Finding Lisbon

by Jan Herdlicka · 04.02.2014 · Places · 5 comments

The fol­low­ing pho­to­graphs were taken dur­ing a trip to Por­tugal in 2010. It was my first time shoot­ing with a bor­rowed Nikon F801s and a rather trashy Lub­itel 166B film cam­era and develop­ping the film roles back home in my bath­room (to be hon­est i shot around 10 to 15 roles and the out­come wasn“t always per­fect in terms of pho­to­graphic qual­ity). At that time a good old friend of mine spent half a year at Catol­ica Uni­ver­sity in Lis­bon and besides drink­ing dis­gust­ing beer such as Super­Bock we also did some nice trips to the Algarve coast etc. It makes sense that the loc­als call Lis­bon the city of light and if you hap­pen to be there some­time make sure not to for­get some cam­eras and stuff. By the way if you like to take a look at my other works you are always wel­come to visit me at my web­site, face­book or tumblr.

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  1. “super bock” and “dis­gust­ing”… in the same sen­tence? now that´s a first! now, with “Católica” (the Uni) would be more in sync. cheers & beers

  2. So you like “Super Bock” more than “Catol­ica”?
    I have to admit that i per­son­ally prefer Sagres.;)

  3. well, just meant Super Bock (and Sagres) are qute con­sidered beers. mean­ing by no means dis­gust­ing :) (read: Becks or the amer­ican ver­sion of Bud­weiser). but of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to per­sonal taste. I actu­ally enjoy both, Super Bock more as lager and Sagres rather its Bohemia version.

    There are some nice stills here, by the way :)

  4. I guess most things depend on indi­vidual taste.;)
    Thank you!

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