Finding Sydney: Newtown

8 Feb ’11 by Sara Travel
A few words on Sydneys most interesting district, Newtown.

Sydney is quite an easy place to discover while you’re amongst friends. What could possibly be missed in a city built on water, with people as diverse as six continents can be, full of style, business and skyscrapers?

A little bit of grime, if you ask me. Although I didn’t venture far off the center, so I probably only got the tourist experience anyway. But I did enjoy Newtowns “Kreuzberg” vibe. It’s different from the polished Central Business District Experience, with a lively pub scene and great people. And if you’re so inclined, great vintage shopping. Now that I think about it – Newtown is more like Berlin-Mitte, rather than Kreuzberg. It’s got a grime-y-ish vibe, but the hip cafés and stores don’t really cater to poor students.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to discover in Newtown, but as far as I am concerned, I really overslept my Australia experience thoroughly.

Two comments

  1. Sehr, sehr schöne Bilder! Weiter so!

  2. nice job looks like you found the pick of the newtown bunch. but should mention that your photos tell that you also delved into a bit of enmore…another fine sydney suburb