Finding London Pt. 2 — notting hill carnival

by Marcus · 10.09.2010 · Escapism · 3 comments

the bass is pump­ing through the streets of not­ting hill. the air smells like jerk chicken and we try to catch each oth­ers hands so that we don’t lose our friends. it’s bank hol­i­day in eng­land and that means the carib­bean pop­u­la­tion of lon­don is cel­eb­rat­ing the infam­ous not­ting hill carnival.

mil­lions of people come together– not just to take a short glimpse on some minor­ity cul­tures of the city and how they do some exotic dan­cing, but to exper­i­ence the massive state­ment that is sent out from not­ting hill. this state­ment tells us about the enrich­ment of for­eign cul­tures in a soci­ety, about get­ting together and mixed up. it explains the ener­getic roots of the carib­ibean and african soci­et­ies and about the biggest influ­ence on brit­ish cul­ture ever.

you can feel and hear those influ­ences every­where, but espe­cially in the lon­don music scene. you ask your­self why every year a new sound is pump­ing out of lon­don. here we go: its the res­ult of the cul­tural sound­style mashup that influ­ence each other and make you hear sounds that are only avail­able in the heart of the lon­don club scene or — of course — at the not­ting hill carnival.

one curi­ous dif­fer­ence to Ber­lins feel­ing is how explos­ively Lon­don was influ­enced by its mul­ti­cul­tural inhab­it­ants. While Ber­lin has a vast com­munity of expats, former Turk­ish guest work­ers now com­ing into their third and fourth gen­er­a­tions and of course the influx of many Europeans try­ing to settle in our beloved city, every­one seems to stay within their own cul­tural inher­it­ance. Mean­while, in Lon­don, everything is ACTUALLY mixed up. People listen to for­eign music, mash it up with their ori­ginal European styles, people party to the same atmo­sphere, Soca in the even­ing, Grime in the morn­ing. You wouldn’t find many inter­cul­tural Turk­ish music parties in Ber­lin though. In Lon­don, where you come from really doesn’t mattter any­more– once you’re there you’ll join the ever evolving mix of styles and rhythms.

so this is the epi­centre of the cul­tural melt­ing pot that lon­don became. for me it’s a place to feel well, to learn, to dance, to be impressed, to be influ­enced. It’s a plus for my cul­tural hori­zon. i wouldn’t want to miss that. this is why i’ll be in not­ting hill next year again. Pull Up!

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  1. some of the best pic­tures on FB so far. NICE1

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