Cuvrybrache Kreuzberg

14 Jul ’11 by Sara Street Life
Like many good things, the Cuvrybrache is a place of the past. As far as I know (2016), there's nothing yet on the former empty lot, but there have been attempts at re-building, at squatting, at planning. But Kreuzberg is still staying tough. Although you can't enter the premises anymore, it's still empty. And Blu recently painted over his famous mural that was visible there. Soo I guess everything is going the way it goes.

One of my favorite “hanging around outside and not knowing what to do”-spots is at Cuvrybrache.

There’s a certain cheesy romance to calling it my “favorite” spot and I’m ashamed to say that it always mesmerizes me in it’s urban lack of charm – graffiti walls, dog shit, dirty Spree water, hobos on their BBQ-Mojo, noise and crowds. It’s not a secret place to chill, but watch the sun go down and I promise even Paris doesn’t get to be this pretty.

Cuvrystraße 1, 10997 Berlin

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  1. Your articles are always an inspiration for me. Would love to work together for a photo project here in Berlin with you guys. Feel free to contact me or have a look on my photo blog.

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