Finding Autumn: Südgelände

Soft light, brown leaves and lovely memories of the past: one of the most underrated parks in Berlin, Südgelände, invites you to take a walk in autumn.

by Nico · 25.10.2012 · Kiez Life, Places · 3 comments

When we told our friends that we decided to go to “Südgelände” nobody knew what we were talk­ing about. It doesnt mat­ter how long you live in this city, your know­ledge and your interest will likely go as far as the Ring and rarely bey­ond. And as a mat­ter of fact Südgelände is loc­ated a few meters out­side of the ring. So it took a good advice of Tobias (of Son­der­weg Ber­lin) to bring our atten­tion to this spe­cial place in Schöne­berg. We made it our autumn-trip. In the thirties the place was one of the biggest indus­trial train sta­tions in Ger­many. After the war it was shut down and nature took it back. What can I say? Südgelände is a wet dream for every nature-lover. It’s just insane how everything has been grow­ing past the indus­trial leftovers dur­ing the last 60 years. Nice little tracks lead you through this out­stand­ing park-concept. A “wall of fame” marks the nat­ural con­nec­tion between trains and graf­fiti (how­ever that surely was not insisted by the planners).

Besides the actual park, there is also a cof­fee place and some­what of an art-meets-relicts out­side exhib­i­tion. But these things are not the selling points of the park. See for yourself.

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  1. nice pho­tos! I like the apple one the best.

  2. wow ! i live in schöne­berg and never knew about this! thanks for sharing!

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