Crystal Castles Aftershowparty at Flamingo — win 1×2 guestlist spots!

08.12.2012 · Event calendar · 17 comments

Win 1×2 guest­l­ist spots by lik­ing this art­icle & leav­ing a com­ment with a valid email adress. We will notify the win­ners by Sat­urday. THE OFFICIAL CRYSTAL CASTLES AFTERSHOW PARTY! CRYSTAL CASTLES — DJ SET! DADA DISCO (CRYSTALMAFIA) VAMPARELA (LOCAL SUICIDE) BRAX MOODY (LOCAL SUICIDE) YELLOW DIMENSION (YOUR MOM) INFO: http://​www​.face​book​.com/ccrys­talccastles http://​www​.face​book​.com/dadadisco http://​www​.face​book​.com/loc­al­sui­cide



  1. her damit

  2. one for me please!

  3. yo!

  4. 2 for me please :)

    friederike enke
  5. bitte! danke!

  6. pleeeeaze

  7. I’d <3 to

  8. I hereby leave a comment

    Sofia Shiervani
  9. ich will die, bitte :-)

  10. We are com­ing from Scand­inavia for the con­cert. And we would die for 2 guest­l­ist spots! We LOVE Crys­tal Castles. Choose us, please!

  11. Für mich 2 Karten und ihr bekommt every single fck­ing CC-songtext von mir vor­geträllert. Das nenn ich’n Deal ?

  12. yes please :)

  13. dabei

  14. pour moi aussi, bises!

  15. This christ­mas I want no big par­cels,
    I want to party with Crys­tal Castles!
    Please oh please oh let me win,
    So when I arrive they’ll let me in!

    Chester Travis
  16. All I want for Christ­mas is to party with Crys­tal Castles. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!

  17. Have Fun at Flamingo @Friederike Enke +1 !!!

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