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Date Ideas for Berlin

So you finally have a date but you have no idea what to do? Thankfully, you're not alone in this. Here are 11 ideas to help you get laid.
18 May ’15 by Sara Other

Attending Berlin

12k Attending? How Facebook Events are shaping (and possibly breaking) the cultural scene of Berlin
4 May ’15 by Sara Community, Other

These Berlin souvenirs are actually really cool (updated 2016)

Wild nights and crazy partys in Berlin will make you forget all the details about the city, but don't worry, these cool souvenirs can bring back your memory even when you've returned home!
26 Mar ’15 by Sara Other, Travel

10 Things To Do When Your Parents Visit You In Berlin

First of all: DON'T PANIC! Your parents will love you even if your flat is still in pre-WWII conditions and you spend the whole weekend raving instead of showing them around.
28 May ’14 by Sara Other

Volksentscheid Tempelhofer Feld

The 25th of May is the day were Berliners will be able to vote for or against building on the Tempelhofer Feld (along with the EU parliament, but that's for another niche blog to cover). As you may know, we think this is a very rare chance of being part of Berlins future. Since most people who have the right to vote are German, we decided to write an informative article of all the possible outcomes and the history of the Volksentscheid Tempelhof in German as well. You can scroll down for the English version if you're still interested.
19 May ’14 by Matthias Community, Other

Getting Over Berlin

A round-up on the current international discourse about "The Berlin Hype".
11 Mar ’14 by Sara Other

Berlin Photography by Chris John Dewitt

The remarkable photography collection of Chris John Dewitt.
11 Feb ’14 by Sara Other, Street Life

Xenophobia in Berlin

Matthias shares his valid concerns about the rising hate among "Berliners" towards tourists.
6 Jan ’14 by Matthias Community, Other

10 Things To Do In Berlin In Autumn

So, we've already covered our ideas for the to-do list of a Berlin summer. What's on the list for this fall season? Here are our ten suggestions.
22 Oct ’13 by Sara Other, Street Life

To Do: Summer in Berlin

Explore the city while the sun is shining. Here are a few ideas that will get you going.
18 Jul ’13 by Sara Other

Berlin in Black & White

Outtakes that look better desaturated.
20 Dec ’12 by Sara Other

“In Berlin, You Never Have To Stop”

Thoughts on an New York Times article about living as an expat in Berlin.
26 Nov ’12 by Sara Community, Other


Jan Herdlicka captured the feel of the Underground on black and white film in this beautiful series.
19 Jul ’12 by Nico Architecture, Other

Venus and the Sun

This is a guest post by our friend and photographer Fette Sans. She documented Venus rising.
8 Jun ’12 by Marcus Other