short notice: JOUUR

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You know what really sucks? When people you’ve admired ever since you arrived in Ber­lin finally launch their own fash­ion col­lec­tion and you actu­ally like it, but then it’s already sold out after one hour. So here I am, one day later, pro­mot­ing some­thing that is prob­ably as extinct as a mother­fuck­ing dino­saur, but I have to do it.

short notice: Geschichten über Zeit


My friend Ari is a great per­son. She always texts me to get a drink and I always fall asleep before I can get back to her. Ari is crazy in a good and aca­demic way. Her art hap­pens in her mind first, and when she feels she can share with you the pro­cesses and thoughts that spark her cre­ativ­ity,
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short notice: ACT NATURAL


Act Nat­ural is the first col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject by Charles Ben­jamin and Egon Elliut. They premiered it on 17th septem­ber in the souvenir space and released it on you­tube. Act Nat­ural is a 10 track album pro­duced by Egon Elliut and accom­pan­ied by a visual concept. Their approach circles around the reflec­tion of the medium itself. Mov­ing images are cre­ated
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Scroll down for Eng­lish version. Ber­lin gilt als Hoch­burg und Heimathafen für all diejeni­gen, die einen kreat­iven Spiel­platz suchen, um ihre Ideen und Träume zu real­is­ieren. Nicht umsonst dient die Stadt als Nähr­boden für Start-ups und One-Man-Projekte. Sie dür­fen wild sein, ver­rückt, uner­war­tet – und manch­mal braucht es viel Mut, um sie zu ver­wirk­lichen,
Blub! Abandonend Pool Neukölln-4109

Blub! Abandoned Swimming Pool in Neukölln

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After my four month trip to South­east Asia a couple of years ago, I swore to myself that I would never see another water­fall in my life again. Usu­ally, the hik­ing tours there all take you up a hill or a moun­tain, and once you have dragged your sweat­ing ass to the top, a water­fall awaits your view. It’s all nice and
UdK Rundgang 2014-3862

UdK Rundgang 2014

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Ah, thank the Almighty we’ve had enough prac­tice for years and years of stand­ing of queues. We’ve passed the Berg­hain test a couple of times, which makes us pro’s in the art of jump­ing the line with 20 people without any­body ever noti­cing (let me tell you, it’s a LOT harder to jump the line any­where else
Finding Berlin - 1. Mai 2014 - 1st of May 2014 Berlin © Martin Wolf (41 von 46)

1st of May 2014


May­day may­hem: every year, the first of May is the ded­ic­ated kick-off of the legendary Ber­lin sum­mer sea­son. And what a kick-off it was: per­son­ally, I spent most of my time in a deli­ri­ous state at the annual Luzia rave. But, lucky for me (and my party­ing), Mar­tin roamed the streets and took plenty of beau­ti­ful pic­tures in

The legendary Halloween Alleycat

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Although the city was full of Hal­loween partys last night, this one is surely a spe­ci­al­ity: the 21st Hal­loween Alleycat stays on top of the list of awe­some events! The par­ti­cipants were not only dressed to impress, but also ready to run the race. More than 100 riders sped through the cold night on their bikes

We Are Neukölln

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Gentri­fic­a­tion is like cli­mate change. Its so obvi­ous that every­body talks about it all the time but noth­ing hap­pens. That leads to people get­ting annoyed by the topic, so they even­tu­ally start to ignore it. Gentri­fic­a­tion is in the media, in polit­ics, in rap-songs and on house-walls but most of the time the debates exclude

FindingBerlin Foreigners — Ben

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This week is all in the motto of the ITB, the inter­na­tional travel trade show of Ber­lin. Ben, who helped me out with a study for uni­ver­sity, has been much into the sub­ject of trav­el­ling him­self. He cre­ated the Big Blog Map that dis­plays blogs from all over the world. He’s been liv­ing in Ber­lin quite

FindingBerlin Foreigners — Linda

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Linda is a thirty year old dan­ish lady who moved to Ber­lin in May 2012. At the moment she works as a cus­tomer agent at Zalando but being inter­ested in install­a­tion and new media art, as well as hav­ing a mas­ter degree in nor­dic stud­ies and media art from the uni­ver­sity of Copen­ha­gen. She hopes to find a job

FindingBerlin Foreigners — Chris


My name is Chris, I'm 28 and originate from New York City, but moved to Berlin in September 2011. Most of my energy goes into becoming a proper disco producer and learning how to make better curry dishes.

FindingBerlin Foreigners — Rie Yamada

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Rie Yamada also known by her friends as Inddy, is a 27 years old Japan­ese pho­to­grapher. She left her homet­own Nagoya in Japan, to settle in Ber­lin in Octo­ber 2011. Why Ber­lin? In 2008 I made a trip to Europe and vis­ited above oth­ers Paris, Ber­lin, Lon­don and Bar­celona. Those cit­ies were won­der­ful but it’s with the Ger­man cap­ital that

Hansaviertel: the residents

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Yesterday, we wanted to give an insight into Hansaviertel's history and architecture. Today, we aim to portray one of the neighbourhood's residents who, from the very first day, lives in a single-family house designed by Arne Jacobsen. We visited and listened to her story.