Actions speak louder than words: that’s why watching the mini-documentaries we create about Berlin might bring you closer to the real deal.


Finding Detroit

10.12.2014 · 2 comments

It has been almost a year since Mar­cus and I vis­ited Detroit (remem­ber Mar­cus’ impres­sions of the city?). It was the last des­tin­a­tion of a road trip we did for a small video pro­duc­tion. I’d wanted to share my impres­sions before, but time passed and it seemed wrong to post these icey pic­tures in the begin­ning of spring. We
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short notice: ACT NATURAL


Act Nat­ural is the first col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject by Charles Ben­jamin and Egon Elliut. They premiered it on 17th septem­ber in the souvenir space and released it on you­tube. Act Nat­ural is a 10 track album pro­duced by Egon Elliut and accom­pan­ied by a visual concept. Their approach circles around the reflec­tion of the medium itself. Mov­ing images are cre­ated

Magnum: Celebrating The (Berlin) Moment


What if we were to con­cen­trate on the now, rather than on the past or the future? The pres­ence has become so volat­ile and hard to grasp, we can hardly fol­low a train of thought without being dis­trac­ted, let alone con­cen­trate on the moment when there’s an abund­ance of screens to look at. Life’s on fast

Future/Memory Exhibition in Hellerau


This sum­mer I was invited to keep records of the Future/Memory exhib­i­tion in Dresden Hellerau together with Manuel from Draw a Line.The exhib­i­tion brought some of my favor­ite con­tem­por­ary artists with a back­ground in street cul­ture, like Hor­fee, Boo­gie, Martha Cooper, Cleon Peterson, Stefan Marx, Jay “One” Ram­ier, Skki and Super­blast to Dresden. As all

Homie Lover Friend Festival 2013

26.06.2013 · 10 comments

Last sum­mer, a group of cool cats decided — just like that — to break with the Ber­lin Techno tra­di­tion and host a little one-day fest­ival at YAAM! They were prob­ably sick of all those illegal Open Airs with bad sounds and unchill vibes — you know, cops ruin­ing the mood, mono­tone after-hour min­imal music ruin­ing the mood, bad weather ruin­ing the mood,

One Day in Stockholm

07.01.2013 · 9 comments

You might remem­ber our visit to Stock­holm last sum­mer. It have been some great days with our very good friends Robert & That­sanie who live in Stock­holm and showed us around the city. Next to the many pic­tures we took, I made a little film about one day in the city and some loc­a­tions we’ve been vis­it­ing

Finding Stockholm — The Aesthetically Pleasing City

30.07.2012 · 4 comments

When we travel, we don’t usu­ally travel big. Instead, we try to focus on what’s “real” about a city, mean­ing we try to do the things that are of interest to us and want to avoid the con­ven­tional tour­ist traps. Not an easy task, to be hon­est, espe­cially when you’re not off the beaten track. That’s
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Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2013 — Newcomer Special for HUSK

04.07.2012 · One comment

Twice a year Ber­lin falls into a pro­secco sip­ping, high­heels rock­ing trance which some call Fash­ion Week. The deal is that every­body is just talk­ing about how totally unim­port­ant Ber­lin is fash­ion­wise but how fresh the parties are. What can we say? We dont really care. Some­times we love ourselves some super­fi­cial spec­tacle but right now we

Finding x iGNANT at Studio B Euro 2012

05.06.2012 · 2 comments

You need to know that soc­cer events are some­thing spe­cial for us. Not that we are crazy fans but the last world­cup was some­thing like the found­a­tion of the Find­ing­Ber­lin crew. Dur­ing this time I was out in the streets shoot­ing some videos of fans and openair loc­a­tions in Ber­lin. Sara saw these videos and pos­ted

Waiting for the next train

03.04.2012 · 2 comments

Nor­mally I don’t take any of the Ber­lin offers for pub­lic trans­port. I hate spend­ing time wait­ing for the next train and pay more and more money for that. I rather go dir­ectly by bike and breathe the city overground. Last sunday I went to see my friends Touchy Mob gig at Haus am See and due to social

Colorful Fire Walls in Berlin

19.12.2011 · 4 comments

Walk­ing through the streets of Ber­lin is always an intense exper­i­ence. If you open your eyes you can read the whole city and see its cit­izens com­mu­nic­ate with each other. You will recog­nize the hip scenic neigh­bor­hoods from the dense of graf­fiti and streetart and you can dive into an uni­verse of col­or­full sur­prises around
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Creative New Media — Meet & Eat


Cre­at­ive New Media - Meet & Eat is the name of a new net­work­ing and social­iz­ing event here in Ber­lin. Maria and Julia of fant­astic Art­con­nect Ber­lin have decided to bring together all those blog­gers in the city to spend an even­ing together. In the warm atmo­sphere of the cozy Agora café down in Neuk­ölln we
weekday vintage sale berlin october-42

Occupy Weekday Vintage Sale

23.10.2011 · 27 comments

So, while the youth of the world is protest­ing the care­less waste of our eco­nomy and the inhu­man dic­tat­or­ships of their respect­ive coun­tries, it seems as if the kids of Lon­don and Ber­lin have mainly settled on “loot­ing” as a viable form of demon­strat­ing their needs. Well, at least that’s what it looks like if you
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Muschi Kreuzberg Fatwalk


Fash­ion Shows. Bor­ing, mondane, full of pre­ten­tious people, blonde chicks in high heels, yawn­ing journ­al­ists, and nobody seems to know what all the fuss is about. Good thing is: we’re in Ber­lin, so this shit does not fly with the loc­als. We don’t want to detach ourselves from our con­sumer­ist needs, so there has to be