Don’t Panic Berlin

by Sara · 25.04.2012 · Events · One comment

There are so many pos­sible things to do in Ber­lin, I don’t know how to keep track some­times. A wide range of cul­tural activ­it­ies in almost every corner of the city: con­certs, club nights, exhib­i­tions, per­form­ances, din­ners, freak shows, illegal races, you name it and we’re game.

Even though Face­book and all the other vir­tual social net­works try their best to keep us updated, it’s nice to have some per­sonal picked out recom­mend­a­tions that go bey­ond what we’ve seen so far. There are a couple of cool ser­vices that will cater to your needs: there’s the Sug­ar­high news­let­ter and the younger cousin Cee Cee, there’s Unlike Ber­lin for a more gen­eral over­view and of course little niche com­munit­ies like Restrealiät (not to men­tion all the blogs from MitVergnü­gen to iHeart­Ber­lin, but really they deserve their own blog post!).

But what I’ve really star­ted to like is Don’t Panic Ber­lin. It used to be a col­lec­tion of party fli­ers and stick­ers, packed in brown envel­opes and strewn across bars and cafés through­out the city. Now the makers have transfered the idea into the inter­net: on their charm­ingly edgy site they’ll give you good ideas on what’s hap­pen­ing in your hood. Whether it’s a gal­lery open­ing or a movie night, if it’s good it’s on Don’t Panic. It might not always be on par with what you want, but it’s a damn nice over­view to have.

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One comment
  1. It’s always nice to have someone who can give you some more insignt on what’s going on near your corner. Appre­ci­ate that, Sara!