Berlin is the special place we call our home. While travelling the continents and discovering the world, we are constantly stumbling over cities that somehow remind us of our beloved home far, far away. This is about Finding Berlin in the distance. Because home is where your heart is.

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Finding the Balkans I


By the time me and my friends packed our small Hyundai to hit the road i did not really have any vis­ion of what the Balkans might be or look like. Since the Yugoslavian War has ended in the early 2000s the region seemed to be quite absent in Ger­man media and I hardly knew people that had
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One Fine Day in Lisbon with the smart forfour


As you will remem­ber from my hol­i­day blog entry about Lis­bon, I am a very big fan of Lis­bon. Rarely does a city have that effect on me: calm­ing and relax­ing as a sum­mer hol­i­day, but as excit­ing and chal­len­ging as a met­ro­pole. No won­der then that so many young and artistic people have settled over there (a dream of mine

The Things I Loved About Copenhagen


There’s enough said already about Copen­ha­gen, so I’m not going to bore you with more travel tipps. The city is a global favor­ite in terms of food, fash­ion, gen­eral style and pretty people. For someone who hadn’t vis­ited a Scand­inavian coun­try yet, Den­mark was long a front run­ner on my trip-list. I was eager to see this dia­mond on
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Staycation: 24 hours in Charlottenburg

15.10.2015 · 7 comments

I’m a really bad Ber­lin blog­ger, as most of you know. I rarely update around here and when I do, I’m five years too late for the excit­ing stuff. I have stopped pres­sur­ing myself, though. In fact, I enjoy roam­ing the same streets every day, vis­it­ing the same res­taur­ants. Unless it’s some­thing really new, innov­at­ive and cool, I am quite happy
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Lisboa: A Berlin Favorite

13.10.2015 · 2 comments

People have been say­ing it: Lis­boa could be the new Ber­lin. Rents are cheap, artists every­where, nightlife’s so loud. Ger­mans have had a knack for Por­tugal any­way, and now Europeans can all go on vaca­tion in a city that feels more like a hol­i­day pro­spect super­star: amaz­ing nature, incred­ible cli­mate, qual­ity food (fish mate) abundance, and a cab ride never
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Tandiss Travels: Tel Aviv


My friend Nor­man from i-ref asked me to join him on a trip to Tel Aviv for which in return I had to keep a travel diary. As I am always broke and also too stub­born to accept that some people have to save their money in order to go on a vacation, I agreed to do it. Also, I always wanted

Laily’s Berlin: Roskilde Festival


Alright, I guess I am a little ashamed to say that for the past 20 glor­i­ous years that I have lived I had never atten­ded a real, get in the dirt, tents-out, sun-kissed, music fest­ival (a fact that Sara appar­ently approves of). I know. I’ve heard all about it. Maybe too much about it. I often feel like people get out of there

Escape To Ostsee: Warnemünde

07.07.2015 · 3 comments

While on this par­tic­u­lar week­end, 97% of all Ber­liners traveled to the atro­city that is Fusion Fest­ival (see Sara’s wise insights on music fest­ival here) — not an option for me, either — I decided very un-spontaneously to spend the week­end with The Boy­friend aka Johannes and his fam­ily in Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea (“Ost­see”, aka the Hamp­tons of

Reinforcing Music Festival Stereotypes

06.07.2015 · 3 comments

You know what hasn’t been my dream? Going num­ber 2 in a plastic box! Finally, it came true at every music fest­ival I’ve ever been to. This is why I quit doing music fest­ivals (I also quit hav­ing fun in gen­eral, because fun always involves dirt and I wear too expens­ive clothes for that now. This is what hap­pens
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Spreewald: Idyllic Boredom

02.07.2015 · 3 comments

I needed to get out of the city, not for amuse­ment, but to re-charge my batteries. My self-therapeutic meas­ures (in a nut­shell: a con­stant state of denial, com­bined with an over­clocked CPU) can only last so long before I go com­pletely crazy. The past few months were tough, really tough, but there’s still a long way to go before I can

Dresden & The Saxon Switzerland National Park

05.06.2015 · 2 comments

There’s always some­thing about me. I’m either extremely moody, stressed out, exor­bit­antly over­ex­cited or just plain weird, which is prob­ably my nor­mal state. When my sig­ni­fic­ant other told me that per­haps I needed a little more phys­ical activ­ity to get my focus on track — maybe a little get-away for the week­end to cre­ate the neces­sary

Running Amsterdam


Tan­diss, our new sports– and lifestyle/health cor­res­pond­ent, is for­cing me to be healthy. Incid­ent­ally, she is also my flat mate, which means now I have to do all sorts of sports. Among them yoga, run­ning, and dying a little bit inside every time I have to “watch my cal­or­ies”. I am a vic­tim of her sports-dictatorship. Over are the fatty
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About Doing Nothing Particularly Exciting In London

11.03.2015 · 4 comments

As I’ve grown older, wiser and fat­ter, I have real­ized that there are many dif­fer­ent ways to travel — and not all of them have to be par­tic­u­larly excit­ing. I mean, most travels are primar­ily exhausting. And most of the vari­ous attempts in dis­cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent coun­tries & people have a lot to more do with blown up expect­a­tions of one’s self and

Finding Torino


To make it clear right away: I love Italy. In a really Ger­man way. Ger­mans are real romantics with this one. They have expressed a deep desire for the Italian land­scape and its cul­tural achieve­ments; most sig­ni­fic­antly found in the writ­ings of Goethe. Even though the post­mod­ern ver­sion of Italy is very dif­fer­ent from its aspir­ing Renais­sance self, I am