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Over: 31.10.2015




Don’t know what to do on Hal­loween? Get a tat­too in one of the cit­ies most pop­u­lar stu­dios. AKA, the only tat­too shop I ever set foot in (I didn’t get a tat­too though because it’s not my thing and I have no taste what­so­ever so I’d prob­ably end up with a sil­hou­ette of the Branden­bur­ger Tor or some shit

Over: 10.10.2015


Temp Affairs 2015 — win 2×2 guestlist spots!

10.10.2015  · 12 comments

There’s a surge of some very spe­cial new kids, from all over the world, cre­at­ing beats and sounds you prob­ably haven’t heard before. And if you did, you ended up won­der­ing “what the hell is this shit?”. Little brats “rap­ping” about being rich mil­lion­aires? Really? And yet, they’re epic in their fant­astic spirit. With their indie

Over: 05.09.2015


Quiet Cue at KINDL


My friend Johnny some­times emails me about inter­est­ing stuff going around in the city, but he rarely hypes his own stuff. He’s a musi­cian, and now also part of this series at KINDL called “Quiet Cue”. From the offi­cial release: “The KINDL — Cen­ter for con­tem­por­ary art invites you to the pro­ject room Quiet Cue. On three Sat­urday
weboogie lsf st georg insta


05.09.2015  · 3 comments

Our dearest, love­li­est friends from WeBoo­gie are cel­eb­rat­ing their last sum­mer jam with you! As you know, WeBoo­gie are our favor­ites when it comes to con­tem­por­ary non-techno music (speak: every sound you miss in an oth­er­wise per­fect Ber­lin!). Hip Hop, Foot­work, Juke, R&B, whatever the rest is called plus more, all thrown together in more than

Over: 28.08.2015

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Singleton Bites: Summer Whisky at Bite Club


After the first Ber­lin street mar­ket stop, which we had covered in the begin­ning of sum­mer, the Singleton Fla­vour Tour con­tin­ues with another halt at Bite Club Ber­lin next to the Hop­pet­osse (Arena). The Whisky brand aims to marry the com­plex fla­vors of their spir­its with the incred­ible selec­tion of the best street food snacks

Over: 26.08.2015


Pop-Kultur Berlin

26.08.2015  · One comment

Pop-Kultur fest­ival is the re-incarnation of Ber­lin Music Week, set in Berg­hain, with a ver­sat­ile line-up and inter­est­ing pan­els. For three days at the end of August, Ber­lin will be ded­ic­ated to pop when the first ever ‘Pop-Kultur’ takes place, a fest­ival with DJ sets and lec­tures, dis­cus­sions and con­certs. More than 60 artists make up the

Over: 19.08.2015


Atonal Festival 2015


While we are exper­i­en­cing a legit heat-wave and Ger­many is dis­cuss­ing what this drought will mean to our future eco­nomy, the Event Cal­en­dar is hint­ing that sum­mer is com­ing to an end. The hap­pen­ings of the city are tak­ing you back inside again. And noth­ing is as lit­eral about that as Atonal. This fest­ival for

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With CREAMCAKE, you can never be really sure what to expect. From exper­i­mental bass to queer rap, this party series is an epic­ally low-key legend of Ber­lins night­life scene. Return­ing ever so often with eccent­ric under­ground music that is only wait­ing to pop above the sur­face (and — like Creamcake’s taste­m­akers pre­dict way ahead of their time — they

Over: 03.08.2015


WASSERMUSIK: Mother India at HKW


Star­ted on July 17th and going on until August 5th, WASSERMUSIK 2015 is put­ting on Mother India, an open-air fest­ival attract­ing eyes and ears to the greatest of what Indian cul­ture has to offer. From film, to dance, to music and lets not for­get free yoga, Haus der Kul­turen der Welt will be host­ing the fest­ival,

Over: 11.07.2015


PLACE presents Nike SB Berlin Open Aftershowparty


Fash­ion Week is not just for cat­walks, it’s also for street– and skatewear, best staged by the beloved PLACE mag crew. Even bet­ter: the parties that we get to attend. This year, the Find­ing­Ber­lin music DJ group, known by the name A MILLION, is play­ing again for the coolest party in Ber­lin. There will be no

Over: 10.07.2015


Steak Night Show


Update: date changed due to crappy weather! The screen­ings will be held on the 10th of July! If you haven’t yet checked out our favor­ite TV guide for the 21st cen­tury, Medi­asteak, it’s time now. This pre­cious gem is the hand-selected Net­flix of the (mostly, but not exclus­ively) Ger­man doc­u­ment­ary craze. GERMANS LOVE DOCUMENTARIES! AND SHORTS!

Over: 05.07.2015

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SOLEMART at Neue Heimat

05.07.2015  · 22 comments

Atten­tion, sneak­er­heads: don’t for­get to put the annual SOLEMART into your cal­en­dars. Since 2009, Sole­mart has become an insti­tu­tion for the sneaker com­munity. It grew from a local flea mar­ket into an inter­na­tion­ally renowned sneaker exhib­i­tion and trade fair. Like always, private con­sumers as well as busi­nesses are invited to par­ti­cip­ate. We