Concerts, clubs, exhibitions, festivals and sports: Berlin is full of special events. Considering the many cultural aspects we try to share the unique things that happen here on a daily basis and give recommendations on where to go next.


WARM UP 2 by Stil In Berlin

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I urge you, my fel­low read­ers, to par­take in WARM UP 2, a dona­tion rally by Stil in Ber­lin and Voo Store. There are many of these events lately, and although I could link to each and every one of them, some­how I know that point­ing out just ONE is prob­ably going to have a big­ger effect (there is
Festival of Lights 2015 Berlin Leuchtet-7278

Secret Concerts: Bach-Marathon at Konzerthaus Berlin

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My favor­ite Ger­man word is “Hoch­kul­tur”, because it implies that cul­ture, per se, is low and that you have to will­ingly par­ti­cip­ate in some form of elev­a­tion to know what Hoch­kul­tur means. Unfor­tu­nately, not many people know that High Cul­ture doesn’t need to be elit­ist, con­ser­vat­ive and lame. Espe­cially when it comes to clas­sical music,
Der antike Kronleuchter und das Deckengemälde im Stil des 19. Jahrhunderts sorgen für französisches Flair in der Fly Beyond Bar


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I always for­get that this part of Friedrich­strasse exists. But walk­ing up to the spot­lit bright blue exter­ior of the BOULANGERIE FRANÇOIS, with all these fancy people queuing up behind the red rope in heels (HEELS! In Ber­lin!), I won­der why I’m not here more often. I’ve been temp­ted up here for the open­ing night of
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A while ago I was invited to a charm­ing break­fast by GREY GOOSE Vodka at the Char­lot­ten­burg insti­tu­tion Kaf­fee­haus Grosz. An eleg­ant break­fast seems to have noth­ing to do with vodka (you know, apart from day-drinking on a Sunday), but soon we were enlightened about the occa­sion: GREY GOOSE is open­ing a French Boulan­gerie in Ber­lin, offer­ing fresh bread
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Disco Shopping by Warsteiner: Party At The Supermarket


Late night gro­cery shop­ping: every Ber­liners wish. While we usu­ally waver from Späti to Späti, on rare occa­sions you can also find real, proper super­mar­kets open 24/7. Liv­ing the Ber­lin Dream! But it doesn’t have to stay a dream. The Disco Shop­ping Night by Warsteiner at Kaiser’s next Sat­urday should make it happen. DJ’s, disco lights and Hot­line
Festival of Lights Berlin-7433

Festival of Lights 2015

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If you’ve attent­ively fol­lowed our Ins­tagram account @findingberlin, you will most likely have noticed the abund­ance of Fest­ival of Lights pic­tures in the last week. From the 9th to the 19th Octo­ber, we were tour­ing all around Ber­lin to take pic­tures and fill up the Heat­map. It was like catch­ing Poké­mon. But it was also quite con­fus­ing,
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Berlin Against TTIP: 200.000 People Protest

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Polit­ical protests are a Ber­lin sig­na­ture dish. They com­bine all the char­ac­ter­ist­ics of the city: left-wing act­iv­ism, loud music, spon­tan­eous riots and an aware­ness of polit­ical and his­tor­ical rel­ev­ance of these gath­er­ings. We have also had a his­tory of doc­u­ment­ing the most import­ant demon­stra­tions and ral­lies in the city (a few examples:
Singleton Bite Club 2015 Singleton Bites Treptow Arena Berlin-4191

Summer, Bite Club & #singletonbites


Dread­ful, dread­ful, those last days of sum­mer. Every­body is scram­bling to catch the last rays of sun­shine in Ber­lin, and where more could you enjoy them than at the won­der­ful Spree with amaz­ing street food and cold drinks? Singleton Whisky and Bite Club fused again for another treat­ment of Whis­key induced snacks. While Frank is

The #FordGT Tour in Berlin — Recap


What do you do when you have an excit­ing new auto­mobile pro­to­type but you have yet no con­ces­sion to race it in th pub­lic streets? Well, you build a see-through truck, of course, and parade it across Ber­lins iconic streets. The tour around Ber­lin made a quick stop at Blog­fab­rik and Tem­pel­hof for us to take a couple
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Singleton Bites: Summer Whisky at Bite Club


After the first Ber­lin street mar­ket stop, which we had covered in the begin­ning of sum­mer, the Singleton Fla­vour Tour con­tin­ues with another halt at Bite Club Ber­lin next to the Hop­pet­osse (Arena). The Whisky brand aims to marry the com­plex fla­vors of their spir­its with the incred­ible selec­tion of the best street food snacks

Laily’s Berlin: Roskilde Festival


Alright, I guess I am a little ashamed to say that for the past 20 glor­i­ous years that I have lived I had never atten­ded a real, get in the dirt, tents-out, sun-kissed, music fest­ival (a fact that Sara appar­ently approves of). I know. I’ve heard all about it. Maybe too much about it. I often feel like people get out of there

Laily’s Berlin: Steak Night Show Recap


STEAK NIGHT SHOW was put on by none other than Medi­asteak (we can see how the theme ties in eh?), an online blog ded­ic­ated to show­cas­ing their per­sonal col­lec­tion of not­able doc­u­ment­ar­ies and short films. It is a bril­liant way to expose your­self to a world of film that isn’t so often publicized. The night took place
Berlin analog-2-10

Visiting Berlin: A Guide To Berlin Guides.

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I once read in a Chinese (don’t ask) tour-guide about Ber­lin that one should only travel to the city between May and August, as the rest of the year is “rain sea­son”. Little do they know that in prac­tice, all year is rain sea­son, with a dash of bru­tal, Game-of-Thrones style winter thrown in for good measure.
Berlin Summer-0868

Adidas FANATIC Tournament 2015 Snapshots


I remem­ber my first year at the Adi­das FANATIC tour­na­ment (and, if I’m not mis­taken, it used to be called adicup and we took pic­tures back then, too, although the first post from 2010 was deleted since because I have the power to erase and modify my per­sonal his­tory AS I PLEASE). I was very intim­id­ated by all the