Bread & Butter 2012

by Sara · 20.01.2012 · Events, Places · Comments Off on Bread & Butter 2012

Let’s sum up Fashion Week in Berlin: “the press” and “the media” condescendingly raise their eyebrows, yawn and utter something along the lines of “Berlin is not even close to the big players in NYC or Paris” while simultaneously shitting themselves from joy over the expensive presents they were given by the brands PR managers to write about.

I am always quite amused by the discussion of Berlins lack of fashion importance because it’s usually stirred by people who are not important (in terms of fashion anyway). Also, it’s a very German trait to hate your own team instead of perfecting it, it happens in football, too. Anyway: I think it’s funny because people talk shit about this and that brand or this and that party but they still visit every time and they still take advantage of everything they allegedly “hate so much”. I, on the other hand, very much enjoy Fashion Week every six months. I get to see bizarre stuff and meet people outside of my usual periphery. It might not always be “what I do”, but come on, it’s fun – even if it’s not that important. I’m thankful for that piece of change in Berlins bi-annual rhythm. It can’t always be an outdoor sunshine rave…

One of my favorite places to hang out during Fashion Week is the Bread & Butter fair of which I took some pictures on Wednesday. Even if you’re not into fashion, B&B is just always a little event itself, carefully crafted and extremely crowded. As for me, personally, I’m looking forward to seeing half of Berlin walking around in patterned Navajo tribe prints. Now that will just make us wish back the flannels and the big horn rimmed glasses!

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