Favorite Places — “That Spot” — Cuvrybrache

by Sara · 14.07.2011 · Kiez Life, Places · 3 comments

In the sum­mer­time you can put me almost any­where in Kreuzberg and I’ll just sit and watch and listen to whatever’s going on. On a park bench on Orani­en­straße, any­where near the Landwehrkanal, in Görl­itzer Park — as long as the sun is out I’m not picky as to where I am.

One of my favor­ite “hanging around out­side and not know­ing what to do”-hangouts is “that spot”; mind you, it doesn’t have a name and des­pite my des­per­ate tries to estab­lish one (I tried call­ing it the “Blu Spot” for the big Blu mural on the oppos­ite wall, but Mar­cus thinks that name sucks balls and now I can’t say it any­more, ever, again) we still just call it “you know, THAT spot, in that place, on Cuvrys­traße”. We could just call it “that one place in Kreuzberg left to itself at the water” or “The Place With The Awe­some View”, but oh, whatever.

There’s a cer­tain cheesy romance to call­ing it my “favor­ite” spot and I’m ashamed to say that it always mes­mer­izes me in it’s urban lack of charm — graf­fiti walls, dog shit, dirty Spree water, hobos on their BBQ-Mojo, noise and crowds. It’s not a secret place to chill, but try and watch the sun go down behind Oberbaum­brücke with the shape of the Fernse­hturm and the U1(2)-Bahn without melt­ing away before you judge my sissy heart…

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  1. Your art­icles are always an inspir­a­tion for me. Would love to work together for a photo pro­ject here in Ber­lin with you guys. Feel free to con­tact me or have a look on my photo blog.

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