • Alright, I’ll bite. I usually ignore these type of comments because there is a time for play and a time for politics, but since you’ve gone to the trouble of pointing out seeming contradictions on the site, I’ll honor your criticism with a reply.

      First of all, it is explicitly mentioned that Schillerburger was started in Neukölln. Second of all, while Schillerburger was indeed always seen as the culprit of gentrification in the Schillerkiez, I don’t agree with the notion that LOCAL ventures- i.e. businesses ran by people who live here, businesses that actually give something back to the local economy – are the reason behind gentrification processes. Gentrification is not a cause, it’s a symptom. And EVEN SO – even if we were to say that gentrification is inherently bad etc. – even then the Schillerburger is hardly responsible for kicking off a gentrification wave in Berlin.

      We can agree to disagree on that, but when it comes to contradictions here, I think I’m consistent with what I said about the soap shop on Reichenberger Straße: Gentrification is a much bigger issue that rarely has anything to do with the existence or lack of nice restaurants.

      I think it’s incredibly foolish to see the enemy in every franchise. McDonald’s is a global brand (as is Domino’s – here, your arguments would definitely hold up!), any profit is hardly going to be in the pockets of Berliners. I think we should respect this crucial difference. And where does it stop, anyway? So The Barn just opened a franchise in Charlottenburg. Now that artisan coffee is just another place to boycott? What if your friend, who owns a small little restaurant, struggling to get by, decides to open another little store somewhere else – where does the boycott start, where does it end?

      As for Domino’s, I’ve said this on Facebook when it was brought up: if you actually have a better recommendation about a good and consistent pizza delivery service, then by ALL MEANS, share it with us! I’m not above and beyond any principles to say the truth, which is that Domino’s is still ranking above the other places I’ve tried.

    • Ok, you’re right in many points, thanks for your answer.

      Especially, on the gentrification process, I think I express myself badly. They are definitely just a symptom of the gentrification and not a cause (one could argue that the closure of Tempelhof airport was the actual root cause of the gentrification in this particular Kiez) But maybe we also ought to deal with the symptoms (not sure how or even if). I guess anyway my problem with it is personal. I see them as happily riding the wave and wanting to create a “chain” right from the beginning (difference between Frollein Langner and Schillerbar) but more than anything I’ve always been really bothered by their “branding” using the Kiez name. Anyway, not need to argue more on this, I also have to agree with you that their is a difference between international chain (tax dodgers?) and local business so Schillerburger is definitely better than McDonalds.

      As for Domino, maybe we all ought to recognize that their is simply no good pizza delivery in Berlin (my american wife seemed to think it’s part of the immigration experience for all US expat to come to this realization and forums used to be full of discussions regarding that) It seems that all the good pizzeria just don’t want to deal with deliveries and even the like of foodiveroo won’t convince them otherwise.

      Anyway, thanks for you answer and sorry to bring politics in the playtime :) and thanks for your blog.

      PS: how do you get the Bowl delivered in Kreuzberg?

  10. Well it for sure won’t be the best delivery food in Berlin, hence, that discussion will go on forever, but in my area (Well… Steglitz) I would go for Mahal.