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This is — by far — going to be the most unpop­u­lar post in our abroad cat­egory because it makes you want to escape even more from the dread­ing bad weather winter sea­son. We all know that Ber­lin win­ters are cruel and mer­ci­less. All that said I’m apo­lo­giz­ing for hav­ing just returned from the most awe­some sum­mer vaca­tion ever. The Mal­dives are not only pretty, they’re pretty excit­ing too.

Snow-white beaches, coconut palms, tour­quoise water — what more can the heart want? I had the chance to check out two very spe­cial resorts, Kur­umba and Velas­saru, both belong­ing to the same hotel group. Each resort has its very own island where they self-sustain and treat their guests like royal blood. From won­der­ful spa mas­sages to adven­tur­ous Jet­ski safari rides right into the Indian Ocean and, my per­sonal favor­ite, scuba diving with turtles while plant­ing coral reefs.

It was great. Espe­cially Velas­saru with all it’s sleek sexy­ness had my chest beat­ing with desire for more nature like that. And def­in­itely more water sports. Once in a while, the Baltic Sea can simply not cover the need to be in ocean water. If you’re long­ing for a lux­uri­ous, romantic time-out: trust me, this is your place to be. Beware though, you’ll never want to return… (unless you’re single, then you’ll prob­ably leave after a week with a severe bout of loneliness).

On the other hand, Kur­umba — with a very dif­fer­ent, more homey and com­fort­able concept of a lux­uri­ous resort — is the old­est intact resort on the Mal­dives. They’ve only recently cel­eb­rated their 40-years anniversary, quite an aston­ish­ing res­ult. They will spoil you with all sorts of activ­it­ies without redu­cing the stay to romance or hon­ey­moons. A great place to visit with friends and family.

Yes, it’s para­dise, and yes, it can be relax­ing or excit­ing — depend­ing on what you want. You can spend weeks on the islands without doing any­thing at all, but I’m too giddy for that. While swim­ming and bak­ing in the sun is a good waste of time, I wanted to see some of the Mal­divian cul­ture. After con­vin­cing the chefs on Kur­umba to dish out a spe­cial proper Mal­divian meal (which was amaz­ing, by the way — more tour­ists should ask for that!) we also headed out to the capitol-island, Malé. Every­one kept telling us to avoid the city — I didn’t quite under­stand why as it holds some fant­astic sights and a rich cul­ture as well as friendly people. Undeni­ably, it might not be the most attract­ive to those who just try to for­get their daily routine back home. Malé is busy and hec­tic like any other cap­itol, but it’s charm­ing in its own petite way. The city is 6 km2 (2 sq mi) large and has a pop­u­la­tion of 100,000 people. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND. That’s about the same amount of people that try to get into Berg­hain every Fri­day. You can ima­gine how small an island becomes when that many people are stacked upon each other. Malé holds the world­wide pole pos­i­tion on dense pop­u­la­tions — still, it felt spacey enough to wade through the urban developments.


One thing that is undeni­ably recur­rent through­out Malé streets: the col­ors. As I’d noticed in Cape Town, there are some people on this world who under­stand the simple minds of the human spe­cies. Col­ors = happy, no col­ors = Ger­man grumpy people. I could say a ton of more stuff about Malé, but unfor­tu­nately a two hour tour was not nearly enough to indulge in all the dif­fer­ent things one could cover. One thing is for sure: without our tour guide Ahmar Mohamed, an archi­tect and song­writer, born in Malé and really enthu­si­astic about his coun­tries beau­ti­ful leg­acy, I wouldn’t have dis­covered the diversity of the city. “Small” is only rel­at­ive to walk­ing dis­tance, isn’t it. He’s been work­ing on some sus­tain­able pro­jects which will hope­fully kick off some prof­it­able dynam­ics for both his com­pany and the Mal­dives. He showed us around town with all its quirky sides and anecdotes. I think every­one involved truly had a great time. The feel­ing of being in a city such as Malé is unique and a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

If you ever have the oppor­tun­ity, grab it and enjoy a fant­astic vaca­tion as well as exclus­ive culture.

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