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Johanna is a young artist and tex­tile designer from Straß­bourg / France. She arrived in Berlin with the night­train from Zürich /Switzerland in May 2011. “It was fuck­ing cold on that first morning in the city” she says.

You could have moved any­where in the world. Why Berlin?

I vis­ited Ber­lin a couple of times in my hol­i­days and I always liked the atmo­sphere. Time passing, I realized that I didn’t want to be a visitor any­more but really like to live here, and I also liked the idea of being a tourist in France! Berlin is also close to my native country, so I can still visit my family and friends back there when I feel like doing it! Besides that I speak Ger­man which helps me alot.

So what are you doing here?

First of all I am work­ing as a freelance tex­tile designer and illus­trator, selling my work in my online shop Super­mar­ket  as well as in places you can step in around the world. I spend a lot of my time drawing, painting, reading, sticking, sewing, weaving, taking photographs, walking though the city with friends. I’m also posting daily about things that caught my interest and share my photographs on my Blog Bon­jour Johanna. I’m also learning Japanese and consider going back to studies,  the Visual Art of Africa program offered by the FU looks pretty interesting to me. And last but not least, two days a week I work in the lovely café Marketta in Mitte!

What do you like most about Berlin?

Berlin is full of space, I rarely bump into someone, you can’t say that about Paris! For me a very nice point is also that it is still afford­able. If you work cre­at­ivly you need a lot of space and I can find that here. I could never afford this in France. But for me afford­able also means to have the pos­sib­il­ity to go out and have a hot chocol­ate and a slice of cake  some­where without pay­ing 10 Euros. The city is really green which means a lot to me, the people are often more open minded than in France…. well you got it a lot of good points!

What is your favor­ite neighborhood?

I just moved to the Schillerkiez in Neuk­ölln. I love that the Tem­pel­hof field is right around the corner. It feels like you are in a hol­i­day some­how. I also like that it’s such mixed neigh­bor­hood. There are not just German or European, but people from all over the world that live together in this area.

Do you think that Ber­lin is a mul­ti­cul­tural city?

Of course! In France, I met a lot of people who just arrived from oversea countries when I was a Fine Art School Student, but it was almost the only place where I met them. Here I have so friends from all over the world, and I enjoy hearing and learning about so many different cultures, sometimes I feel like traveling while just staying in Berlin.

Thanks Johanna.



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  1. super-johanna :)

  2. “it was fucking cold that morning [..]”

    dieses fuck / fuckin / .. á la rea garvey ist ja mittlerweile echt common speech geworden.

    manchmal schon fast lächerlich.