Actions speak louder than words: that’s why watching the mini-documentaries we create about Berlin might bring you closer to the real deal.


Finding Detroit

10.12.2014 · 2 comments

  It has been almost a year since Marcus and I visited Detroit (remember Marcus’ impressions of the city?). It was the last destination of a road trip we did for a small video production. I’d wanted to share my impressions before, but time passed and it seemed wrong to post these icey pictures in
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short notice: ACT NATURAL


  Act Natural is the first collaborative project by Charles Benjamin and Egon Elliut. They premiered it on 17th september in the souvenir space and released it on youtube. Act Natural is a 10 track album produced by Egon Elliut and accompanied by a visual concept. Their approach circles around the reflection of the medium itself. Moving images

Magnum: Celebrating The (Berlin) Moment


What if we were to concentrate on the now, rather than on the past or the future? The presence has become so volatile and hard to grasp, we can hardly follow a train of thought without being distracted, let alone concentrate on the moment when there’s an abundance of screens to look at. Life’s on

Future/Memory Exhibition in Hellerau


This summer I was invited to keep records of the Future/Memory exhibition in Dresden Hellerau together with Manuel from Draw a Line.The exhibition brought some of my favorite contemporary artists with a background in street culture, like Horfee, Boogie, Martha Cooper, Cleon Peterson, Stefan Marx, Jay “One” Ramier, Skki and Superblast to Dresden. As all artists

Homie Lover Friend Festival 2013

26.06.2013 · 10 comments

Last summer, a group of cool cats decided – just like that – to break with the Berlin Techno tradition and host a little one-day festival at YAAM! They were probably sick of all those illegal Open Airs with bad sounds and unchill vibes – you know, cops ruining the mood, monotone after-hour minimal music

One Day in Stockholm

07.01.2013 · 9 comments

You might remember our visit to Stockholm last summer. It have been some great days with our very good friends Robert & Thatsanie who live in Stockholm and showed us around the city. Next to the many pictures we took, I made a little film about one day in the city and some locations we’ve

Finding Stockholm – The Aesthetically Pleasing City

30.07.2012 · 4 comments

When we travel, we don’t usually travel big. Instead, we try to focus on what’s “real” about a city, meaning we try to do the things that are of interest to us and want to avoid the conventional tourist traps. Not an easy task, to be honest, especially when you’re not off the beaten track.
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Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2013 – Newcomer Special for HUSK

04.07.2012 · One comment

Twice a year Berlin falls into a prosecco sipping, highheels rocking trance which some call Fashion Week. The deal is that everybody is just talking about how totally unimportant Berlin is fashionwise but how fresh the parties are. What can we say? We dont really care. Sometimes we love ourselves some superficial spectacle but right

Finding x iGNANT at Studio B Euro 2012

05.06.2012 · 2 comments

You need to know that soccer events are something special for us. Not that we are crazy fans but the last worldcup was something like the foundation of the FindingBerlin crew. During this time I was out in the streets shooting some videos of fans and openair locations in Berlin. Sara saw these videos and

Waiting for the next train

03.04.2012 · 2 comments

Normally I don’t take any of the Berlin offers for public transport. I hate spending time waiting for the next train and pay more and more money for that. I rather go directly by bike and breathe the city overground. Last sunday I went to see my friends Touchy Mob gig at Haus am See

Colorful Fire Walls in Berlin

19.12.2011 · 4 comments

Walking through the streets of Berlin is always an intense experience. If you open your eyes you can read the whole city and see its citizens communicate with each other. You will recognize the hip scenic neighborhoods from the dense of graffiti and streetart and you can dive into an universe of colorfull surprises around
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Creative New Media – Meet & Eat


Creative New Media – Meet & Eat is the name of a new networking and socializing event here in Berlin. Maria and Julia of fantastic Artconnect Berlin have decided to bring together all those bloggers in the city to spend an evening together. In the warm atmosphere of the cozy Agora café down in Neukölln
weekday vintage sale berlin october-42

Occupy Weekday Vintage Sale

23.10.2011 · 27 comments

So, while the youth of the world is protesting the careless waste of our economy and the inhuman dictatorships of their respective countries, it seems as if the kids of London and Berlin have mainly settled on “looting” as a viable form of demonstrating their needs. Well, at least that’s what it looks like if
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Muschi Kreuzberg Fatwalk


Fashion Shows. Boring, mondane, full of pretentious people, blonde chicks in high heels, yawning journalists, and nobody seems to know what all the fuss is about. Good thing is: we’re in Berlin, so this shit does not fly with the locals. We don’t want to detach ourselves from our consumerist needs, so there has to