What we see, what we do and who we meet: it usually happens right in our neighborhood. These little randoms make up most of our lives here in Berlin. With every little piece of the puzzle we hope to get closer to portraying an authentic picture of the city.

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CSD Kreuzberg 2014 Recap


The thing with ana­log pho­to­graphy is that the full rolls some­times live and die in my back­pack without ever being noticed. That’s why it can take a little longer than usual for me to develop them and finally real­ize “oh, so THAT’s what I for­got writ­ing about”. So my cov­er­age of the Kreuzberg CSD might be a little late, but it’s
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Mmaah: Korean BBQ in Neukölln

16.07.2014 · 2 comments

Every­body loves Korean food! This is a known fact! And another fact is that I am the per­son that loves it the most, which is why any new Korean joint in town is already a favor­ite of mine. Unfor­tu­nately, Mmaah is a little on the off-side. It’s between Hasen­heide, Columbiabad and Tem­pel­hof, sure, but at the wrong entrance of
Roamers Berlin Neukölln-2763


03.07.2014 · 2 comments

In a won­der­ful twist of events, Pan­nier­straße has not suc­cumbed to the rising num­ber of thirsty people who want edgy bars lin­ing their streets. For­tu­nately, instead Pan­nier­straße has been over­thrown by an explo­sion of spe­cial delis, bis­tros and res­taur­ants, of which most aren’t even open at night. A culin­ary diversity, espe­cially down Ecke Sonnen­allee,
Ohlauer Straße Demos-2822

Snapshots from Ohlauer Straße


Lately I’ve come to terms with the fact that all my taxes are going into point­less and redund­ant bull­shit events that nobody ever asked for. An unfin­ished air­port that costs 17 Mil­lion Euro per MONTH (ser­i­ously, maybe make this a new refugee camp?), a wild World Cup pub­lic view­ing party at Sie­gessäule for idi­ots who know noth­ing about
Columbiabad Berlin-000009

Columbiabad Neukölln

23.06.2014 · 28 comments

Update 5. July 2014: The give-away has ended but Columbiabad is still open! :) Sum­mer is finally over! Wow, what a drag those hot days were, right? … Right? Any­way, now that the rain sea­son has returned I feel a lot bet­ter. This is my com­fort zone, my extraordin­ar­ily trist and grey sky, the unfore­see­able humid­ity that keeps fuck­ing

Arcade Fire at Michelberger’s Tiki-Taka


The Span­ish foot­ball team seems to have had enough of the usual Tiki-Taka and decided to take an early break from the World Cup while the rest of us are just com­ing up to get the party star­ted! So Tiki-Taka it is, and of course, where else would we be but at the glor­i­ously dec­or­ated


04.06.2014 · 2 comments

Last Fri­day, the freshly opened YAAM was packed, sweaty and full of good vibes til the morn­ing hours. If the legendary 2nd birth­day of the amaz­ing WEBOOGIE crew and the re-opening of YAAM was a taste for what’s to come this sum­mer, we’re highly excited. There are no words to describe the feel­ing — from the first per­son

10 Things To Do When Your Parents Visit You In Berlin

28.05.2014 · 4 comments

I’ve been liv­ing in Ber­lin for almost 7 years now and my par­ents have not once decided to visit me (they have actu­ally phys­ic­ally been to Ber­lin, but never for the sole pur­pose of spend­ing a hol­i­day with me). They seem to like the com­fort of their home too much to come around and spend a couple of

Volksentscheid Tempelhofer Feld und die Zukunft


The 25th of May is the day were Ber­liners will be able to vote for or against build­ing on the Tem­pel­hofer Feld (along with the EU par­lia­ment, but that’s for another niche blog to cover). As you may know, we think this is a very rare chance of being part of Ber­lins future. Since most people who
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Favorite Eateries in Kreuzberg & Neukölln 2014

06.05.2014 · 3 comments

Ber­lins rise in pop­ular­ity and the steady growth of an inter­na­tional and very well fed com­munity has nur­tured a new culin­ary cul­ture in the city. New res­taur­ants, bars and concept eat­er­ies have been pop­ping up all over the place and they’re not exclus­ively döner or bur­ger joints for the budget food­ies any­more. Nowhere as much as
Finding Berlin - 1. Mai 2014 - 1st of May 2014 Berlin © Martin Wolf (41 von 46)

1st of May 2014


May­day may­hem: every year, the first of May is the ded­ic­ated kick-off of the legendary Ber­lin sum­mer sea­son. And what a kick-off it was: per­son­ally, I spent most of my time in a deli­ri­ous state at the annual Luzia rave. But, lucky for me (and my party­ing), Mar­tin roamed the streets and took plenty of beau­ti­ful pic­tures in



After a long break The Sam­melkarten are back with their 7th edi­tion. Get your pack­age and start to col­lect and share these beau­ti­ful small ber­lin per­spect­ives by Jan Herd­licka. Like his page and order a free set! If you are lucky, you can even find a print in there.

Leipzig: On An Entirely Different Scale

17.04.2014 · One comment

There is a proven cycle of city-hype and the for­mula goes some­thing like this: The mar­gin­al­ized, the poor & cool artists take over a shitty and eco­nom­ic­ally flawed neigh­bor­hood, trans­form it into a “cre­at­ive hub”, estab­lish bars, cafés, gal­ler­ies and bring all their ter­ri­fy­ingly cool look­ing friends to the party. Then, after a while, the wealthy


15.04.2014 · One comment

The Luzia bar on Orani­en­straße has always been a wet and wild place for parties, so without hes­it­a­tion, we jumped on the chance to actu­ally host our own night. Back in 2012 we star­ted our A MILLION series with a tight crew and the inten­tions to get fucked up with our friends. No man­ners, no reg­u­lar­it­ies, really bad