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15 Dec ’16 by Sara Other
Ever wanted to know what Berlin was talking about, what new stuff is going on, which events to attend and most importantly, what *I* think about stuff? Look no further, sign up for the FINDINGBERLIN newsletter!

A blog is great for pictures and words, but I can’t be bothered to post a new entry for every little thing that’s happening in Berlin. In order to keep you in the loop about things that are happening in the city, I’ve decided to create a bi-monthly (or something) newsletter.

There’ll be all the snark in the world, combined with news and recommendations that are currently trending in Berlin.

It’s not a newsletter that updates you about what’s happening on the blog, because that’s what the blog is for. Instead, find out about cool upcoming events in Berlin, or hot discussions about development, gentrification, music, and so on.

The FINDINGBERLIN newsletter is a very simple one, and I promise I won’t spam you. You can find the privacy policy here (in German). Sign up here for news, dates, events, ramblings about my personal life and updates about Berlin: 


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