Bread & Butter 2012

by Sara · 20.01.2012 · Events, Places · Comments Off on Bread & Butter 2012

Let’s sum up Fash­ion Week in Ber­lin: “the press” and “the media” con­des­cend­ingly raise their eye­brows, yawn and utter some­thing along the lines of “Ber­lin is not even close to the big play­ers in NYC or Paris” while sim­ul­tan­eously shit­ting them­selves from joy over the expens­ive presents they were given by the brands PR man­agers to write about.

I am always quite amused by the dis­cus­sion of Ber­lins lack of fash­ion import­ance because it’s usu­ally stirred by people who are not import­ant (in terms of fash­ion any­way). Also, it’s a very Ger­man trait to hate your own team instead of per­fect­ing it, it hap­pens in foot­ball, too. Any­way: I think it’s funny because people talk shit about this and that brand or this and that party but they still visit every time and they still take advant­age of everything they allegedly “hate so much”. I, on the other hand, very much enjoy Fash­ion Week every six months. I get to see bizarre stuff and meet people out­side of my usual peri­phery. It might not always be “what I do”, but come on, it’s fun — even if it’s not that import­ant. I’m thank­ful for that piece of change in Ber­lins bi-annual rhythm. It can’t always be an out­door sun­shine rave…

One of my favor­ite places to hang out dur­ing Fash­ion Week is the Bread & But­ter fair of which I took some pic­tures on Wed­nes­day. Even if you’re not into fash­ion, B&B is just always a little event itself, care­fully craf­ted and extremely crowded. As for me, per­son­ally, I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing half of Ber­lin walk­ing around in pat­terned Navajo tribe prints. Now that will just make us wish back the flan­nels and the big horn rimmed glasses!

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