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Andreas Mühe: Selbstbildnis, © Andreas Mühe, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012,  courtesy DITTRICH&SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin

With May Day around the corner it’s time again for Berlin’s annual art fest­ival, the Gal­lery Week­end. If you don’t want to get lost in the over­whelm­ing abund­ance of 51 par­ti­cip­at­ing gal­ler­ies, bet­ter read on.

Gal­lery Week­end has always been an event I both curi­ously and anxiously await. A pure joy for my artsy heart, but a pain for my mind to put this exhib­i­tion mon­ster into a reas­on­able plan. I even made a detailed time plan once to miss not a single show. How­ever, since such an art mara­thon is rather exhaust­ing, I’d like to share five of the most prom­ising exhib­i­tions with you, both those being part of the offi­cial pro­gramme and those that simply take place on this occasion.

Dit­trich & Schlechtriem: Andreas Mühe shows his photo exhib­i­tion “Ober­salzberg”, examin­ing the aes­thetic rep­res­ent­a­tion of polit­ical power in the Nazi’s depic­tion of Ober­salzberg, were Hitler had his hol­i­day resort. How­ever, Mühe doesn’t revert to the pon­der­ous imagery of post-war art, but gives it a some­times bit­ter, most often sar­castic and even funny twist. Apart from his skills in pho­to­graphy and com­pos­i­tion, this vivid but ana­lytic take on such a topic should be reason enough to visit the exhib­i­tion tak­ing place at Tuchol­skys­traße 38, Mitte.

Peres Pro­jects: The Bel­gian artist col­lect­ive Leo Gabin deals with online media, more pre­cisely images that appear on the Social Web. In our times, imagery plays a big role in every part of life. With Instagram’s net worth of one bil­lion dol­lars is just a mat­ter of fact that images have a great influ­ence on us and the Inter­net. Now it’s Leo Gabin’s turn to deal with this situ­ation: They extract ran­dom pho­tos from the Social Web, vir­tu­ally stored pho­tos that bear a col­lect­ively borne mean­ing, recycle and trans­fer them onto the screens and into the phys­ical exhib­i­tion space at Große Ham­burger Straße 17, Mitte.

Johnen Galerie: You might have heard about last year’s Turner Prize win­ner Mar­tin Boyce, who cre­ated an urban oasis in order to win world’s most acclaimed art prize. Good for you, he’s exhib­it­ing along with Stefan Ber­talan at Johnen Galerie. In his most recent take on nature in urban space, he recalls urban sculpt­ing in mod­ern­ism and pro­duces tree sculp­tures that might be seen in Ber­lin some­when far in the future. Don’t miss Stefan Ber­talan either, who con­trib­uted works on dysto­pian ideas of soci­ety after the fall of 20th century’s state philo­sophies. Both are on view at Mari­en­straße 10, Mitte.

Bar­bara Thumm: In case you fancy polit­ical art and didn’t get enough with Stefan Ber­talan, go and visit Jota Castro’s show at Gal­lery Bar­bara Thumm. With some pro­vok­ing works and state­ments on the fin­an­cial crisis and Europe’s shock thereupon, Castro’s exhib­i­tion “Aus­ter­ity über alles” prom­ises to twist the knife in the wound. Go and get your­self engaged at Mark­grafen­straße 68, Mitte (gal­lery dis­trict Kochstraße).

Cam­pagne Première: In a poetic and nar­rat­ive man­ner, Bou­chra Khalili traces the routes of anonym­ous immig­rants who came to Europe. In “Map­ping Jour­ney Pro­ject”, she sheds light on indi­vidual stor­ies of escape and the quest for the Prom­ised Land and brings up the topic of the lost and hid­den exist­ences in our mod­ern global soci­ety. Join the trail at Chausseestraße 116, Mitte (near Invalidenstraße).

Bouchra Khalili, Mapping Journey #1 [from The Mapping Journey Project (2008 - 2011)], courtesy Campagne Première

If you’re thrilled now, so am I. Of course, Gal­lery Week­end offers a lot more exhib­i­tions. Along­side all the non-official shows, events and parties, there’s too much to see on one week­end. If you still need some more recom­mend­a­tions, you should head over to our arty friend’s web­sites and con­tinue read­ing there: Ber­lin Art Link has an extens­ive list, Anna-Lena from Art­fridge shares her private tour and I wrote an art­icle recom­mend­ing the best off-shows not to miss over at Castor & Pol­lux (sorry, in Ger­man though). In any case, you should take a look on the Gal­lery Weekend’s offi­cial web­site and check all the dates on Ber­lin Art Grid.

But what’s most import­ant: Which exhib­i­tions excite you the most? Did I miss any­thing? Give your recommendations!

Photo credits: Andreas Mühe: Selb­st­b­ild­nis, © Andreas Mühe, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012, cour­tesy DITTRICH&SCHLECHTRIEM, Ber­lin
Bou­chra Khalili, Map­ping Jour­ney #1 [from The Map­ping Jour­ney Pro­ject (2008 — 2011)], cour­tesy Cam­pagne Première

  1. wow! Andreas Mühe’s work is amaz­ing! cheers from argentina!

  2. Hej Leti­cia, as far as I can tell by now, I’ll write a sep­ar­ate art­icle on Mühe’s show, high­light­ing the con­tent and tech­nique of his works. If you speak Ger­man, you can read it over at Castor & Pol­lux, if not, just look out for news on the linked web­sites in Eng­lish language.

  3. I recom­mend Adrien Missika’s solo at Crone Gal­lery. Gor­geously dark install­a­tion made of pan­els, pho­to­graphs and videos.

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