What we see, what we do and who we meet: it usually happens right in our neighborhood. These little randoms make up most of our lives here in Berlin. With every little piece of the puzzle we hope to get closer to portraying an authentic picture of the city.


Laily’s Berlin: Pentaprisma Photography Course


We’ve all imagined ourselves as the next Annie Leibovitz or Henri Cartier-Bresson…no? Not even a little? Well at least I can say we’ve all dreamt to be known for having the coolest Facebook profile pics. I have never been formally trained in photography; don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it and recently – with all
oranienstraße camp

10 Ways To Help Refugees in Berlin

11.08.2015 · 2 comments

The whole refugee topic is as big in Berlin as it should be. Hundreds of new shelter-seeking refugees are arriving on a daily basis. Last week, many people have united to help during the heat-wave in front of the LaGeSo. It was relieving to know that one could take immediate action by driving up to Moabit to donate
Rooftop Mitte Deliveroo Delivery Berlin-3768

Rooftop Picknick Mitte


Rooftop Mitte Deliveroo Delivery Berlin-3724

Good Delivery Food in Berlin with Deliveroo

07.08.2015 · 2 comments

Scroll down to skip the review (you heathen) and win a 100 € worth of delivery food! With the current temperatures, food isn’t an easy thing to decide on. Do I even want to eat? (… yes) Do I want to cook (hell no)? Do I want to actually spend time in a restaurant, where my thighs

Summer on Landwehrkanal

03.08.2015 · One comment

  I still haven’t been on a Schlauchboot on Landwehrkanal, and something inside tells me that I never will. I have seen too many dead fish floating on top of these toxic waters, too much dog shit near the canals and one too many rats fighting swans. But when seen from the riverside, it does look

Club Doors: Day & Night 2015

29.07.2015 · 13 comments

Over four years ago, Marcus released a post on FindingBerlin about how the Berliner club doors looked by daylight. The post became one of our biggest at the time, and people started playing the game of “guess the door”. What it became to me, though: a list of clubs that were slowly disappearing. Now, in

Tandiss Travels: Berlin

27.07.2015 · 12 comments

  There are only two things that Tandiss loves more than Tandiss: “Products”, and traveling with me. So it was such a great coincidence that we were asked to test stuff that was meant to be really useful when traveling. Unfortunately, we weren’t on vacation. And we’re not going on vacation anytime soon, either (well –

Flying Kites



short notice: Posters of Berlin


Berlin communicates via lamp posts and walls most of the time. Whether it’s lost pets or more obscure requests, the walls of Berlin sometimes resemble ancient cave walls and their rudimental sign language. And, because this is the Internet, there is a website where all of those notes are actually collected: Notes of Berlin. But
berlin social media apps changes urbanity

Apps & Urbanity: How Social Media Is Changing Berlin

22.07.2015 · One comment

You’re probably reading this on your mobile phone because of two reasons: a) I finally got around installing a plugin that would actually display the site on mobile (welcome to 2015), and b) because it’s more convenient, and you just wanted to see what the mysterious Google query of “Berlin cock Oranienstraße party” would yield.
Berlin Summer-0720

14 Perfect Berlin Summer Snacks

08.07.2015 · 6 comments

Snacks are my staple dish. Anything that fits into my bag easily, or can be accessed on hand when walking by the selling store, is enough to satisfy the continuous, raging hunger inside of me. In Berlin, it’s easy to get overstuffed on junk food, but when you’re roaming the streets in the summer, there are so many options
Berlin Summer-0868

Adidas FANATIC Tournament 2015 Snapshots


I remember my first year at the Adidas FANATIC tournament (and, if I’m not mistaken, it used to be called adicup and we took pictures back then, too, although the first post from 2010 was deleted since because I have the power to erase and modify my personal history AS I PLEASE). I was very intimidated

Save The Date: Summer Events 2015


Berlin is a crazy place to be in the summer, and so different from the rest of the seasonal turns. It doesn’t really matter if the weather is crap, it usually is, but the rush of tourists flocking in and out, as well as an extensive list of traditional summer events that range from street
Random Wedding-4963

Throwback Thursday: 2006 Kreuzberg / Neukölln Apartment prices

25.06.2015 · 3 comments

My precious friend Georg just sent me over a list of apartment listings in Berlin from September 2006. He was looking for a new place to live back then, and for whatever reason, he saved a list of interesting places. People have been talking quite a while about how Berlin has become more expensive, but just