c/o Berlin — a tour through the Postfuhramt

by Sara · 13.09.2012 · Places · 4 comments

I’m sure many of you have been to c/o Ber­lin before. The art gal­lery focuses mainly on pho­to­graphy — a visual approach, any­way — and sup­ports young and com­ing artists as well as estab­lished names in the busi­ness. From Map­pleth­orpe to Larry Clark — every exhib­i­tion at c/o is a must-see. Along­side that, the gal­lery offers plenty of work­shops, lec­tures and other spe­cial art events and for­ums. Bey­ond the cur­ated con­tents the gal­lery is stun­ning for it’s loc­a­tion in the former royal post office. The old brick build­ing from 1881 hosts not only the gal­lery, but a club (former Rodeo, now Depart­ment) on a prime corner of Orani­en­bur­ger Straße. Every ver­n­is­sage is packed with people roam­ing through the halls.

So of course it was more than a pleas­ure for Mar­cus and me to go on a rather private tour through the build­ing with a couple of other nice blog­gers we were happy to meet. The cur­rent exhib­i­tion — “Zeit­los Schön”, 100 Years of Fash­ion — is def­in­itely worth a visit if you’re into either fash­ion or pho­to­graphy. To really see how much pho­to­graphy pro­gressed in fash­ion was to see how our soci­ety changed within hun­dred years, and how often the cre­at­ive nar­ra­tion of adverts steals its inspir­a­tion from the past.

The former Post­fuhramt is always a good excuse to take a pic­ture. On the tour we were even taken up to the truss, kind of a secret untouched loc­a­tion. Unfor­tu­nately it was way too dark to make any­thing of the pic­tures, but no mind. We tried to cap­ture some of its other unique fea­tures, one of them being the many dif­fer­ent floor­ings through­out the exhib­i­tion. I think Mar­cus really got into it at some point, but since he left me to edit the pic­tures, I’m not sure if he’s happy with the result..


Many thanks to c/o Ber­lin for invit­ing us to the tour and after­party cupcakes!

  1. like your foor pics

    Johannes van Linn
  2. A nice build­ing indeed. I envy you for the oppor­tun­ity to take these unique and amaz­ing pictures!

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