Concerts, clubs, exhibitions, festivals and sports: Berlin is full of special events. Considering the many cultural aspects we try to share the unique things that happen here on a daily basis and give recommendations on where to go next.

ICC Messe Grüne Woche Berlin-9832

Grüne Woche Berlin 2016

28.01.2016 · One comment

Many people come to Berlin because they’ve seen, or heard of, the life that you can live here. I get it: compared to other European or Western metropoles, Berlin seems free and affordable, tolerant and liberal. I’m sure we can find a plethora of already well-established characteristics that draw people to Berlin. But most people
Festival of Lights 2015 Berlin Leuchtet-7278

Secret Concerts: Bach-Marathon at Konzerthaus Berlin

19.11.2015 · 9 comments

  My favorite German word is “Hochkultur”, because it implies that culture, per se, is low and that you have to willingly participate in some form of elevation to know what Hochkultur means. Unfortunately, not many people know that High Culture doesn’t need to be elitist, conservative and lame. Especially when it comes to classical
Der antike Kronleuchter und das Deckengemälde im Stil des 19. Jahrhunderts sorgen für französisches Flair in der Fly Beyond Bar


18.11.2015 · 38 comments

I always forget that this part of Friedrichstrasse exists. But walking up to the spotlit bright blue exterior of the BOULANGERIE FRANÇOIS, with all these fancy people queuing up behind the red rope in heels (HEELS! In Berlin!), I wonder why I’m not here more often. I’ve been tempted up here for the opening night
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12.11.2015 · One comment

  A while ago I was invited to a charming breakfast by GREY GOOSE Vodka at the Charlottenburg institution Kaffeehaus Grosz. An elegant breakfast seems to have nothing to do with vodka (you know, apart from day-drinking on a Sunday), but soon we were enlightened about the occasion: GREY GOOSE is opening a French Boulangerie in Berlin, offering fresh
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Disco Shopping by Warsteiner: Party At The Supermarket


  Late night grocery shopping: every Berliners wish. While we usually waver from Späti to Späti, on rare occasions you can also find real, proper supermarkets open 24/7. Living the Berlin Dream! But it doesn’t have to stay a dream. The Disco Shopping Night by Warsteiner at Kaiser’s next Saturday should make it happen. DJ’s, disco lights
Festival of Lights Berlin-7433

Festival of Lights 2015

20.10.2015 · 2 comments

  If you’ve attentively followed our Instagram account @findingberlin, you will most likely have noticed the abundance of Festival of Lights pictures in the last week. From the 9th to the 19th October,  we were touring all around Berlin to take pictures and fill up the Heatmap. It was like catching Pokémon. But it was also
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Berlin Against TTIP: 200.000 People Protest

12.10.2015 · One comment

  Political protests are a Berlin signature dish. They combine all the characteristics of the city: left-wing activism, loud music, spontaneous riots and an awareness of political and historical relevance of these gatherings. We have also had a history of documenting the most important demonstrations and rallies in the city (a few examples: Anti-GEMA, Stop
Singleton Bite Club 2015 Singleton Bites Treptow Arena Berlin-4191

Summer, Bite Club & #singletonbites


Dreadful, dreadful, those last days of summer. Everybody is scrambling to catch the last rays of sunshine in Berlin, and where more could you enjoy them than at the wonderful Spree with amazing street food and cold drinks? Singleton Whisky and Bite Club fused again for another treatment of Whiskey induced snacks. While Frank is

The #FordGT Tour in Berlin – Recap


What do you do when you have an exciting new automobile prototype but you have yet no concession to race it in th public streets? Well, you build a see-through truck, of course, and parade it across Berlins iconic streets.   The tour around Berlin made a quick stop at Blogfabrik and Tempelhof for us
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Singleton Bites: Summer Whisky at Bite Club


After the first Berlin street market stop, which we had covered in the beginning of summer, the Singleton Flavour Tour continues with another halt at Bite Club Berlin next to the Hoppetosse (Arena). The Whisky brand aims to marry the complex flavors of their spirits with the incredible selection of the best street food snacks

Laily’s Berlin: Roskilde Festival


Alright, I guess I am a little ashamed to say that for the past 20 glorious years that I have lived I had never attended a real, get in the dirt, tents-out, sun-kissed, music festival (a fact that Sara apparently approves of). I know. I’ve heard all about it. Maybe too much about it. I

Laily’s Berlin: Steak Night Show Recap


STEAK NIGHT SHOW was put on by none other than Mediasteak (we can see how the theme ties in eh?), an online blog dedicated to showcasing their personal collection of notable documentaries and short films. It is a brilliant way to expose yourself to a world of film that isn’t so often publicized.    
Berlin analog-2-10

Visiting Berlin: A Guide To Berlin Guides.

13.07.2015 · 5 comments

I once read in a Chinese (don’t ask) tour-guide about Berlin that one should only travel to the city between May and August, as the rest of the year is “rain season”. Little do they know that in practice, all year is rain season, with a dash of brutal, Game-of-Thrones style winter thrown in for
Berlin Summer-0868

Adidas FANATIC Tournament 2015 Snapshots


I remember my first year at the Adidas FANATIC tournament (and, if I’m not mistaken, it used to be called adicup and we took pictures back then, too, although the first post from 2010 was deleted since because I have the power to erase and modify my personal history AS I PLEASE). I was very intimidated