Berlin is the special place we call our home. While travelling the continents and discovering the world, we are constantly stumbling over cities that somehow remind us of our beloved home far, far away. This is about Finding Berlin in the distance. Because home is where your heart is.


Leipzig: On An Entirely Different Scale

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There is a proven cycle of city-hype and the for­mula goes some­thing like this: The mar­gin­al­ized, the poor & cool artists take over a shitty and eco­nom­ic­ally flawed neigh­bor­hood, trans­form it into a “cre­at­ive hub”, estab­lish bars, cafés, gal­ler­ies and bring all their ter­ri­fy­ingly cool look­ing friends to the party. Then, after a while, the wealthy

Finding Rotterdam

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Though the lush life of Ber­lin is any­thing but bor­ing, I am sure you know that urge to get out of the city, that enthrals one occa­sion­ally. We like to think that we’re sur­roun­ded by noth­ing but rows and rows of Brandenburg’s arti­fi­cially planted pine trees, but we tend to for­get that there’s some­thing wait­ing bey­ond

Finding Schnalstal

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What do you expect to find in Schnal­stal , a small val­ley in South Tyrol, this beau­ti­ful alp-region where the bor­ders of Aus­tria and Italy meet on gigantic gla­ciers and pic­tur­esque mountain-idylls? Cer­tainly you expect great food, snow, high moun­tains, snow, maybe a sam­buca and , of course, snow. In the end we found Berlin. But lets

7 Places Outside of Berlin

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It’s not exactly spring yet, nor is it winter any­more. The hazy weather is get­ting me ser­i­ously moody and the city is, like every year, tight­en­ing around me. I thought clean­ing the win­dows and let­ting des­per­ately needed sun­shine in would suf­fice, but nope, I’m still grumpy. So I thought maybe a short trip out of the city could

Finding Scandinavia #1

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Dur­ing my semester in Sweden we did a lot of trav­el­ing . As i was not able to bring all the mater­ial that i need for develop­ping b/w-films, i decided to shoot in col­our which i hardly ever do. The pho­to­graphs i took do not rep­res­ent a spe­cific approach or theme. After i came home i looked through the dozens of films and selec­ted

Future/Memory Exhibition in Hellerau

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This sum­mer I was invited to keep records of the Future/Memory exhib­i­tion in Dresden Hellerau together with Manuel from Draw a Line.The exhib­i­tion brought some of my favor­ite con­tem­por­ary artists with a back­ground in street cul­ture, like Hor­fee, Boo­gie, Martha Cooper, Cleon Peterson, Stefan Marx, Jay “One” Ram­ier, Skki and Super­blast to Dresden. As all
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Escape to Thailand: Banyan Tree & Angsana Resort

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I am con­tinu­ing my trip around the world even though I’ve been back for two years. The mis­sion is to avoid as many winter-y days in Ber­lin as pos­sible. Thank­fully, every now and then, it’s actu­ally made pos­sible. A couple of weeks ago I left on the first really cold day of the year to exper­i­ence Phuket,

Best Of: Summer 2013

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People tend to for­get very often that Find­ing­Ber­lin was once cre­ated as a show­case for the pho­to­graphy within our group of friends. While we’ve exten­ded the philo­sophy to include more than just our own circle of friends, we’re still, essen­tially, just that: a crew that likes to take pic­tures, travel the world and dis­cover new places in
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Amsterdam Dance Event 2013

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I’ve vis­ited Ams­ter­dam plenty of times. It’s a lovely and visu­ally very excit­ing place abroad. It’s simply beau­ti­ful, and the Dutch are always great. I have not had a bad exper­i­ence in Ams­ter­dam yet (except for that one super-authentic Chinese res­taur­ant which was a bit too authen­tic for my taste, urghh) and I hope it stays that way. The last time
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Flughafen Tegel: That Precious Aerial View

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I know it’s not allowed to take pic­tures dur­ing take off and land­ing, thank you very much. But some­times I just can’t res­ist, even if I get verbally beaten up by the stew­ards for it. Espe­cially when return­ing to Ber­lin, land­ing in Tegel is always excit­ing. If your seat is right, you might just get a glimpse over
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5 Reasons Why Berliners Will Love New Zealand

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Many people are cur­rently con­sid­er­ing their options in face of the com­ing winter: should I stay or should I go? After my third winter in Ber­lin, I was so trau­mat­ized that I left for 8 whole month, always trav­el­ing with the sun. Those lucky ones who can just return to their warm coun­tries because they were only here for the

Auckland vs. Wellington

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On my recent travels to New Zea­l­and I spent most of my time driv­ing through the coun­try and down the pic­tur­esque coast­lines. I had not inten­ded to spend much time in the cit­ies — there’s enough of them on our little con­tin­ent here any­way — but I was wrong to under­es­tim­ate the urban parts of the coun­try. When you think about a hol­i­day