Bread & Butter 2011

by Sara · 07.07.2011 · Events · 4 comments

Fash­ion? Me? I wear sneak­ers, hood­ies and skinny jeans, I’m not exactly your poster-girl for style and fash­ion (though, scratch that, I’ve got mighty style, people just don’t pay enough atten­tion to under­state­ment). No, I’m cer­tainly not part of the Mitte circle that runs from show to show to wit­ness the new­est pieces from the hippest design­ers. But dur­ing Fash­ion Week, all those exhib­i­tions come to the city, all those beau­ti­ful people, people who are in such a vast and inter­est­ing and fas­cin­at­ing busi­ness, they come and bring their ideas and their influ­ences (which I think is a great thing to hap­pen). One of the core places where all of this hap­pens is the Bread and But­ter fash­ion fair, still going strong from here to there and finally last­ing on majestic Ber­lin Tempelhof.

What can I say? It’s a play­ground for fash­ion more than any­thing else, fully equipped with a Mad Max scenery, with an incred­ibly chosen loc­a­tion (eh, hello, we’re in a former air­port, right?), a heated atmo­sphere and fant­astic gim­micks. Again, I know noth­ing about fash­ion: but I know some­thing about Ber­lin. The BBB some­what rep­res­ents how those crazy cre­at­ive Ber­liners think up an event like this. Leav­ing the con­tent aside for a second I can truly say that I love the pack­age. As for fash­ion? Still no. But I appre­ci­ate the parties and the free drinks any­way. Here are some of my impres­sions of the Tem­pel­hof grounds dur­ing BBB taken with my HTC Desire.

  1. The shoes <3

  2. lak, von wem sind die schuhe?

  3. Mein Blauuuuuuuuu … !

  4. Blaues Sommerfeeling…blauer, als ich geglaubt hätte…

    Stephan Schlage