What we see, what we do and who we meet: it usually happens right in our neighborhood. These little randoms make up most of our lives here in Berlin. With every little piece of the puzzle we hope to get closer to portraying an authentic picture of the city.


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A couple of months ago a Korean food res­taur­ant opened up on Reichen­ber­ger Straße next to where I live. It looks like it’s been there since the 70’s or some­thing, a shabby, worn-out, com­pletely undec­or­ated place that smells and looks grimey as fuck. I don’t know how it can be legal (or some­how even pos­sible) to estab­lish a res­taur­ant like this.

short notice: Geschichten über Zeit


My friend Ari is a great per­son. She always texts me to get a drink and I always fall asleep before I can get back to her. Ari is crazy in a good and aca­demic way. Her art hap­pens in her mind first, and when she feels she can share with you the pro­cesses and thoughts that spark her cre­ativ­ity,

Neukölln’s World of Vintage


Okay, I’ll admit it: I don’t really like shop­ping. No wait, let me cor­rect myself: I don’t like shop­ping in the real, non-online world. As a true mater­i­al­ist, I of course like hav­ing stuff, but the down­sides of phys­ic­ally buy­ing it are just fear indu­cing. Spend­ing hours run­ning through the city or — God help me — a shop­ping cen­ter, masses of people mov­ing

Delivery Food in Kreuzkölln

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My favor­ite activ­ity in the world, next to actu­ally eat­ing food, is order­ing food. Especially in this muddy piss weather, there’s lit­er­ally noth­ing bet­ter than ignor­ing the world out­side and have someone take care of your diet­ary needs while you’re binge watch­ing ALL the US TV shows that you missed when you were never home in the sum­mer
Alba_und_Estrel_ 44x70cm_oel_Web

short notice: Milena Auilar at Museum Neukölln


Most people are sur­prised to hear that Neuk­ölln has its very own museum. Even more if they real­ize that it is not the kind of cheesy “Heimat­mu­seum” they expect. Actu­ally Museum Neuk­ölln has a young team with an fresh approach. They cur­ate very dif­fer­ent works which circle around the many nuances of Ber­lins notori­ous neigh­bor­hood. This month Museum

IN A HURRY (Zeiten Der Eile)


Quite a while ago I shot a series try­ing to widen the range of my pho­to­graphic techniques. As often, this idea came by acci­dent when I real­ized that with an old fash­ioned Sony Walk­man mobile phone it is hardly pos­sible to pro­duce what you would reg­u­larly call a “good photograph”. Using the tech­nical weak­nesses of this trashy gear led me to the

CTM x Transmediale 2015: Event Recommendations

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A new year, a new num­ber, an old routine. 2015 just kicked off and we are already facing dozens of events that will accel­er­ate the rhythm of the city back to its reg­u­lar hec­tic pace. CTM x Trans­me­diale seem to be the most inter­est­ing of these fest­iv­it­ies yearn­ing for atten­tion. Since 1999, CTM and trans­me­diale have been tak­ing place in

11 Favorite Places in Gräfekiez

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Ah, the Gräfekiez. Our little Pren­zlauer Berg enclave bey­ond the Landwehrkanal, right amidst the leftovers of the so-called “Ber­lin Ghetto” at the cross between Kreuzberg and Neuk­ölln. Gräfekiez: the only area of Ber­lin NOT in the far away West that my vis­it­ing par­ents feel com­fort­able hanging around in. And on my spießig side, I also very

Best Of 2014

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Some­time around 2012, we decided to do a “best of” of our favor­ite pic­tures and our lives of Ber­lin — every year. We keep on with the tra­di­tion, and one thing I’ve noticed is that most of us rarely use the big cam­eras any­more. We don’t care for high qual­ity, even though the DSLR pic­tures still stand
First snow in Spandau

First snow in Spandau


For some reason, the first snow of a winter is a spe­cial time of the year, the con­firm­a­tion that the cold sea­son has finally begun – even though a rainy Christ­mas is already bygone. It’s this very par­tic­u­lar day after hor­rible weeks of sleet and freez­ing winds when the season’s romance sud­denly unfolds and cov­ers the city with its heavy,
Christmas in Berlin

Christmas in Berlin

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If you drove home for Christ­mas, if you left Ber­lin and took the train or the plane to get back to your fam­ily every year, you might think back about your Kiez, your friends and those who stayed, who always told you that Ber­lin would become a calm and sed­ate place dur­ing the sea­son. Oth­er­wise, you

Happy Holidays!


It’s that time of the year when Ber­lin is sup­posedly super empty and eerie, and the streets are deser­ted and there is no noise but a silent, Christ­massy spirit. I’ll never know because I always return to my par­ents’ for the hol­i­days (boo-hoo, right). I chal­lenge every­one to prove how empty Ber­lin can be! But any­way, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (And

Thoughts on Sonnenallee: “Little Orient”


Ach, Sonnen­allee. It is one of my favor­ite streets of Ber­lin. I call it my “Little Ori­ent”. The side­walks are plastered with dis­play win­dows full of Arabic, African and Turk­ish junk, spe­ci­al­it­ies and culin­ary delights. Ber­lin is known for its mul­ti­cul­tural res­id­en­tial areas, of course. Kreuzberg has quite a repu­ta­tion with its cit­izens of Turk­ish

10 things to do in Winter in Berlin

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There is at least one great thing about winter in Ber­lin: I stop being the only one without a taste in fash­ion. Since every­body is wrapped in lay­ers and lay­ers of func­tional cloth­ing (which is incid­ent­ally only sold in bright neon col­ors) and hik­ing boots, I can finally pre­tend to have the same level of style aware­ness as