c/o Berlin at Postfuhramt

The c/o at Postfuhramt closed down and re-opened in the Amerika Haus at Hardenbergstraße (Bahnhof Zoo).
13 Sep ’12 by Sara Places

I’m sure many of you have been to c/o Berlin before. Beyond the curated contents the modern photo-gallery is stunning for it’s location in the former royal post office. The old brick building from 1881 hosts not only the gallery, but a club (former Rodeo, now Department) on a prime corner of Oranienburger Straße. Every vernissage is packed with people roaming through the halls.

So of course it was more than a pleasure for Marcus and me to go on a rather private tour through the building. The former Postfuhramt is always a good excuse to take a picture. On the tour we were even taken up to the truss, kind of a secret untouched location. Unfortunately it was way too dark to make anything of the pictures, but no mind. We tried to capture some of its other unique features, one of them being the many different floorings throughout the exhibition. I think Marcus really got into it at some point, but since he left me to edit the pictures, I’m not sure if he’s happy with the result..

℅ Berlin-0892 ℅ Berlin-0894 ℅ Berlin-0897 ℅ Berlin-0903 ℅ Berlin-0910 ℅ Berlin-0911 ℅ Berlin-0919 ℅ Berlin-0924 ℅ Berlin-0926 ℅ Berlin-0928 ℅ Berlin-0931 ℅ Berlin-0932 ℅ Berlin-0934 ℅ Berlin-0947 ℅ Berlin-0959 ℅ Berlin-0967 ℅ Berlin-0969 ℅ Berlin-0970 ℅ Berlin-0971 ℅ Berlin-0972 ℅ Berlin-0973 ℅ Berlin-0975 ℅ Berlin-0979 ℅ Berlin-0980 ℅ Berlin-0982 ℅ Berlin-0986 ℅ Berlin-0988 ℅ Berlin-0990 ℅ Berlin-0992
Oranienburger Straße 35/36 , 10117 Berlin
Sara, Marcus

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  1. like your foor pics

    Johannes van Linn
  2. A nice building indeed. I envy you for the opportunity to take these unique and amazing pictures!

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