Cocolo Ramen Kreuzberg

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After our short detour that took us to an extraordin­ary tra­di­tional Arabic break­fast exper­i­ence, we’re back to the East Asian kit­chen. Japan­ese food is com­monly known exclus­ively as “Sushi”, allegedly healthy raw fish with sticky rice drowned in soy sauce. Guess what? There’s more to the Japan­ese kit­chen than Sushi, and even if it were only Sushi it would be much more com­plic­ated than simply “raw fish” that you can order from cheap take-out res­taur­ants, but I digress.

Ramen soup is the Curry­wurst of Japan. It var­ies from loc­al­ity to loc­al­ity, although the main com­pon­ents stay the same: it’s a noodle soup based on a meat-broth with a vari­ety of top­pings, usu­ally pork meat. That rules out most veget­ari­ans to go through the whole menu, but I prom­ise the Miso — the veget­arian option — is just as deli­cious. For the last year and espe­cially dur­ing the freez­ing winter, Cocolo Ramen in Mitte was my feel-good place for a nice, cozy and com­fort­able din­ner. The small res­taur­ant, basic­ally con­sist­ing of a tra­di­tional counter where you’re served straight from the chef, was always packed though and some­times you even had to wait in line in front of the door to get your shot at won­der­ful and per­fect noodle soup.

This prob­lem was solved by open­ing up a much lar­ger fran­chise in Kreuzberg, right at Paul Lincke Ufer. And like any good and trust­worthy res­taur­ant, the menu is lucid, with only vari­et­ies of their spe­ci­al­ity offered: Ramen soup in plenty of vari­ations. The soup is hearty and filling, don’t under­es­tim­ate it. For those really hungry, snack yourselves through the entrees. The Kim­chi, the Edam­ame and the Wantans are crazy good and worth a shot. But not only the food is worth a shout out. Both res­taur­ants are dec­or­ated in a very authen­tic man­ner without com­ing on as too cheesy. The dishes are all hand-made from clay, a sweet little touch. Sit­ting at the counter you can see exactly what the chefs are doing and how, which makes for another nice touch to the exper­i­ence. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan for the culin­ary adven­ture and for the curi­ous cul­tural dif­fer­ence; a stop at Cocolo really soothes that feel­ing. Finally: High qual­ity Japan­ese com­fort food in my vicin­ity. I couldn’t be happier.

Cocolo Ramen
Paul-Lincke Ufer 39 – 40, Kreuzberg

Gipsstr. 3, Mitte

Wantans with shrimp filling

Salty Edam­ame

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  1. I never gave any of those res­taur­ants on this par­tic­u­lar strip of paul lincke ufer a try, since i have this weird pho­bia of res­taur­ants that are in good loc­a­tions (as if they don’t have to try.)
    But i’m so glad i went to cocolo after read­ing this! Had the tonkotsu ramen and it was worth every cent of the 10€ — the broth was hot and intensely umami, and the pork belly was cooked per­fectly. The ginger was a nice touch, not over­whelm­ing, and the sea­weed gar­nish tastes amaz­ing after it softens up in the broth. Watch­ing them cook it in front of you is a lot of fun, too.

  2. i have to say that im a big fan of ramen and have made sev­eral ramen tours myself in japan. since i moved into ber­lin, i missed that addict­ive noodles which i couldnt find any­where. i mean at least, edible ones. and finally, i met cocolo and enjoyed their donkotzu, soyu, miso ramen. i think they have the best donkotzu ramen in ber­lin but totally over priced for ber­lin. ramen is typ­ical japan­ese imbiss food and as all of you know, 10€ is really big money for street food here. i hope we would have more good ramen imbiss then the prices would go down for sure. ich habe hunger…

  3. Ramenja

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