Get 50% off of your workshop ticket for the Blogfabrik Content Creation Week 2017.
4 Sep ’17 by Sara Community, Events

Blogfabrik is hosting the first Content Creation Week in its glamorous co-working space full of digital pioneers and talents. From 11 – 14 September 2017, experts and self-made content heroes will teach you how to get down with the internet.

Stop being a fool, buy your Content Creation Week ticket today. For a limited time only (basically, RIGHT NOW), you can purchase a ticket to one of the talks of the innovation hub, where I will also be speaking about the methods of digital storytelling.

The whole schedule is a pretty elaborate and deep look into the world of content marketing and online creation. Many of my highly appreciated colleagues of Blogfabrik will host workshops, panels and talks about the most important things on the net right now.

Although not stripped entirely from the marketing aspects of digital content, my personal highlights are definitely the workshops in the creation category. Stemming from a marketing background, I know first-hand how much we all like to concentrate on what is successful; on defining trends and seeing the virility of the future. But often, digital success is not directly translated into economic, cultural or social success. I find it more interesting to think about the elements of creating high quality (with little means) and finding methods that will allow us to create content without falling into the trap of creating something that won’t survive any longer than the typical Instagram meme.

Beyond “creation”, you will also find workshops about the business of blogging, photography for the internet, and communication/branding related panels. I would get out the highlighter and personally pick out some recommendations for you, but considering the specificity of the talks and their hosts, I think it’s fair to say that everyone should check out the schedule of Content Creation Week and find their match.

The full schedule; click to enlarge

If you can’t make it to the workshops (some of them are already sold out, so don’t miss your chance), the CCW17 is also extended by a free program full of interesting talks and speakers.

I’m very proud of the Blogfabrik team for putting together such an amazing program and I’m looking forward to showcase my own experience in such a highly inspiring setting. See you next week – hopefully!