There are some fantastic, wildly unusual and overwhelmingly creative spaces and places in Berlin. Whether it’s a restaurant or a secret hideout for a romantic picknick, we love strolling around our little Metropolis to find fresh places with an exciting story.


Urban Exploring: Photography with PERSPEKTEVA

14.09.2015 · 4 comments

Vis­it­ing and pho­to­graph­ing aban­doned, mostly former indus­trial build­ings from the Nazi & Cold War era has become a very pop­u­lar sport in Ber­lin. There’s an eerie feel­ing to break­ing & enter­ing a seem­ingly for­got­ten place, one that actu­ally reminds you of the his­tory of the city you are resid­ing in. It’s an uncon­struc­ted, uneco­nomic
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Favorite Restaurants & Cafés of 2015 (so far)

10.09.2015 · 5 comments

What con­sti­tutes a favor­ite res­taur­ant? I guess one of the main cri­teria is how often you actu­ally go there. Not just the­or­et­ic­ally. Of course, there are many places that I visit every so often for spe­cial occa­sions, or places that I’ve tried and been blown away by without return­ing (for whatever reason). In the past months, though, there
Bundestag Reichstag Berlin Tour Kuppel-5946

The German Bundestag

08.09.2015 · 3 comments

I should be work­ing on my thesis and vari­ous other import­ant life things (but mostly Uni­ver­sity related), as I am most likely to take the award home for “longest under­grad stu­dent for a Bach­elor of Arts degree EVER”, and yet here I am think­ing: well, I should go to a trip to the Bundestag some time. After all, this is
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Laily’s Berlin: Three Days Of Nelly


Once again I was able to share my bliss­ful stay with another vis­it­ing friend. She’s a German-bred woman, but had not yet given her taste-buds a bite of this city… not to men­tion the heav­enly Prin­zessinnengarten pizza we rewar­ded ourselves with when our insanely busy week­end came to an end. I’ve real­ized this trip has taught me a lot about myself;

Club Doors: Day & Night 2015

29.07.2015 · 13 comments

Over four years ago, Mar­cus released a post on Find­ing­Ber­lin about how the Ber­liner club doors looked by day­light. The post became one of our biggest at the time, and people star­ted play­ing the game of “guess the door”. What it became to me, though: a list of clubs that were slowly disappearing. Now, in 2015, not only

Laily’s Berlin: Steak Night Show Recap


STEAK NIGHT SHOW was put on by none other than Medi­asteak (we can see how the theme ties in eh?), an online blog ded­ic­ated to show­cas­ing their per­sonal col­lec­tion of not­able doc­u­ment­ar­ies and short films. It is a bril­liant way to expose your­self to a world of film that isn’t so often publicized. The night took place
Christoph Neumann -

FindingBerlin at Blogfabrik


I’m not going to lie: I’ve been run­ning Find­ing­Ber­lin mostly from my bed in the past five years. Every import­ant phone call, every e-mail, and close to every blog post: yup, from my bed. But I have to grow up now if I want to be taken ser­i­ously. I can’t dodge the bul­let of pro­fes­sion­al­ism any­more, espe­cially now that

Abandoned: Elisabeth Sanatorium


Nobody likes winter. Not in Ber­lin, any­way. Cold dark streets and tired with­drawn people exist in a dif­fer­ent city to the one so full of energy and spirit dur­ing these sum­mer months. When the sky finally clears and the sun shines you have to make the most of it. With this in mind, a sunny Sunday morn­ing

The Bowl — Clean Eating & Raw Foods

19.06.2015 · One comment

Thank you, mother earth, for your gen­er­ous vari­ety of lovely veget­ables, seeds and fruits. I was addicted to bad carbs and blocks of bacon grease once, but now I know that I have sinned. I can’t par­ti­cip­ate in those nasty gang­bangs any­more. I say: enough with the burger-bukkake. I am not that kind of per­son now, I am new, I am real, I am

11 Date Ideas for Berlin

18.05.2015 · One comment

Ger­mans don’t do dates. Either they magic­ally fall in love at school or their work­place, or — stand­ard pro­ced­ure - they get wasted, ran­domly hook up and simply end up stay­ing together for a long, long time. I like dat­ing cul­ture, though. Per­son­ally I think it’s one of the most excit­ing (read: cata­strophic) ways of get­ting to know someone. First of all, the

Drinks and food at Beuster Bar

07.05.2015 · One comment

Usu­ally, I like to excuse my own lazi­ness with handy pro­verbs like “Good things take time” or “Rome wasn’t build in a day” and then just be fine with it. But every once in a while, I could kick my ass for being such an idle soul, as it was the case with Beuster Bar, a restaurant/cocktail heaven-hybrid loc­ated in

Conscious Shopping at LOCAL Store


For the last couple of years, concept stores have been pop­ping up like mush­rooms here in Ber­lin and while some of them are real nice, I feel like most of them are just the same “cur­ated” selec­tion of designer brands, super exclus­ive sneak­ers and cutesy little goods that no one (read: me) can afford. But every

gogogi: Korean Food & Drinks


There’s no short­age of qual­ity Korean res­taur­ants in Ber­lin any­more (thank God). Whether a hangover cure, quick snack or a big BBQ-playground, the sup­ply comes in all shapes and sizes. And since we’re the ambas­sad­ors of Korean food, it’s our duty to find every oppor­tun­ity to indulge. The latest addi­tion is a very sleek designed Korean res­taur­ant on

The Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

23.03.2015 · One comment

As you all have noticed, some­times I do things just so you don’t have to do them again. Like, eat greasy food in crappy places and hate myself after­wards (I do it for the Likes, not the lulz). And some­times I break into aban­doned places to show you how cool Ber­lin isn’t any­more. And some­times — very rarely — I also do