Concerts, clubs, exhibitions, festivals and sports: Berlin is full of special events. Considering the many cultural aspects we try to share the unique things that happen here on a daily basis and give recommendations on where to go next.


Save The Date: Summer Events 2015

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Ber­lin is a crazy place to be in the sum­mer, and so dif­fer­ent from the rest of the sea­sonal turns. It doesn’t really mat­ter if the weather is crap, it usu­ally is, but the rush of tour­ists flock­ing in and out, as well as an extens­ive list of tra­di­tional sum­mer events that range from street food

Audi Urban Cinema 2015: win 2×2 guestlist spots!

24.06.2015 · 16 comments

Since 2014, Audi is offi­cial part­ner of the Ber­linale — Ber­lins grande film fest­ival. To cel­eb­rate the occa­sion (and a moody Ger­man sum­mer), the Ger­man car brand has intro­duced an extremely unique concept to the city: the open air cinema, but in flashy Audi cars and front row seats (as opposed to make-shift pub­lic view­ing in the park). We

Happy #GoSkateboardingDay!

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I have a very spe­cial rela­tion­ship to skate­board­ing: I tried it once and hurt myself really badly, so I decided to crawl back to my spot in the shade and keep drool­ing over the sweet boys who were doing tricks on the curbs. Ever since those glor­i­ous skate­park days of my homet­own have passed, I haven’t really been in
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Champions League Finale Berlin with HEINEKEN

01.06.2015 · 25 comments

What’s bet­ter than the Cham­pi­ons­league finale? The Cham­pi­ons­league finale in Ber­lin! Yes, indeed. And while our local her­oes Her­tha are far, far, far, far, far away from being an actual part of the game, the con­test­ants Bar­celona (yay) and Juventus (nay) are just destined to deliver a wild and intense match. If you’re any­thing like me,
Thomas Henry_Henrys On Tour_Key Visual

Henrys On Tour


Fancy res­taur­ants have it, Ber­liner Kneipen have it, nasty dive bars have it: a local hero called Henry. And if you’ve been around drink­ing in Ber­lin, you surely have met Henry before, too. He’s the taste­fully designed and deli­ciously spicy mixer for every soph­ist­ic­ated drink. More spe­cific­ally, Thomas Henry (born & raised in our beloved town and another
Spiel des Lebens; photo: Juliane Hoppe

Game of life


What would you do if you could start over, lead a new life, make everything right and become someone completely else? An immersive play lets you pretend you're somebody else. But you should watch out: Not only is death certain, but the play can easily become fate, a puppet master with its own intentions.

Singleton Flavour Tour at Bite Club: #singletonbites recap!


Street food mar­kets are reg­u­lar events in the city today, but I’ll never for­get who kicked it off: the Bite Club at Hop­pet­osse. Finally, they’re back for the spring/summer sea­son 2015. With new and excit­ing choices of snacks, foods and drinks, every vis­itor can dive into the magic of Open Air feasts. And since com­pet­i­tion

Singleton Flavour Tour at Bite Club

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God bless the new Ber­lin street food craze! All the mar­kets and food stalls around the city reg­u­larly prom­ise innov­at­ive new foods and a lively social atmo­sphere that has been miss­ing from Ber­lin. But what if not only culin­ary cre­ations, but also bever­ages are brought into the deal? That’s exactly what the Singleton Fla­vour Tour is

Attending Berlin

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Ber­lin is a big enough city, and Face­book has been a great plat­form to share over­views of what’s going on in your net­work of friends. Whether someone is host­ing an exhib­i­tion open­ing or play­ing a set in a club, if you have friends who’re in the cul­tural scene of Ber­lin, you’re prob­ably drowned in Event invit­a­tions all the time


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Don’t we all love a little turn up on a Tues­day? The AXE Black Shirt Release party at favor­ite Kreuzberg one-stop for soph­ist­ic­ated drinks and food, Parker Bowles, was delivered in what I like to call “räudi­ger Manier”: black drinks, black food, all black guests and most of them blacked out by the end of the night. The AXE

AXE BLACK: Understatement by German Garment

27.03.2015 · 6 comments

At any time in fash­ion his­tory (I know a lot about fash­ion his­tory), black was always the new black. It may always sym­bol­ize the same thing (namely “I don’t know how to dress right so I’ll just opt for the one thing that always works”), but espe­cially ridicu­lously col­or­ful dressed men can profit from this easy
Alba_und_Estrel_ 44x70cm_oel_Web

short notice: Milena Auilar at Museum Neukölln


Most people are sur­prised to hear that Neuk­ölln has its very own museum. Even more if they real­ize that it is not the kind of cheesy “Heimat­mu­seum” they expect. Actu­ally Museum Neuk­ölln has a young team with an fresh approach. They cur­ate very dif­fer­ent works which circle around the many nuances of Ber­lins notori­ous neigh­bor­hood. This month Museum

CTM x Transmediale 2015: Event Recommendations

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A new year, a new num­ber, an old routine. 2015 just kicked off and we are already facing dozens of events that will accel­er­ate the rhythm of the city back to its reg­u­lar hec­tic pace. CTM x Trans­me­diale seem to be the most inter­est­ing of these fest­iv­it­ies yearn­ing for atten­tion. Since 1999, CTM and trans­me­diale have been tak­ing place in

short notice: Yik Yak


Mobile phone apps are a curse and a bless­ing. But some­times they can be quite inter­est­ing, at least for a while. Location-based apps like Yik Yak (one that isn’t par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar in Ber­lin yet, but I hope this will change) have the poten­tial to con­trib­ute to what hap­pens around the city in far more spon­tan­eous and flex­ible ways than