FindingBerlin Relaunch 2012

by Sara · 22.04.2012 · Events · 4 comments

Wel­come to the freshly ren­ov­ated Find​ing​Ber​lin​.com headquar­ters! We’ve been talk­ing about this for months and finally it’s happened: a new, cleaner and more struc­tured lay­out. We’re very happy to join the club of sleek and organ­ized web­sites — it was def­in­itely needed.

When we star­ted our little pro­ject almost two years ago, we didn’t really know where it was going. Well, we still don’t know, but like any liv­ing organ­ism it grew and it became cluttered and we had to clean up the mess that we made over the time. So this is our second begin­ning, a bit of a new start that shall motiv­ate us to be as cre­at­ive and pro­duct­ive as ever. We love shar­ing our lives in the city with you, we love being able to look back on our time here by simply click­ing a few links and scrolling through our his­tory and we want to con­tinue all of that in a more good-looking man­ner. A spe­cial thanks goes out to king-of-all-kings Mat­thias who built the new site for us in about 50 seconds and who patiently listened to all our con­tra­dict­ing ideas on what it was sup­posed to look like (I wanted the site to look like the Berg­hain but they said no).

Most of all though, we want to tell you how much we appre­ci­ate your sup­port. Without you, the read­ers, the com­ment­at­ors (even the hate­ful ones, you cute little mon­keys), the people who like our posts on Face­book and our friends and fam­ily we would not have as much fun doing what we do. Gran­ted, it’s not like we just won an Academy Award or some­thing, but we’re still touched and over­whelmed by how many vis­it­ors we’ve been able to attract over time. So we’ve pre­pared a little some­thing some­thing that you might enjoy.

Over the next three days, we want to give you the chance to win some really awe­some stuff by some of our best friends from Ber­lin. Every day — with tomor­row being the first day — we will release a post­ing with crazy prizes. Every post will have its own rules of par­ti­cip­a­tion. Here’s the lineup for this little Find­ing­Ber­lin Fancy Fresh Fings Festival:

Tues­day: FindingBerlin-Tours -> Click here to participate

Find​ing​Ber​lin​-Tours​.com is giv­ing out a free tour through Ber­lin! See the city from our per­spect­ive, dis­cover it in your own time and best of all, ride some of the fan­ci­est bikes ever! You can win 1×2 tour vouch­ers from Find­ing­Ber­lin Tours on Tuesday.

Wed­nes­day: Mus­chi Kreuzberg

The fant­astic Mus­chi Kreuzberg are giv­ing away 5 dif­fer­ent ver­sions of their clas­sic snotty Ber­lin tote bags and two laptop cases! That’s how you front for your Kiez, guys. You can win 5×1 tote bag and 2×1 laptop case on Wednesday.

Thursday: Overkill Shop

Overkill, our favor­ite sneaker store and graf­fiti stuff supplier, is killing it with the HOOD PACK that you need to sur­vive in Kreuzberg! You can win 1×1 Hood Pack that includes 1 pair of Nike Air Max of your choice from the store, one Overkill T-Shirt and one marker.

As always, all win­ners will be chosen ran­domly and noti­fied by the end of the com­pet­i­tions (we’ll try to let all win­ners know by next week­end). Thanks to every­one who con­trib­uted so far and stay tuned to what we have com­ing up next.

If you’re in Ber­lin, we’re also cor­di­ally invit­ing you to come around our little Relaunch Hangout at the Art­con­nect Headquar­ters in Berlin-Neukölln. We just wanted to use the occa­sion to lounge with our friends. There’ll be some drinks, a bit of music and if we can spare the time we might even dec­or­ate the walls (but prob­ably not). Check out the deets right here and see you tonight!

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