Finding Los Angeles

by Marcus · 30.04.2012 · Escapism · 7 comments

Los Angeles is prop­ably one of the most influ­en­tial citys on kids all around the world. Through end­less hours of movies and TV series I kinda grew up in Malibu with the Hoff, cruised down Pacific Coast High­way with Hank Moody, had chilled Fri­days out in Compton with Ice Cube or relaxed on the Pool of The Stand­ard Hotel with The Cobrasnake Posse. Above that I nearly know every fuck­ing corner of the city out of Snoops, Dre’s or Tupacs tracks.

So here we go: “Home”. Or not? I guess L.A. is some­thing like the epi­cen­ter of the United States. Yeah — of course NewYork and stuff — but hey I talk about The United States of the myth­ical pic­tures that got burned in our heads — the cars, the free­ways, the fast food and all that. Mix this up with 350 days of sun, plastic people the pacific in your door­way and you know what I talk about.

For this short trip I was happy to get invited by Mer­cedes Benz/ The Avant­garde Diar­ies to visit Trans­mis­sion L.A., a great exhib­i­tion cur­ated by Beastie Boy Mike D with artists like Tom Sachs, Mike Mills or Robert McKinnley.

After the party I had 2 days left to explore the city. So you do the only thing you can do in L.A.: rent a car, open the win­dows, turn up the volume of your ste­reo and cruise around. Cruis­ing in this case means hours and hours of heavy traffic on end­less straight roads with one story build­ings on their sides, broken up by fast-food inter­sec­tions (ima­gine there are Drive-In Banks).

I can’t tell you any­thing deeper about my exper­i­ences because I did not have the chance to dig deep. It was like a jump and ride (jump out the car — have cof­fee — con­tinue driv­ing — jump out and so on). I still don’t know if I wanna go back cause I couldn’t really fig­ure out what for. I like the european style of the neigh­bor­hoods, where you go out, meet people on the streets, go by bike, and everything is like around your corner. L.A. reminded me more on Johan­nes­burg, where you have to date on a cer­tain point or at the mall (here we are back with our child­hood movie memor­ies) and every­where you go is by car. For me this sucks and as long I’m not liv­ing in Venice I see no point in com­ing back to the city but mak­ing movies ;) .

Any­way THANKS to Mer­cedes Benz for fly­ing me over there, iGNANT for send­ing me and Melli for let­ting me crash on her couch after the Bump’n’Grind party down in Long Beach.


  1. wow! amaz­ing shot marcus.

  2. THANKS. But L.A. is quit thank­full pic­ture wise..

  3. won­der­ful insights to L.A. thanks marcus.

  4. Great pic­tures. Now I want to go and sit right at the spot you cap­tured in your last picture.

  5. @ktinka haha. it´s not that charm­ing there. in between the free­way and LAX air­port. but you can get quit good pic­tures there. though i felt a bit nerdy…

  6. Wow, I’m impressed. I love every single photo, espe­cially the red car, L.A. by night, San­tigold, Ber­lin­Curry­wurst, the Paul Smith build­ing and the three palm trees.

    Very good photographs!

  7. Thanks Dan.