What we see, what we do and who we meet: it usually happens right in our neighborhood. These little randoms make up most of our lives here in Berlin. With every little piece of the puzzle we hope to get closer to portraying an authentic picture of the city.


Next Frame By Absolut at MADE

12.02.2014 · 2 comments

For the Abso­lut Cam­paign 2014, Abso­lut Vodka is present­ing its new inter­na­tional pro­ject “Next Frame by Abso­lut”, a col­lab­or­a­tion with the acclaimed Brazilian graphic novel artist and author Rafael Grampá. “Next Frame” is an inter­act­ive pro­ject that invites Abso­lut Fans to take the oppor­tun­ity to enter their own ideas for the graphic novel that Grampá is

Berlin Photography by Chris John Dewitt

11.02.2014 · One comment

Well if that isn’t a pearl on the web. My friend Paul just shot me a link over via Twit­ter that turned out to be a treas­ure of time doc­u­mented by a pho­to­grapher called Chris John Dewitt. His work is an astound­ing col­lec­tion of pho­to­graphs taken from the early 80ies of Ber­lin, before the wall came down. Although we’ve

A matter of xenophobia

06.01.2014 · 12 comments

In the last months and years, the mor­ale towards new res­id­ents and vis­it­ors stead­ily plummeted in pop­u­lar neigh­bour­hoods such as Kreuzberg or Neuk­ölln. It grew to a notice­able ten­sion a long time ago and has already become an unbear­able con­di­tion that tempered much of what made this city and these neigh­bour­hoods inter­est­ing and invit­ing in the first

Draw A Line Launch Event

03.01.2014 · One comment

Just before the crowds left Ber­lin for the hol­i­days, every­body gathered at the launch event of some of our dearest friends’ latest pas­sion­ate pro­ject, Draw a line. Some needed to grab a few last gifts for their loved ones, oth­ers were on the lookout for some fine art edi­tions to accessor­ise their flats, many came to see

Berlin Christmas Lights

23.12.2013 · No comments

These pic­tures were taken at the “Christ­mas mar­ket” between Jan­now­itzbrücke and Alex­an­der­platz. We wish all of our read­ers Merry Christ­mas and Happy Holidays!    


23.12.2013 · One comment

The DJ leaves the last song play off, the day­light crawls through the win­dows of the base­ment. The air is filled with smoke and heat, the disco ball is still run­ning for an empty dance­floor. Kids chilling in the corner, trippy talk­ing about life or the next line or both. It’s 9am, the bar crew

100 Favorite Places — Win 1×1 E-Book Copy

17.12.2013 · 22 comments

Prob­ably one of the most elab­or­ate and best Ber­lin blogs/magazines cur­rently online is Slow Travel Ber­lin. The rich­ness of detail and love that Paul and his col­leagues put into por­tray­ing the city is amaz­ing and if you don’t know the site yet, it’s sure worth a look. Per­fectly in time for Christ­mas, Slow Travel Ber­lin released

Best Of: Summer 2013

22.11.2013 · 2 comments

People tend to for­get very often that Find­ing­Ber­lin was once cre­ated as a show­case for the pho­to­graphy within our group of friends. While we’ve exten­ded the philo­sophy to include more than just our own circle of friends, we’re still, essen­tially, just that: a crew that likes to take pic­tures, travel the world and dis­cover new places in

Raumverdichtungen #3

20.11.2013 · No comments

In con­tinu­ation of the Raum­ver­di­ch­tun­gen series, Jan Herd­licka vis­ited places you come across every­day. In his tech­nical pro­cess the obvi­ous dimen­sional char­ac­ter­ist­ics blur out and only a frac­tion is left. With this he is ques­tion­ing the pro­cess of memory and the char­ac­ter of the struc­tures sur­round­ing us. 

Top 10 Things To Do In Berlin In Autumn

22.10.2013 · 2 comments

While get­ting back to work without the dis­trac­tion of swim­ming pools and Späti-Hangouts might be a bit of a bum­mer, this fall has been beau­ti­ful so far. For the next two or three weeks, the streets will hope­fully be covered in golden and brown and green and red and orange and yel­low col­ors of the fall­ing leaves,

Sammelkarten #6

10.10.2013 · No comments

The Sam­melkarten are an insti­tu­tion by now. This is the sixth edi­tion! Get your pack­age and start to col­lect and share these beau­ti­ful small ber­lin per­spect­ives by Jan Herd­licka. Like his page and order a free set! If you are lucky, you even find a print in there.      

team titanic birthday party

17.09.2013 · One comment

There are plenty small gal­ler­ies around the city, off-spaces with niche-exhibitions or weirdly cur­ated events. But not one of them has gathered such a steady, loyal and crazy cult as the Team Titanic crew did. Loc­ated on Flughafen­straße (not a very intu­it­ive place for an off­beat gal­lery) and with a witty pro­gram of con­tem­por­ary, trans­dis­cip­lin­ary,