Fika Söndag / Win 3 Books

by Marcus · 06.12.2012 · Escapism, Events · 14 comments

My Lightroom library just told me that I have more than 30.000 pictures on my drive. I collect them since I started taking digital pictures back in 2002. Before a couple of months it was the first time I actually printed out 500 of them and had the chance to finally look at them outside a computer monitor. It was love!

Now the good people of the GoStockholmGoeteborg campaign asked us alongside other nice blogs to release some of the pictures we took on our FindingStockholm trip in a book. Of course we said yes and last sunday we had to chance to hold the new baby in our hands for the first time. It was designed by HORT and if you know them you will always get something special. In this case they put out all the red tones from the pictures which gives the book a yellow, greenish overall feel. I still don’ t know if I like it or not.

For the book release we were invited to a cosy sunday afternoon at Fluxbau, met a lot of friends and saw swedish twin sisters Saint LouLou live! It was really nice to hang out there and celebrate the first advent with good friends. See more pictures over at MitVergnügen!

For those who couldn’t make it to the event – we have 3 copys of the book you could win through commenting under this post until sunday.

  1. Jag vill vinna!

  2. Great success to see the own pictures published in a book! Congratulation!

  3. Keine Familie, keine Freunde – keine Geschenke zum Fest …
    So traurig – da hilft nur so ein Buch in nem Blog-Gewinnspiel ….

    BITTE !!!
    DANKE !!!

    Professor Likewise
  4. It would be the perfect Christmas present for my boyfriend has I wrote you in my email! I hope I’ll get one! We both fell in love with Sweden!
    Congratulations for this!

  5. Das klingt alles zu schön um wahr zu sein … da will ich dabei sein!

  6. Ich wäre voller Liebe dafür.

  7. Tak! (war das jetzt Dach oder Danke :/)

  8. Sieht gut aus. Würde ich mir gerne mal näher anschauen. TX

  9. Awesome! <3

  10. HeyHey hätte auch gern so ein Büchlein!JAn

  11. i would be carrying this book in my bag all day to finally have something real to show to my new friends in cologne when telling them about fb instead of just googling it on the tiny smart phone display…

  12. This book belongs on my coffee table. Love.

  13. Das würde meine Winterstimmung mächtig heben.

  14. Congrats to Capucine Levai, Nils and Rosita!!! Can you send us a mail with your adresses to THX!