Finding Lisbon

by Jan Herdlicka · 04.02.2014 · Places · 5 comments

The following photographs were taken during a trip to Portugal in 2010. It was my first time shooting with a borrowed Nikon F801s and a rather trashy Lubitel 166B film camera and developping the film roles back home in my bathroom (to be honest i shot around 10 to 15 roles and the outcome wasn”t always perfect in terms of photographic quality). At that time a good old friend of mine spent half a year at Catolica University in Lisbon and besides drinking disgusting beer such as SuperBock  we also did some nice trips to the Algarve coast etc. It makes sense that the locals call Lisbon the city of light and if you happen to be there sometime make sure not to forget some cameras and stuff. By the way if you like to take a look at my other works you are always welcome to visit me at my website, facebook or tumblr.

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  1. “super bock” and “disgusting”… in the same sentence? now that´s a first! now, with “Católica” (the Uni) would be more in sync. cheers & beers

  2. So you like “Super Bock” more than “Catolica”?
    I have to admit that i personally prefer Sagres.;)

  3. well, just meant Super Bock (and Sagres) are qute considered beers. meaning by no means disgusting :) (read: Becks or the american version of Budweiser). but of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal taste. I actually enjoy both, Super Bock more as lager and Sagres rather its Bohemia version.

    There are some nice stills here, by the way :)

  4. I guess most things depend on individual taste.;)
    Thank you!

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