Favorite Places – “That Spot” – Cuvrybrache

by Sara · 14.07.2011 · Kiez Life, Places · 3 comments

In the summertime you can put me almost anywhere in Kreuzberg and I’ll just sit and watch and listen to whatever’s going on. On a park bench on Oranienstraße, anywhere near the Landwehrkanal, in Görlitzer Park – as long as the sun is out I’m not picky as to where I am.

One of my favorite “hanging around outside and not knowing what to do”-hangouts is “that spot”; mind you, it doesn’t have a name and despite my desperate tries to establish one (I tried calling it the “Blu Spot” for the big Blu mural on the opposite wall, but Marcus thinks that name sucks balls and now I can’t say it anymore, ever, again) we still just call it “you know, THAT spot, in that place, on Cuvrystraße”. We could just call it “that one place in Kreuzberg left to itself at the water” or “The Place With The Awesome View”, but oh, whatever.

There’s a certain cheesy romance to calling it my “favorite” spot and I’m ashamed to say that it always mesmerizes me in it’s urban lack of charm – graffiti walls, dog shit, dirty Spree water, hobos on their BBQ-Mojo, noise and crowds. It’s not a secret place to chill, but try and watch the sun go down behind Oberbaumbrücke with the shape of the Fernsehturm and the U1(2)-Bahn without melting away before you judge my sissy heart…

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  1. Your articles are always an inspiration for me. Would love to work together for a photo project here in Berlin with you guys. Feel free to contact me or have a look on my photo blog.

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