DÖGA — Serious Döner Business

by Sara · 24.09.2012 · Events · 5 comments

Ber­lin is the worlds most import­ant Döner cap­ital. Need­less to say any major decisions and busi­ness deals will take place right here. To under­line the fact, every year since 2009 a so-called “Dön­er­messe”, a Döner Fair — the DÖGA — intro­duces the new­est tech­no­lo­gies of Döner cut­ting tools, new taste innov­a­tions and gen­er­ally unites fans of the culin­ary superstar.

Now, usu­ally — although I am a good friend of the Döner myself — I wouldn’t be too inter­ested in a trade show ded­ic­ated to fast food. In this case though, when I read the event descrip­tion of the DÖGA “all vis­it­ors” day, I had to go and see for myself. Along­side the free Döner & Coke for vis­it­ors, the organ­izers also lured us with a Döner Eat­ing Con­test and I would’ve not for­given myself on miss­ing out.

So off we went to Tem­pel­hof! We were greeted by a Hangar full of Döner scents. Awe­some, you might think in a hangover state of mind. In real­ity? Rather sick­en­ing. But are we human, or are we hip­sters? Where’s the fun if there’s no suf­fer­ing? And boy did we suf­fer! After wait­ing in line for half an etern­ity to finally get a bite of the best Döner, I real­ized that maybe a Döner Trade Show wasn’t actu­ally a dis­play of the “BEST” Döner. It was, more or less, the worst thing I’d ever eaten. Oops.

But nev­er­mind. We con­tin­ued our little adven­ture by watch­ing the eat­ing con­test. Twenty minutes and six Dön­ers later the can­did­ates looked like they might never eat meat off a stick again. Even­tu­ally, every­body was happy though, Döner just does that to you. I’m mighty sure I’ll never go back to the DÖGA, and I might never eat Döner again either, but whatever. For some reason or another, it was still awe­some. After all, what else is there to do on a chilly Sunday afternoon?

(PS: Thanks to Andreas for some of these pictures!)

  1. A year or two ago, I’d seen a report about DÖGA on Deutsche Welle. I thought then as I do now: some­times it’s bet­ter not to know too much. :-/

    Hav­ing said this, I’m still going to stuff me cake­hole with Döner when I return to Ger­many in a few weeks’ time!

  2. So, which Döner in Ber­lin do you recommend?

  3. My favor­ite is Doyum, Admir­al­str., next to Türkiyemspor’s fan club.

  4. Sehr schön…finde es immer super wenn ihr was Spez­i­elles auftut, wovon man sonst nichts mit­bekom­men würde…

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