DÖGA – Serious Döner Business

We went to a trade show dedicated to the Berliners favorite fast food: Döner. Needless to say, all of our expectations were met. We could hardly resist buying all the fancy gear to slice some fine strips of meat off of a spike. This is what we do on weekends when we're bored, people.
24 Sep ’12 by Sara Events

Berlin is the worlds most important Döner capital. Needless to say any major decisions and business deals will take place right here. To underline the fact, every year since 2009 a so-called “Dönermesse”, a Döner Fair – the DÖGA – introduces the newest technologies of Döner cutting tools, new taste innovations and generally unites fans of the culinary superstar.

Now, usually – although I am a good friend of the Döner myself – I wouldn’t be too interested in a trade show dedicated to fast food. In this case though, when I read the event description of the DÖGA “all visitors” day, I had to go and see for myself. Alongside the free Döner & Coke for visitors, the organizers also lured us with a Döner Eating Contest and I would’ve not forgiven myself on missing out.

So off we went to Tempelhof! We were greeted by a Hangar full of Döner scents. Awesome, you might think in a hangover state of mind. In reality? Rather sickening. But are we human, or are we hipsters? Where’s the fun if there’s no suffering? And boy did we suffer! After waiting in line for half an eternity to finally get a bite of the best Döner, I realized that maybe a Döner Trade Show wasn’t actually a display of the “BEST” Döner. It was, more or less, the worst thing I’d ever eaten. Oops.

But nevermind. We continued our little adventure by watching the eating contest. Twenty minutes and six Döners later the candidates looked like they might never eat meat off a stick again. Eventually, everybody was happy though, Döner just does that to you. I’m mighty sure I’ll never go back to the DÖGA, and I might never eat Döner again either, but whatever. For some reason or another, it was still awesome. After all, what else is there to do on a chilly Sunday afternoon?

(PS: Thanks to Andreas for some of these pictures!)

Andreas, Sara

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  1. A year or two ago, I’d seen a report about DÖGA on Deutsche Welle. I thought then as I do now: sometimes it’s better not to know too much. :-/

    Having said this, I’m still going to stuff me cakehole with Döner when I return to Germany in a few weeks’ time!

  2. So, which Döner in Berlin do you recommend?

  3. My favorite is Doyum, Admiralstr., next to Türkiyemspor’s fan club.

  4. Sehr schön…finde es immer super wenn ihr was Spezielles auftut, wovon man sonst nichts mitbekommen würde…

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