There are some fantastic, wildly unusual and overwhelmingly creative spaces and places in Berlin. Whether it’s a restaurant or a secret hideout for a romantic picknick, we love strolling around our little Metropolis to find fresh places with an exciting story.


“Hundekopf” or how to explore Berlin with a camera

24.07.2014 · 2 comments

Patrick, of berlin-based pho­to­graphy blog Radi­ant Flux, has thought of a way to explore the city that would both expand his hori­zon and make for inter­est­ing pho­to­graphy. You can see all of his Hun­dekopf pic­tures on his blog. I invited Patrick to tell his approach to the pro­ject here and to share his per­spect­ive on Ber­lin in the future
Roamers Berlin Neukölln-2763


03.07.2014 · 2 comments

In a won­der­ful twist of events, Pan­nier­straße has not suc­cumbed to the rising num­ber of thirsty people who want edgy bars lin­ing their streets. For­tu­nately, instead Pan­nier­straße has been over­thrown by an explo­sion of spe­cial delis, bis­tros and res­taur­ants, of which most aren’t even open at night. A culin­ary diversity, espe­cially down Ecke Sonnen­allee,

Fahimi Bar

30.06.2014 · One comment

Loc­ated in the bar­racks above Kais­ers on Kotti, but one entrance fur­ther to the right, Fahimi Bar (which has only come to my atten­tion a couple of months ago) has made a point in dis­tin­guish­ing itself from the other clubs/bars on Hoch­bahn level. Instead of going for the shabby chic of Ber­lin, Fahimi actu­ally strives for some­thing


26.06.2014 · 3 comments

Who ever plays games any­more? I mean real games, games with friends. All we ever do is hang around in bars and waste our brain­cells on loud music. Not that I’m com­plain­ing — I just know that I’ve been look­ing for altern­at­ives bey­ond museums and movies and extreme sports that are excit­ing, can be done on a rainy day and don’t
Columbiabad Berlin-000009

Columbiabad Neukölln

23.06.2014 · 28 comments

Update 5. July 2014: The give-away has ended but Columbiabad is still open! :) Sum­mer is finally over! Wow, what a drag those hot days were, right? … Right? Any­way, now that the rain sea­son has returned I feel a lot bet­ter. This is my com­fort zone, my extraordin­ar­ily trist and grey sky, the unfore­see­able humid­ity that keeps fuck­ing

#lastdance at Cookies

20.06.2014 · 37 comments

– Cook­ies Club is clos­ing down on the 19th July, but the #lastdance will be cel­eb­rated with all the sup­port­ers and friends of the past, res­ult­ing in a mega line up for a whole month! We paid the club a visit for a farewell din­ner and a last look around. Plus: we’re giv­ing away 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for a rare Ben

World Cup 2014: Public Viewing

12.06.2014 · 3 comments

Today is the kick off of the Foot­ball World Cup 2014 in Brazil. While the World Cup itself is cur­rently sub­ject to high con­tro­versy and I respect any­body who decides to boy­cott the games due to polit­ical reas­ons, it all comes down to a few excit­ing matches and hope­fully a peace­ful bond over an inter­na­tion­ally pop­u­lar sport (can

Tommi’s Burger Joint

06.06.2014 · One comment

It’s another long week­end and the city is on fire, lit­er­ally, what with the heat­wave and the Karneval der Kul­turen com­ing up! Before we ride into the sun on our sexy bikes, we have another won­der­ful bur­ger recom­mend­a­tion (after drop­ping Piri’s via Ins­tagram a week ago, but they also def­in­itely deserve a whole blo­g­post on their sweet bur­gers)


04.06.2014 · One comment

Last Fri­day, the freshly opened YAAM was packed, sweaty and full of good vibes til the morn­ing hours. If the legendary 2nd birth­day of the amaz­ing WEBOOGIE crew and the re-opening of YAAM was a taste for what’s to come this sum­mer, we’re highly excited. There are no words to describe the feel­ing — from the first per­son

10 Things To Do When Your Parents Visit You In Berlin

28.05.2014 · 4 comments

I’ve been liv­ing in Ber­lin for almost 7 years now and my par­ents have not once decided to visit me (they have actu­ally phys­ic­ally been to Ber­lin, but never for the sole pur­pose of spend­ing a hol­i­day with me). They seem to like the com­fort of their home too much to come around and spend a couple of

The New YAAM: Re-Opening, WeBoogie Birthday & A’MILLION FRIENDS

26.05.2014 · 3 comments

The YAAM Club has long been a last­ing insti­tu­tion in Ber­lin. Most of you techno-tourist have only taken notice of the rave scene (with all its legends and myths), but this out­door club and beach space right at the Spree has always been there to pick up those who couldn’t care less about 4 to the floor rave sen­ti­ments.

Magnum: Celebrating The (Berlin) Moment

19.05.2014 · No comments

What if we were to con­cen­trate on the now, rather than on the past or the future? The pres­ence has become so volat­ile and hard to grasp, we can hardly fol­low a train of thought without being dis­trac­ted, let alone con­cen­trate on the moment when there’s an abund­ance of screens to look at. Life’s on fast