Beuster Bar

There really is nothing better than the combination of delicious food and well-made cocktails. Beuster Bar in Weserstraße got all your wishes covered. Oh, and steak tartare.
7 May ’15 by Luca Food

Usually, I like to excuse my own laziness with handy proverbs like “Good things take time” or “Rome wasn’t build in a day” and then just be fine with it. But every once in a while, I could kick my ass for being such an idle soul, as it was the case with Beuster Bar, a restaurant/cocktail heaven-hybrid located in Weserstraße. After almost five months of planning to go there, I finally made it. And let me tell you, I should have gone sooner – I got two words for you: Steak Tartare.


Offering something that I’d try to describe as a highly elevated version of Hausmannkost (which I love and definitely eat too rarely), the menu holds only a handful of options, ranging from French onion soup, the so-called Beuster salad with beetroot and a club sandwich filled with a whole of of things including English blue cheese and pears. But while all my lovely table-mates let me know that everything they ordered was excellent, I’ll just take this chance to be honest with you here: you basically need to pick the steak tartare. Seriously, a heap of almost raw meat has never tasted better. Completed with a side of hand-cut fries and a big gherkin, it made me nothing less than happy and full. Food really can be a wonderful thing.

While the place itself is not really a revelation in interior design, the guys sure did a great job taking well known Berlin-decoration-hints to make you feel homely and comfortable with a big rustic bar, wonky chairs and some pretty green tiles on parts of the walls. It’s not really huge either and the word of delicious food definitely got around, so don’t forget to get a reservation.


As mentioned before, there’s a reason that the name includes the word “Bar”. After you’re done with culinary indulgence for the night, I’d advise you to just stay where you are and switch to enjoy some alcoholic beverages (or just continue drinking). Beuster offers a great selection of different cocktails at an affordable price made by handsome bartenders and the lovely staff isn’t afraid to top off your vodka soda with more vodka if you feel like there’s not enough in it yet, you little alcoholic.

Weserstraße 32, 12045 Berlin

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  1. Always great posts about food and drink Luca.. you obviously can take the boy out of Styria but not Styria out of the boy. The piece on Graz was also great!