There are some fantastic, wildly unusual and overwhelmingly creative spaces and places in Berlin. Whether it’s a restaurant or a secret hideout for a romantic picknick, we love strolling around our little Metropolis to find fresh places with an exciting story.

The Best Italian Pizza in Berlin

19.12.2014 · 3 comments

There is no uni­ver­sal, abso­lute “best pizza” in Ber­lin or any­where else in the world for that mat­ter. Pizza is so incred­ibly ver­sat­ile that you can’t pos­sibly find a bench­mark of taste. All I can do is nar­row down the niches of pizza and select what I’m in the mood for. One day, I’ll be crav­ing the
Mall of Berlin & Potsdamer Platz-7442

Mall of Shame

16.12.2014 · 7 comments

Whatever you may think about the Pots­damer Platz, at night some of it’s hor­rible plan­ning and invas­ive archi­tec­ture regain dig­nity through the mes­mer­iz­ing lights. If any­thing, it’s as close as we can get to the stand­ard image of the big city. Although I am hardly ever there, I still secretly enjoy the atmosphere. Now I would’ve had a couple of

Austrian comfort food at Felix Austria

11.12.2014 · No comments

As some of you might now already, I call the beau­ti­ful coun­try of Aus­tria my home­land. And let me tell you: us Aus­tri­ans get a lot of ste­reo­types thrown at our heads. Among them are us lov­ing yodel­ing, every­one being king at winter sports, and an affin­ity for base­ments – but not in a good way. Of course these are

10 things to do in Winter in Berlin

09.12.2014 · 5 comments

There is at least one great thing about winter in Ber­lin: I stop being the only one without a taste in fash­ion. Since every­body is wrapped in lay­ers and lay­ers of func­tional cloth­ing (which is incid­ent­ally only sold in bright neon col­ors) and hik­ing boots, I can finally pre­tend to have the same level of style aware­ness as

House of Small Wonder

02.12.2014 · One comment

A boho-vintage café serving Amer­ican brunch with a twist of Japan­ese cuisine in Berlin-Mitte. Wait– what? You heard right: House of Small Won­der is the work of hus­band and wife duo Shaul Mar­gulies and Motoko Watanbe, who have man­aged to fuse Amer­ican and Japan­ese dishes suc­cess­fully in their first café in Brook­lyn, New York. Their new fran­chise has

Finding Bookstores

19.11.2014 · 2 comments

Right now, I am sick for the 100th time this year. And while I really love to spend hours watch­ing Sat­urday Night Live clips on You­tube, my sick head just starts to hurt after star­ing at a screen for too long. What else is to do there, you might ask. Well, my dear friends: there actu­ally exists a world
autumn -6531

Kimchi Princess Lunch


Mat­thias just returned from his vaca­tion in Seoul and he brought back with him (amongst an AWESOME selfie-stick and vari­ous weird but deli­cious snacks) many memor­ies of a won­der­ful time, spent mostly with the indul­gence of Kim­chi. I am very envi­ous. Trav­el­ing, to me, is a sport based on culin­ary exper­i­ences. It’s my favor­ite thing in the world:

Asian Tapas at Dr. To’s


Just like Sara, the mas­ter­mind behind this site here, I also have a lot of love to give for all kinds of Asian food. And I also love eat­ing as many dif­fer­ent dishes as pos­sible when I eat out. But as some of you might know: order­ing five main courses can get a little pricey. So when the guys from

Mandy’s Bar

27.10.2014 · One comment

What happened to hav­ing a favor­ite bar to always come back to? While a lot of TV shows like How I Met Your Mother* still advert­ise this second liv­ing room to meet your friends at whenever you want to, none of my friends seem to have a “Stam­mkneipe” any­more. Maybe Ber­lin simply has too many dif­fer­ent pubs and

MJs Foodshop


On our Sunday binge-eating trip (which I already told you about when I intro­duced you to the amaz­ing Gyozas at YuMe), we decided to snack our way through Neuk­ölln. Our next stop on the list was sup­posed to be City Chicken (a very human crav­ing some­times), but when we stood in front of the store we were sud­denly
Yume Gyoza Pannierstraße-6225

YuMe Gyozas

13.10.2014 · One comment

Among my circle of friends, nobody can stop talk­ing about the cur­rent Ber­lin food craze. “Bur­ger is the Berg­hain”, for we used to spend our Sunday after­noons in a dark Techno club. Today, we go binge-eating in dif­fer­ent places in Kreuzberg and Neuk­ölln because there are a gazil­lion new res­taur­ants, diners and snack bars that we haven’t

Papi Crunch: Sunday Brunch at Parker Bowles

08.10.2014 · One comment

Is any­one keep­ing count with the food events this week? I know there’s a bar con­ven­tion (“really?”) and the Ber­lin Food Week and sev­eral mar­kets and the respect­ive after-partys. If you know me, you know that I’m dis­gust­ing and glut­ton­ous and would never pass a chance on free (or not) food, but I com­pletely lost my shit try­ing to make sense

Persepolis Restaurant

06.10.2014 · One comment

Note: I don’t like tak­ing pic­tures of food. I suck at it. Whenever I’m in a res­taur­ant and I have to doc­u­ment my visit, I am the unhap­pi­est per­son in the world. First of all: I hate wait­ing to eat. I am hungry 100% of the time and I have a strong, no com­prom­ise stance on hun­ger. Second of all, every­body in the place
Daluma Vegan Raw Mitte-5929

Daluma — Raw & Vegan Food

02.10.2014 · One comment

Ber­lins culin­ary ver­sat­il­ity is grow­ing. You can see new (concept) res­taur­ants and pop up bars appear on every corner. There are many who com­plain about the so-called demise of Ber­lins under­ground vibe. But if you’ve been eat­ing out in this city long enough, you’ll surely appre­ci­ate the rising num­ber of decent res­taur­ants. Ber­lin has become