Berlins music scene is vivid and extraordinary. Of course, a whole music blog should be dedicated to Berlins musical output, but we’ve decided to go for a small sub-category instead, just to promote the pearls that we especially favor. Hint: it doesn’t happen that often (unless it’s Deutschrap).

Welcome to the Sacred Ground festival, the most intimate party in Berlin-Brandenburg

I went to the Sacred Ground Festival outside of Berlin for one night and experienced an almost perfect vision of an exclusive, intimate and community-focused show. And that's a big compliment coming from someone who hates festivals.
2 Aug ’16 by Sara Events, Music

Isolation Berlin: Alles Grau

Isolation Berlin are a band from Berlin (I think) and they made at least one song that is really amazing and melancholic. That's about all that I am ever going to research for this category.
26 Aug ’15 by Sara Music

Atonal Festival 2014

Nicos review of the experimental Atonal festival.
4 Sep ’14 by Nico Events, Music