Berlin is the special place we call our home. While travelling the continents and discovering the world, we are constantly stumbling over cities that somehow remind us of our beloved home far, far away. This is about Finding Berlin in the distance. Because home is where your heart is.

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5 Places To Visit in Meran

17.05.2016 · One comment

I took some time with my follow-up on our trip to Merano. Not only is FindingBerlin currently undergoing a structural and visual change, which requires a slow-down on the publishing-end, but I’ve been traveling and working, and generally keeping myself busy by enacting very thoughtful philosophy about Berlin. Yet in all this time, I’ve never

Merano: Home Away From Home


Life can be rough, as we all certainly know. Most people find a safe place to escape to. I know many people who regard Berlin as that place: a miracle wonderland for the mind and the soul. Literally, Berlin lets you escape from the usual conventions: you can drown your sorrows in a dark club
Moscow City Skyline

Finding Moscow


A year ago I decided to go to Moscow for my studies and also because I needed a change of scenery. Berlin was already exhausting me. New life, new me – that was the idea. Most of you probably wonder what got into me, why the hell did it had to be Moscow, but I
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Notes about New York

15.12.2015 · 5 comments

Although I’ve been in Berlin for quite a few years now, it took a personal loss and a thorough dissection of my parents house to make this city feel like my home. Even if I wanted to move back, I couldn’t. And though nothing about the materiality of me (still) being in Berlin changed, the concept of why
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Finding the Balkans I


  By the time me and my friends packed our small Hyundai to hit the road i did not really have any vision of what the Balkans might be or look like. Since the Yugoslavian War has ended in the early 2000s the region seemed to be quite absent in German media and I hardly knew
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One Fine Day in Lisbon with the smart forfour


As you will remember from my holiday blog entry about Lisbon, I am a very big fan of Lisbon. Rarely does a city have that effect on me: calming and relaxing as a summer holiday, but as exciting and challenging as a metropole. No wonder then that so many young and artistic people have settled over

The Things I Loved About Copenhagen


There’s enough said already about Copenhagen, so I’m not going to bore you with more travel tipps. The city is a global favorite in terms of food, fashion, general style and pretty people. For someone who hadn’t visited a Scandinavian country yet, Denmark was long a front runner on my trip-list. I was eager to
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Staycation: 24 hours in Charlottenburg

15.10.2015 · 7 comments

I’m a really bad Berlin blogger, as most of you know. I rarely update around here and when I do, I’m five years too late for the exciting stuff. I have stopped pressuring myself, though. In fact, I enjoy roaming the same streets every day, visiting the same restaurants. Unless it’s something really new, innovative
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Lisboa: A Berlin Favorite

13.10.2015 · 2 comments

  People have been saying it: Lisboa could be the new Berlin. Rents are cheap, artists everywhere, nightlife’s so loud. Germans have had a knack for Portugal anyway, and now Europeans can all go on vacation in a city that feels more like a holiday prospect superstar: amazing nature, incredible climate, quality food (fish mate) abundance, and
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Tandiss Travels: Tel Aviv


My friend Norman from i-ref asked me to join him on a trip to Tel Aviv for which in return I had to keep a travel diary. As I am always broke and also too stubborn to accept that some people have to save their money in order to go on a vacation, I agreed to

Laily’s Berlin: Roskilde Festival


Alright, I guess I am a little ashamed to say that for the past 20 glorious years that I have lived I had never attended a real, get in the dirt, tents-out, sun-kissed, music festival (a fact that Sara apparently approves of). I know. I’ve heard all about it. Maybe too much about it. I

Escape To Ostsee: Warnemünde

07.07.2015 · 3 comments

While on this particular weekend, 97% of all Berliners traveled to the atrocity that is Fusion Festival (see Sara’s wise insights on music festival here) – not an option for me, either – I decided very un-spontaneously to spend the weekend with The Boyfriend aka Johannes and his family in Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea

Reinforcing Music Festival Stereotypes

06.07.2015 · 3 comments

You know what hasn’t been my dream? Going number 2 in a plastic box! Finally, it came true at every music festival I’ve ever been to. This is why I quit doing music festivals (I also quit having fun in general, because fun always involves dirt and I wear too expensive clothes for that now.
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Spreewald: Idyllic Boredom

02.07.2015 · 3 comments

I needed to get out of the city, not for amusement, but to re-charge my batteries. My self-therapeutic measures (in a nutshell: a constant state of denial, combined with an overclocked CPU) can only last so long before I go completely crazy. The past few months were tough, really tough, but there’s still a long way