Don’t Panic Berlin

by Sara · 25.04.2012 · Events · One comment

There are so many possible things to do in Berlin, I don’t know how to keep track sometimes. A wide range of cultural activities in almost every corner of the city: concerts, club nights, exhibitions, performances, dinners, freak shows, illegal races, you name it and we’re game.

Even though Facebook and all the other virtual social networks try their best to keep us updated, it’s nice to have some personal picked out recommendations that go beyond what we’ve seen so far. There are a couple of cool services that will cater to your needs: there’s the Sugarhigh newsletter and the younger cousin Cee Cee, there’s Unlike Berlin for a more general overview and of course little niche communities like Restrealiät (not to mention all the blogs from MitVergnügen to iHeartBerlin, but really they deserve their own blog post!).

But what I’ve really started to like is Don’t Panic Berlin. It used to be a collection of party fliers and stickers, packed in brown envelopes and strewn across bars and cafés throughout the city. Now the makers have transfered the idea into the internet: on their charmingly edgy site they’ll give you good ideas on what’s happening in your hood. Whether it’s a gallery opening or a movie night, if it’s good it’s on Don’t Panic. It might not always be on par with what you want, but it’s a damn nice overview to have.


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One comment
  1. It’s always nice to have someone who can give you some more insignt on what’s going on near your corner. Appreciate that, Sara!