Finding Los Angeles

by Marcus · 30.04.2012 · Escapism · 7 comments

Los Angeles is propably one of the most influential citys on kids all around the world. Through endless hours of movies and TV series I kinda grew up in Malibu with the Hoff, cruised down Pacific Coast Highway with Hank Moody, had chilled Fridays out in Compton with Ice Cube or relaxed on the Pool of The Standard Hotel with The Cobrasnake Posse. Above that I nearly know every fucking corner of the city out of Snoops, Dre’s or Tupacs tracks.

So here we go: “Home”. Or not? I guess L.A. is something like the epicenter of the United States. Yeah – of course NewYork and stuff – but hey I talk about The United States of the mythical pictures that got burned in our heads – the cars, the freeways, the fast food and all that. Mix this up with 350 days of sun, plastic people the pacific in your doorway and you know what I talk about.

For this short trip I was happy to get invited by Mercedes Benz/ The Avantgarde Diaries to visit Transmission L.A., a great exhibition curated by Beastie Boy Mike D with artists like Tom Sachs, Mike Mills or Robert McKinnley.

After the party I had 2 days left to explore the city. So you do the only thing you can do in L.A.: rent a car, open the windows, turn up the volume of your stereo and cruise around. Cruising in this case means hours and hours of heavy traffic on endless straight roads with one story buildings on their sides, broken up by fast-food intersections (imagine there are Drive-In Banks).

I can’t tell you anything deeper about my experiences because I did not have the chance to dig deep. It was like a jump and ride (jump out the car – have coffee – continue driving – jump out and so on). I still don’t know if I wanna go back cause I couldn’t really figure out what for. I like the european style of the neighborhoods, where you go out, meet people on the streets, go by bike, and everything is like around your corner. L.A. reminded me more on Johannesburg, where you have to date on a certain point or at the mall (here we are back with our childhood movie memories) and everywhere you go is by car. For me this sucks and as long I’m not living in Venice I see no point in coming back to the city but making movies ;) .

Anyway THANKS to Mercedes Benz for flying me over there, iGNANT for sending me and Melli for letting me crash on her couch after the Bump’n’Grind party down in Long Beach.



  1. wow! amazing shot marcus.

  2. THANKS. But L.A. is quit thankfull picture wise..

  3. wonderful insights to L.A. thanks marcus.

  4. Great pictures. Now I want to go and sit right at the spot you captured in your last picture.

  5. @ktinka haha. it´s not that charming there. in between the freeway and LAX airport. but you can get quit good pictures there. though i felt a bit nerdy…

  6. Wow, I’m impressed. I love every single photo, especially the red car, L.A. by night, Santigold, BerlinCurrywurst, the Paul Smith building and the three palm trees.

    Very good photographs!

  7. Thanks Dan.