What we see, what we do and who we meet: it usually happens right in our neighborhood. These little randoms make up most of our lives here in Berlin. With every little piece of the puzzle we hope to get closer to portraying an authentic picture of the city.


Save The Date: Summer Events 2015


Ber­lin is a crazy place to be in the sum­mer, and so dif­fer­ent from the rest of the sea­sonal turns. It doesn’t really mat­ter if the weather is crap, it usu­ally is, but the rush of tour­ists flock­ing in and out, as well as an extens­ive list of tra­di­tional sum­mer events that range from street food
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Throwback Thursday: 2006 Kreuzberg / Neukölln Apartment prices

25.06.2015 · 3 comments

My pre­cious friend Georg just sent me over a list of apart­ment list­ings in Ber­lin from Septem­ber 2006. He was look­ing for a new place to live back then, and for whatever reason, he saved a list of inter­est­ing places. People have been talk­ing quite a while about how Ber­lin has become more expens­ive, but just how much more

Happy #GoSkateboardingDay!


I have a very spe­cial rela­tion­ship to skate­board­ing: I tried it once and hurt myself really badly, so I decided to crawl back to my spot in the shade and keep drool­ing over the sweet boys who were doing tricks on the curbs. Ever since those glor­i­ous skate­park days of my homet­own have passed, I haven’t really been in

Spring/Summer Snapshots


Let’s be hon­est: this sum­mer is sure off to a slow start. Whenever the tem­per­at­ure drops below 20°, there’s a slight mass-panic to be felt in Ber­lins streets. Was?! SPARGELZEIT IST SCHON VORBEI UND ES IST IMMER NOCH SCHEISSWETTER? Well. One good thing: when the sun finally does show its pretty face, every­body throws spon­tan­eous parties out­side. Here
Eat First Berlin Delivery Food-9743

EatFirst: Fresh Food Delivery


This blog was built on the tears of people who suffered from lack of good deliv­ery food. It’s unfair: six months per year, dark­ness reigns in Ber­lin, and there’s no way people are leav­ing their apart­ments for this out­side depres­sion. Except: you can’t stay inside forever, #hangry­ness is not a happy mood. You think that good

short notice: Headspace


(Big) city life sucks some­times. Even in moments of clar­ity and calm, some­thing or rather someone is going to pass by and fuck up your day. Of course, most of us have become jaded enough. Most of us know all the Sim­mel the­ory there is about big cit­ies. Most of us have given their last
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Big City Life some­times gives me the feel­ing of los­ing my con­nec­tion to nature or what our romantic ima­gin­a­tion of it might be. As it happened, look­ing out of my win­dow into the rather bleak court­yard of my apart­ment made me feel trapped in concrete. On a global scale, the ongo­ing urb­an­iz­a­tion makes it more and

Making Decisions — with Urban Sports Club (pt. 1)

26.05.2015 · One comment

Mak­ing decisions has never been my strong suit. Espe­cially when they are related to con­clud­ing con­tracts. As soon as I’m to be pinned down to a monthly pay­ing mem­ber­ship, I freak out. I always wanted to do Pil­ates, Yoga or a dan­cing class, but again I couldn’t really decide which way to go. Doing all of the three would be too expens­ive and what

11 Date Ideas for Berlin

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Ger­mans don’t do dates. Either they magic­ally fall in love at school or their work­place, or — stand­ard pro­ced­ure - they get wasted, ran­domly hook up and simply end up stay­ing together for a long, long time. I like dat­ing cul­ture, though. Per­son­ally I think it’s one of the most excit­ing (read: cata­strophic) ways of get­ting to know someone. First of all, the

Attending Berlin

04.05.2015 · 7 comments

Ber­lin is a big enough city, and Face­book has been a great plat­form to share over­views of what’s going on in your net­work of friends. Whether someone is host­ing an exhib­i­tion open­ing or play­ing a set in a club, if you have friends who’re in the cul­tural scene of Ber­lin, you’re prob­ably drowned in Event invit­a­tions all the time


25.02.2015 · 2 comments

A couple of months ago a Korean food res­taur­ant opened up on Reichen­ber­ger Straße next to where I live. It looks like it’s been there since the 70’s or some­thing, a shabby, worn-out, com­pletely undec­or­ated place that smells and looks grimey as fuck. I don’t know how it can be legal (or some­how even pos­sible) to estab­lish a res­taur­ant like this.

short notice: Geschichten über Zeit


My friend Ari is a great per­son. She always texts me to get a drink and I always fall asleep before I can get back to her. Ari is crazy in a good and aca­demic way. Her art hap­pens in her mind first, and when she feels she can share with you the pro­cesses and thoughts that spark her cre­ativ­ity,

Neukölln’s World of Vintage


Okay, I’ll admit it: I don’t really like shop­ping. No wait, let me cor­rect myself: I don’t like shop­ping in the real, non-online world. As a true mater­i­al­ist, I of course like hav­ing stuff, but the down­sides of phys­ic­ally buy­ing it are just fear indu­cing. Spend­ing hours run­ning through the city or — God help me — a shop­ping cen­ter, masses of people mov­ing

Delivery Food in Kreuzkölln

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My favor­ite activ­ity in the world, next to actu­ally eat­ing food, is order­ing food. Especially in this muddy piss weather, there’s lit­er­ally noth­ing bet­ter than ignor­ing the world out­side and have someone take care of your diet­ary needs while you’re binge watch­ing ALL the US TV shows that you missed when you were never home in the sum­mer