FindingBerlin Relaunch Hangout at Artconnect HQ

by Sara · 24.04.2012 · Events · 4 comments

Guys, what can I say? I am abso­lutely over­whelmed after last nights little hap­pen­ing down in Neuk­ölln. So many people came to say hi and sup­port us. Although some might have found me a bit wired (I get nervous around good look­ing people like all of you are), I was pos­it­ively struck and abso­lutely happy — I hope you were too.

A very, very spe­cial thanks goes out to Art­con­nect Ber­lin who let us use their gor­geous office for the event, who sold amaz­ing homemade pizza and waffles and cook­ies and pretty much made every­one jump with joy. Thanks again a gazil­lion times! If some of you guys out there are inter­ested in rent­ing a desk in a beau­ti­ful and cre­at­ive co-working envir­on­ment, there is still some avail­able in Bod­din­straße.

I’m very sure that we’ll do this again soon — maybe next time a full on, blown up party? Or a pic­nic at Görl­itzer Park? Whatever it will be, it will only be fun with you guys, so cheers! For every­one who couldn’t make it last night, check out these pic­tures taken by the ever so great Stefan Kaz and our boy Nico.


  1. Indeed, a great hangout with a lot of people who grew close with Find­ing­Ber­lin over the past years! Thanks for the great time!

    How­ever, I have to notice (and this goes to Stefan, the ever so great pho­to­grapher of ours) that actu­ally some of the shots I did while frantic­ally fum­bling with his cam­era actu­ally turned out good. I’d say I won our bet, Stefan! Haha.

  2. Thanks to every­one from my side too. I love our crowd!

  3. yes matze, you shot 3 of the pics above, thanks! but which bet?

  4. This is so over­whelm­ing “hip” I hope it’s fake. You say you want to cap­ture, I quote, “the unique fea­tures of Ber­lin”, yet all I see in these pic­tures is an aco­lyte of the worst hip­ster cliches avail­able. You needed a couple of these guys too, to parade next to the fixie bikes, the laptops and the dumb clothes. So you’re all into art, hm?