There are some fantastic, wildly unusual and overwhelmingly creative spaces and places in Berlin. Whether it’s a restaurant or a secret hideout for a romantic picknick, we love strolling around our little Metropolis to find fresh places with an exciting story.


Conscious Shopping at LOCAL Store


For the last couple of years, concept stores have been pop­ping up like mush­rooms here in Ber­lin and while some of them are real nice, I feel like most of them are just the same “cur­ated” selec­tion of designer brands, super exclus­ive sneak­ers and cutesy little goods that no one (read: me) can afford. But every

gogogi: Korean Food & Drinks


There’s no short­age of qual­ity Korean res­taur­ants in Ber­lin any­more (thank God). Whether a hangover cure, quick snack or a big BBQ-playground, the sup­ply comes in all shapes and sizes. And since we’re the ambas­sad­ors of Korean food, it’s our duty to find every oppor­tun­ity to indulge. The latest addi­tion is a very sleek designed Korean res­taur­ant on

The Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

23.03.2015 · One comment

As you all have noticed, some­times I do things just so you don’t have to do them again. Like, eat greasy food in crappy places and hate myself after­wards (I do it for the Likes, not the lulz). And some­times I break into aban­doned places to show you how cool Ber­lin isn’t any­more. And some­times — very rarely — I also do

EAT: Healthy on Kottbusser Damm

12.03.2015 · 2 comments

Kottbusser Damm surely isn’t a treas­ure chest of healthy food options. There’s all sorts of Döner, Pizza and Kebap for an after hour of a wild night out, but noth­ing even remark­ably close to healthy and mod­est (unless you con­sider the over­crowded Sushi joint at May­bachufer or the vari­ous baker­ies as some­thing healthy). Except… there is a healthy option!


25.02.2015 · 2 comments

A couple of months ago a Korean food res­taur­ant opened up on Reichen­ber­ger Straße next to where I live. It looks like it’s been there since the 70’s or some­thing, a shabby, worn-out, com­pletely undec­or­ated place that smells and looks grimey as fuck. I don’t know how it can be legal (or some­how even pos­sible) to estab­lish a res­taur­ant like this.

Neukölln’s World of Vintage


Okay, I’ll admit it: I don’t really like shop­ping. No wait, let me cor­rect myself: I don’t like shop­ping in the real, non-online world. As a true mater­i­al­ist, I of course like hav­ing stuff, but the down­sides of phys­ic­ally buy­ing it are just fear indu­cing. Spend­ing hours run­ning through the city or — God help me — a shop­ping cen­ter, masses of people mov­ing

Crackers Bar & Restaurant


Some res­taur­ants that freshly open their doors in Ber­lin come with an extra spe­cial serving of hype. With some, it is jus­ti­fied, and with oth­ers.. not so much. In the case of Crack­ers, we were overly excited to see what the former (and legendary) club Cook­ies had turned into after we said good­bye at the

11 Favorite Places in Gräfekiez

12.01.2015 · 2 comments

Ah, the Gräfekiez. Our little Pren­zlauer Berg enclave bey­ond the Landwehrkanal, right amidst the leftovers of the so-called “Ber­lin Ghetto” at the cross between Kreuzberg and Neuk­ölln. Gräfekiez: the only area of Ber­lin NOT in the far away West that my vis­it­ing par­ents feel com­fort­able hanging around in. And on my spießig side, I also very
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Finding Graz

09.01.2015 · 4 comments

Oh my dear Graz, you really are like an ex-boyfriend or girl­friend, aren’t you. Some­times you feel like the one that got away, and I’m still in love with your beau­ti­ful old town with all those little wind­ing alleys and majestic build­ings, your ever bloom­ing scene of cre­at­ive movers, thinkers and doers and your intim­ate

Akemi — Asian Soul Kitchen in Prenzlauer Berg


You know what I love about liv­ing in Kreuzberg? Basic­ally everything I need is right here and I rarely ever have to leave this part of town to do or get some­thing. BUT that also means that I do exactly that: almost never leave Kreuzberg. (Except going to uni­ver­sity in Char­lot­ten­burg. But that doesn’t count, since it’s not for

The Best Italian Pizza in Berlin

19.12.2014 · 3 comments

There is no uni­ver­sal, abso­lute “best pizza” in Ber­lin or any­where else in the world for that mat­ter. Pizza is so incred­ibly ver­sat­ile that you can’t pos­sibly find a bench­mark of taste. All I can do is nar­row down the niches of pizza and select what I’m in the mood for. One day, I’ll be crav­ing the
Mall of Berlin & Potsdamer Platz-7442

Mall of Shame

16.12.2014 · 7 comments

Whatever you may think about the Pots­damer Platz, at night some of it’s hor­rible plan­ning and invas­ive archi­tec­ture regain dig­nity through the mes­mer­iz­ing lights. If any­thing, it’s as close as we can get to the stand­ard image of the big city. Although I am hardly ever there, I still secretly enjoy the atmosphere. Now I would’ve had a couple of

Austrian comfort food at Felix Austria


As some of you might now already, I call the beau­ti­ful coun­try of Aus­tria my home­land. And let me tell you: us Aus­tri­ans get a lot of ste­reo­types thrown at our heads. Among them are us lov­ing yodel­ing, every­one being king at winter sports, and an affin­ity for base­ments – but not in a good way. Of course these are

10 things to do in Winter in Berlin

09.12.2014 · 5 comments

There is at least one great thing about winter in Ber­lin: I stop being the only one without a taste in fash­ion. Since every­body is wrapped in lay­ers and lay­ers of func­tional cloth­ing (which is incid­ent­ally only sold in bright neon col­ors) and hik­ing boots, I can finally pre­tend to have the same level of style aware­ness as