Columbiabad Neukölln

My plea for the best swimming pool in the whole wide world: Columbiabad in Neukölln, where hot summers are better spent than at, ewwwww, LAKES.

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Now that the rain season has returned I feel a lot better. This is my comfort zone, my extraordinarily trist and grey sky, the unforeseeable humidity that keeps fucking with my hair, and the icy winds coming from North of the Wall (I’m sorry, I had to). I only remember very hazily the two or five days that induced sweat and sunburns. Was it all a dream? Is summer only returning in little bits in pieces of sad sunbeams that hardly reach through the branches of the trees that line the avenues? At least I don’t have to stand in line for my favorite place in the world anymore, which is the Columbiabad in Neukölln. Always overcrowded, but always such a fun place… sigh.



I mean I truly, honestly don’t care for lakes. Standing natural waters? Hell no! I am all for the beauty of nature, but the lakes around Berlin are horrible to get to and even more crowded than the swimming pools. Here, at least, I get to watch people jumping from the 10 meter plank. And the toilets, as well as the Pommesbude, are close by. Sometimes, spontaneous fights break out. I don’t endorse them but come on, they’re entertaining as fuck. And the constant announcements over the speakers are hilarious.



Columbiabad is seriously one of my favorite places in summer, even though they’re constantly fucking me over by raising their prices. I love everything about it: the distinct memory of my own childhood summers, the huge families thrashing over the juicy and fresh green lawns, the incredible assortment of ice cream and certainly also standing in line for hours and hours in the afternoon on a weekend. It’s all good. At least I can get out of it whenever I want, and at least I don’t have to accidentally brush something beneath the water that could be either a crocodile or dirt.


Columbiadamm 160
10965 Berlin

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  2. Nice photos of that short summer dream! I’m very curious about this “soundstick” and whether it lives up to your praise. But alright, next summer: Summer Rave @ Columbiabad – with just some JB.

  3. That thing looks amazingggggggggg. Must.have.

  4. Yes, Ja, Gerne! Grünes Bad, Bikinigirls, Sonne und Berlin. Passt alles wunderbar.

  5. waterproof! how cool is that! would be very nice to disturb everybody around with my sweet little soundsystem :-)


  6. yes, pls!

  7. Testing out a Justin Bieber song – lol

    what a nice product!

  8. boomboooommbooom! I want you in my room!

  9. I will strap it to my body all summer long, I promise!

  10. I’d love to hear Selena Gomez’ new song with those speakers.

  11. jaa, die wäre super für spontane raves im park!

  12. Boom shakalaka

  13. Boom boom boom boom

  14. oh wie geil das wäre so wunderbar für den sommer! (er kommt noch!!!!)

  15. na ja, warum nicht? xx :)

    Katherine Twomey
  16. Der Wackelkontakt an meiner Anlage macht mich langsam wahnsinnig. I need this thingi!! <3

  17. Baby, baby, babyy… the only JB-song I know of ;-)
    Die Boombox, brauch ich aber trotzdem

  18. boom boom!

    Rasmus Hedlund
  19. will play weired cockpit songs in public. swear.

  20. Bass in Küchen brauchen!

  21. Yes please!

  22. Yes please!!!

  23. Biete Date gegen UE Boom?! ;)

  24. this boom thing got so much swag.

  25. Me too!

  26. boom boom boom! i’m so into columbia-partying! ;)

  27. yes please.. for a loud kreuzberg summer!

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