Impressions from Frankfurt

Rips my heart out: Frankfurt will never be the same again to me.
17 Jul ’10 by Sara Travel

I grew up in the suburbs near Frankfurt, but I know it was the city rather than my hometown that shaped me. I was to Frankfurt what a moth is to a flame – it attracted me, it drew me in, it coughed me out a different person. The suburbs made me long for something bigger, something with a broader horizon and more. More of everything, but especially of people.

Going back home on a vacation from work and life in Berlin is stressful, because it means moving back in with my parents for a week. It means having to call thousands of people I haven’t seen in a while, it means making dates and having no time to relax. Sometimes it feels like I left my old life back here and began a parallel, different life in Berlin. I try to combine them, but it’s difficult. There is just too many thing still left here for me: family and friends. It was not the people who drove me away from Frankfurt.

And so, on a mission to capture what I love about my home, I strolled through the city. The differences between Frankfurt and Berlin are remarkable; Frankfurt is cleaner and obviously wealthier, but Berlin has more youth and a rather pulsating feeling to it. As a tourist, I’d probably hate Frankfurt. But the city is changing now – the Bahnhofsviertel is getting its fair share of hip, new things, bars and art and culture. And can’t help myself, it’s still my first urban love.

Edit 2016: I went through my old pictures in here and found some I took of my mom. Rips my heart out – never returned to the city center after she passed in 2015.

Seven comments

  1. And, uh, yes. It’s obvious that I love the skyline.

  2. fantastic photos! Makes me want to learn how to use my camera beter ;)

  3. Schöne, stimmungsvolle Fotos. Toller Text!

  4. Such beautiful words about home, development and life. Thx.

  5. Frankfurt kann so schön und doch so hässlich sein… Ich wohne auch in der nähe von Frankfurt, aber ich finde es hat sich verändert…

  6. Nice words & nice photographs. Thx & I hope, you’ll find a home sometime.

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