Caffè Torino: Aperitivo Culture in Berlin

Martini invites you to become part of the traditional Italian Aperitivo culture at the pop-up Vermoutheria Caffè Torino in Prenzlauer Berg.
11 Oct ’16 by Sara Events, Food

For the next four weeks, Martini is bringing the traditional Italian Aperitivo culture to Berlin. “Aperitivo starts at 4” is the motto of the Caffè Torino in Prenzlauer Berg, a pop-up Vermoutheria that will help you celebrate your “Feierabend”.

In Italy, Spain and France, Vermoutherias are part of the charming European drinking culture. From 4pm on, people meet to enjoy the Aperitivo, a light drink accompanied by little snacks (or in my case, many snacks accompanied by light drinking. I remember skipping dinner almost entirely during our Italy roadtrip last summer because we were usually full of chips and olives after our first 3 Aperitivos… maybe that’s why Aperitivos haven’t gained success in Germany, because you get leveled by 6pm).

Aperitivo Culture isn’t actually such a foreign concept – in Germany, we love the typical “Feierabendbier“, a comfortable after-work beverage in a Kneipe or at home. But yeah, the Feierabendbier is usually associated with bald-headed, hard workers, and is a bit… rustic. In Italy, Aperitivo culture is for the community, a social activity to end the day; it’s classy, it’s easy-going, and everyone takes part in it.

But it’s still weird how the Aperitivo thing never really had its momentum here, despite the fact that Berliners are the best day-drinkers 1 and love to head out into clubs on a Sunday afternoon. Aperitivo starts at 4: after-work and before Berghain. Winkywink.

So in order to introduce this way of life – La Dolce Vita or La Deutsche Vita -, Martini is exclusively opening the first Riserva Vermoutheria in Berlin. Here, you and your friends get to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and taste the new, lighter and more exclusive Martini “Riserva Speciale Rubino” and “Riserva Speciale Ambrato“.

The speciality of the house is the Americano Bologna, a twist on the typical Negroni with a softer and fruitier touch – a perfect Aperitivo to start the end of a working day. The Caffè Torino is located in Prenzlauer Berg and provides plenty of opportunity to dive into memories of your last summer moments in Italy.


As a big fan of Italian traditions (and by traditions, I mean food), I can fully support the Aperitivo movement, which is why I invited a couple of friends to come and enjoy the afternoon with me at Caffè Torino next Sunday. It’s also perfectly in time for the Berlin Bar Convent, a two day professional reason to binge drink. 

The Caffè Torino will be open from October 11 til November 6. Every day from 4pm to 10pm.

11 Oct ’16, 4:00 pmCaffè Torino at Diderot, Raabestraße 1, 10405 Berlin
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