There are some fantastic, wildly unusual and overwhelmingly creative spaces and places in Berlin. Whether it’s a restaurant or a secret hideout for a romantic picknick, we love strolling around our little Metropolis to find fresh places with an exciting story.

Kirschblütenfest Gärten der Welt Marzahn Berlin-0452

Cherryblossom-Festival at Gärten der Welt

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Our expect­a­tions about the Cherry Blos­som Fest­ival at the Gärten der Welt in Mar­zahn weren’t par­tic­u­larly high. We were excited to get out of the usual routine for once and escape into a new world. A world in which we would wade in cherry blos­soms and soft light, with like­minded fel­low romantics and a soft Asian soundtrack in
kisses berlin-2-6

New Berlin: Refugee Camp Oranienplatz

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When I stepped out of my door last even­ing, a fly­ing rock missed my face only by inches. I looked around the corner to see hooded Antifa riot­ing on Reichen­ber­ger Straße. At first I thought I had missed the 1st of May. I finally summed up the moxy to go and see what was hap­pen­ing and asked a passerby. “The Antifa is
Katies Blue Cat Berlin-9969

Katies Blue Cat

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Katies Blue Cat has never been a secret. Ever since open­ing their “Kreuz-English-Bakery” with a kick-ass vari­ety of snacks and cof­fee on Friedel­straße, all the local blogs and cer­tainly the cof­fee afi­cion­ados have been writ­ing about it. On a nice spring­time after­noon, you can see many people strolling down the Kanal with Katies’ sig­na­ture all-white to-go cups.
Wilhelm Tell Restaurant Berlin-0724

No Schiller for the Kiez: Wilhelm Tell Restaurant

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The Schillerkiez is in con­stant trans­form­a­tion. Ever since the former air­port Tem­pel­hof was opened to the pub­lic, the adja­cent quarter on the Neuk­ölln side has been sub­ject to change. New cafés and res­taur­ants are test­ing those new grounds con­tinu­ously while long-term res­id­ents are shaken up. Until only a while ago, this was their ter­rit­ory;
Places of Art-9598

Places of Art: Bohème in Berlin

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If you know where to look for it, you will find an extens­ive net­work of cre­ativ­ity in Ber­lin. Bey­ond the estab­lished struc­tures of the art mar­ket (i.e. fam­ous gal­ler­ies, museums and exhib­i­tions), there is still place for off-locations that cel­eb­rate cre­at­ive sub­cul­tures and pos­sibly ideas that will not make the cut to suc­cess. Yet they

7 Places Outside of Berlin

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It’s not exactly spring yet, nor is it winter any­more. The hazy weather is get­ting me ser­i­ously moody and the city is, like every year, tight­en­ing around me. I thought clean­ing the win­dows and let­ting des­per­ately needed sun­shine in would suf­fice, but nope, I’m still grumpy. So I thought maybe a short trip out of the city could

My Tempelhof Utopia

26.02.2014 · 4 comments

Get­ting deeply involved with Ber­lin some­times means tak­ing a step back and diving into his­tory. Not only visu­ally, but sym­bol­ic­ally, some places that we visit today are unique in their exist­ence. One of those places is def­in­itely the former air­port Tempelhof. For most of us, the area is nowadays noth­ing but a vast park, lar­ger than any
25 hours bikini hotel berlin-5820

25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

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It’s pretty obvi­ous nowadays that Ber­lin is under­go­ing fast change. Some of it is crit­ic­ally manip­u­lat­ing the face of the city. All gentri­fic­a­tion issues and xeno­pho­bia aside, it’s inter­est­ing, mes­mer­iz­ing and shock­ing to see how fast even one street or Kiez can com­pletely re-invent itself. It can be good, sure, yet most of the time

Berlin Photography by Chris John Dewitt

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Well if that isn’t a pearl on the web. My friend Paul just shot me a link over via Twit­ter that turned out to be a treas­ure of time doc­u­mented by a pho­to­grapher called Chris John Dewitt. His work is an astound­ing col­lec­tion of pho­to­graphs taken from the early 80ies of Ber­lin, before the wall came down. Although we’ve

Finding Lisbon

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The fol­low­ing pho­to­graphs were taken dur­ing a trip to Por­tugal in 2010. It was my first time shoot­ing with a bor­rowed Nikon F801s and a rather trashy Lub­itel 166B film cam­era and develop­ping the film roles back home in my bath­room (to be hon­est i shot around 10 to 15 roles and the out­come wasn“t always per­fect in terms
Berlin Community Radio-2514

Berlin Community Radio

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Ber­lin has many com­munit­ies, some in and some out of sight of the gen­eral pop­u­la­tion. Whether these com­munit­ies are held together by their neigh­bor­hoods, their aspir­a­tions or their taste in music isn’t rel­ev­ant. What’s rel­ev­ant is that these days, Ber­lin Com­munity Radio is try­ing to be the meta-narrator of the stor­ies and the art that

Patrick Mohr — After Show Party

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We did sug­gest some good partys for Fash­ion Week. Why not show what it looked like? Kreuzberg club Prince Charles was booked out for the whole week and every party looked dif­fer­ent. Tassili decided to check out what the Patrick Mohr after­party had in store. — His show was pro­vok­ing, his after party extremely cheer­ful. Patrick