Finding Mumbai — Part 1 / Construction Sites

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If you ask some loc­als about their thoughts about Mum­bai they prob­ably first tell you that they still call it Bom­bay. It was the gov­ern­ment that changed the name in 1996 to detach them­self from their eng­lish col­on­iz­a­tional roots and to state a big­ger indian self-consciousness.

I think Bom­bay is one of those few citys in the world where you can’t get no big­ger cul­tural shock. Start­ing off the Air­port you get thrown right into the street life which actu­ally really means life on the streets. Com­bined with the smell of the ori­ent and the oppress­ive heat you know right away that this is dif­fer­ent from everything you may exper­i­enced before. Allone the size of this 20 mil­lion mega­city let you feel the power of this upcom­ing asian subcontinent.

This is also the thing I want to show in this first of the two part Find­ing Mum­bai series — the rise of the country.

I never ever exper­i­enced the trans­form­a­tion of a soci­ety and a city more than here. The city feels like it has slept for a hun­dred years and now woke up due to their eco­nom­ical power. With the back­ground of more than 1 bil­lion people the future of the world will be dom­in­ated by the interests of the BRIC coun­trys with india as a major player.

When you drive through the end­less jammed and dusty streets of Mum­bai the major sign for this trans­form­a­tion are the con­struc­tion sites that pop up all over the city. And con­struc­tion sites here don’t mean just a new 5 story house on the corner. It means the con­struc­tion of sky­scrapers for thou­sands of new appart­ments or the devel­op­ment of com­pletly new neigbor­hoods includ­ing infra­struc­ture.
I never ever saw this many sites some­where else and I star­ted to take snap­shots of them out of the car. For me it is the most present sym­bol of the cur­rent pro­cess that will have effects also on our daily lifes in the west.

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