Berlin is the special place we call our home. While travelling the continents and discovering the world, we are constantly stumbling over cities that somehow remind us of our beloved home far, far away. This is about Finding Berlin in the distance. Because home is where your heart is.

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Finding Graz

09.01.2015 · 4 comments

Oh my dear Graz, you really are like an ex-boyfriend or girl­friend, aren’t you. Some­times you feel like the one that got away, and I’m still in love with your beau­ti­ful old town with all those little wind­ing alleys and majestic build­ings, your ever bloom­ing scene of cre­at­ive movers, thinkers and doers and your intim­ate

Finding Detroit

10.12.2014 · 2 comments

It has been almost a year since Mar­cus and I vis­ited Detroit (remem­ber Mar­cus’ impres­sions of the city?). It was the last des­tin­a­tion of a road trip we did for a small video pro­duc­tion. I’d wanted to share my impres­sions before, but time passed and it seemed wrong to post these icey pic­tures in the begin­ning of spring. We

Snapshots from “Plötzlich am Meer” Festival


Two things con­vinced me to go to another fest­ival in my life­time: the Baltic Sea and the people who were com­mit­ted to going with me. Although I had been dis­ap­poin­ted before from my Fusion visit and a couple of other fest­ivals, the Plötz­lich am Meer Fest­ival at the Pol­ish coast kept its prom­ises. A mix of good music

Finding Ibiza


The Balearic island Ibiza has been known to me as former hip­pie enclave that turned into a com­mer­cial­ized and some­what cliché Techno-Mallorca some­time dur­ing the 90ies. Most people will think of wasted tour­ists in over­priced clubs, bump­ing to Skrillex and Avi­cii, while the beaches are too crowded to enjoy. How­ever, in the past couple of years,

Opera Festival 2014: Arena Di Verona


Eng­lish ver­sion below In unserem let­zten Beitrag haben wir ein­ige Ideen zu den besten Fluchtorten des Som­mers gegeben. Für die Romantiker gibt’s noch einen beson­deren Tipp: Ver­ona. Hier haben sich Romeo und Julia vor langer Zeit die ewige Liebe geschworen, und die Stadt im Nor­dos­ten von Italien bietet ein­iges, um dieser wun­der­schönen Liebesgeschichte gerecht zu
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5 Ideas for Escaping Summer 2014

30.07.2014 · 4 comments

Before long, sum­mer in Ber­lins turns into a grey mix of windy tem­per­at­ures between 15 and 21 degrees and per­petual drizzles of rain. Aye, that’s sum­mer! Although we’ve been blessed with some great days and nights, the dreaded slump has turned into real­ity. People are either vaca­tion­ing the whole of Europe or sit­ting inside the magical study halls

Festival Season with Diesel — Win tickets to Berlin Festival*


Since the com­mon Ber­liner loves to excess­ively party out­side of Ber­lin, fest­ival sea­son is more than just a vague prom­ise of great music and sun­shine: it’s a com­mit­ment to the life­style. There are big fest­ivals, such as the MELT! only an hour away, there are small fest­ivals, such as the Möhre which we’ve told you about, and

Wilde Möhre Festival

15.07.2014 · One comment

We all heard that story before. The nev­erend­ing tale of ber­lins rise to cool. The myth about its unique party cul­ture. Its about the spa­tial free­dom, the anything-goes, the nobody-cares and the do it your­self that was build on these ele­ments. The sweet memory of the time when all the things were actu­ally hap­pen­ing every­body is asso­ci­at­ing ber­lin

Valencia: Europes Spanish Underdog

30.05.2014 · 2 comments

Liv­ing in Ber­lin entails two very import­ant fea­tures: one, you’re most likely a big fan of the new reign of post-modern cit­ies, i.e. cit­ies that offer a very high cul­tural diversity and don’t neces­sar­ily need to be of eco­nomic strength to attract. Two, you reg­u­larly get sick of the weather and need to break out into another
Istanbul 2014-0535

The Berlin-Istanbul Exchange Program

21.05.2014 · 2 comments

Everyone’s prais­ing our mul­ti­cul­tural Ber­lin for its eclectic mix of people. But no com­munity has left a big­ger imprint on life in Ber­lin than the Turk­ish. The fam­ous Döner, beau­ti­ful mosques and the pub­lic dis­course of integration/multiculturalism have coined the city­scape and cul­ture. The influ­ences of the Turk­ish pop­u­la­tion are far reach­ing within
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5 Places To Visit In Istanbul

21.05.2014 · One comment

We’ve had the pleas­ure to go and find Istan­bul a couple of weeks ago. You can read everything about our exper­i­ences in this rather elab­or­ate art­icle. Our short trip was full of sur­prises and we found many places that were worth recom­mend­ing, so here are our Top 7. - The Mar­mara Pera. A nice and afford­able design hotel

Leipzig: On An Entirely Different Scale

17.04.2014 · One comment

There is a proven cycle of city-hype and the for­mula goes some­thing like this: The mar­gin­al­ized, the poor & cool artists take over a shitty and eco­nom­ic­ally flawed neigh­bor­hood, trans­form it into a “cre­at­ive hub”, estab­lish bars, cafés, gal­ler­ies and bring all their ter­ri­fy­ingly cool look­ing friends to the party. Then, after a while, the wealthy

Finding Rotterdam

04.04.2014 · 4 comments

Though the lush life of Ber­lin is any­thing but bor­ing, I am sure you know that urge to get out of the city, that enthrals one occa­sion­ally. We like to think that we’re sur­roun­ded by noth­ing but rows and rows of Brandenburg’s arti­fi­cially planted pine trees, but we tend to for­get that there’s some­thing wait­ing bey­ond

Finding Schnalstal


What do you expect to find in Schnal­stal , a small val­ley in South Tyrol, this beau­ti­ful alp-region where the bor­ders of Aus­tria and Italy meet on gigantic gla­ciers and pic­tur­esque mountain-idylls? Cer­tainly you expect great food, snow, high moun­tains, snow, maybe a sam­buca and , of course, snow. In the end we found Berlin. But lets