Finding Paris

3 Dec ’10 by Marcus Travel
Paris, where are you? - Marcus asks where the French capital can be found.

entering a metropolis always means that in most times you have heard about this place before. the french capitol is the perfect example for that. it is loaded with a massive visual hype which kinda lets you know what you get before you come there.

finding paris is both- easy and difficult. it doesn´t take much to understand what makes this city special. the beauty is stunning. nice old buildings lean against the hills of montmartre with the sacre coeur on it´s top which looks like an exaggerated wedding-cake . sneaking arround this neighbourhood is fullfilled with a romantic athmosphere rounded up by typical postcard cafes and bakeries. i loved that. i mean this was why i was there for. cheeeeese.

but what interested me much more was the daily paris life away from the sightseeing highlights. with some locals in a calling distance and our loveley arty host enrico we thought there wont be problems to boogie down on the paris streets and nightlife. what we didn´t knew was that there came the difficult side. i mean we still can´t believe it, but there seems to be nothing worth of any attention. i mean -yeah- we are kinda spoiled with our berlin party lifestyle but what is going on there? more than 10 million people and no one of the locals (also the scenesters) have a plan? the serious tips we got brought us to mainstream bars in a simon-dach style with expensive beer and a million mile nightwalk home because the metro is closing arround 2 am.

what about daft fucking punk and ed banger? in endless discussions and disappointments i rememberd my last talk with damian of dop who told me about how he could calm down in paris and focus on his studio work because he doesn´t has the pressure to miss something out there.

maybe this kinda frustrating situation for the subcultural youth plus the fact of unaffordable apartments leads to the abstract situation that all the kids are learning german and wanna move to a place everybody is talking about – berlin.

so our paris picture needed to be edited. what we found out was that there is this romantic side of the city which makes paris to what it is. but an alternative side like we know and love it from berlin you are searching there in vain.

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  1. Nach dem finding Asia Part sieht das schon wieder viel mehr nach Heimat aus – auch wenn ich noch nie in Frankreich gelebt habe oder da war, aber die Art wie Paris ist (oder wie es mir auf diesen Bildern vorkommt) sieht nach Heimat aus.
    Das einzig verwirrende hieran ist, dass ich erst dachte Sara wäre jetzt in Paris :)
    Super Fotos und toller Text!

  2. hey kevin, thanks. i think sara loves the heat over there, so we don´t see her in europe again until next summer. until then i take over the europe and berlin part. cheers…

  3. this is very good for you, ybg :)

  4. nice views from paris… ur blog is making me feel nostalgic about paris n berlin! great pics

    cheers from south brasil

  5. Damn… das ist ja wohl mit Abstand das geilste was ich seit langem mal wieder gesehen habe. Fantastische Fotos von der Stadt, in der ich mal von 89-94 gelebt habe. MAGNIFIQUE !!!

  6. There’s more and more new cool places in Paris for nightlife !
    the last one is Wanderlust ! Check it !


    Bob Delmonteque

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  1. […] French people are not sup­posed to be the friend­li­est in Europe. They are sup­posed to be a little snobby, unhygienic and, oh yes, they eat baguettes all day. Paris’s recep­tion has been care­fully draf­ted over the last few dec­ades. It’s the city of love. It’s the city of great archi­tec­ture and of exquis­ite cloth­ing. It’s not the city of a buzz­ing night life, as Mar­cus found out here. […]