Fête De La Musique 2012

by Sara · 22.06.2012 · Kiez Life · 13 comments


Midsummer. Most children growing up in Berlin will probably never even know what that word means. They will think: “Summer, oh, that’s just another word for autumn, right?”, because that’s damn straight what it feels like. But once upon a time, even Berlin encountered heat waves. Even I have spent days in the city with my skin melting off my bones. I would worship every second of it if it happened again.


Of course, summer will return – someday. Probably in October. I don’t mind as long as it does. In the meantime, Fête de La Musique, the annual midsummer festival that is celebrated all across the world, was taken here with a little ironic twist. Rain and windy weather made it quite difficult to enjoy the Open Airs, but then again: we’re born to party. We’ve had worse than this. Let’s not dwell on it (but yes, let’s dwell on it, I will not stop until summer returns with full force. I will also not stop complaining about it in every post until it happens. I’m a grumpy person and I need sunlight for my pale skin).


Like the Carnival of Cultures or the First of May, the Fête de La Musique festivities are free and for everyone to enjoy, but they are naturally of a different quality. Since it’s always on the 21st of June – in my experience usually work days – the extend of the parties can range from two hours to two days. So we’ve made it a ritual not to be too stressed out or eager to find the perfect place to rave. Sometimes it just happens, that’s cool. Yesterday was more like an interesting stroll through Kreuzberg, a major excuse to listen to some great music by Robot Koch and Jahcoozie at our favorite spot on Cuvry Straße by the Spree and to go down on Kreuzbergs best chicken at Hühnerhaus. It always comes down to the same thing: we love our neighborhood and we will definitely not move away from here, not even if there’s a cute little apartment in the Schillerkiez available. Right? Right.










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  1. I got the hint. <36

  2. Hippie Hipsters

  3. Great photos, really captured everything yesterday… Robot Koch & Jahcoozi – definitely the highlight for me as well!

  4. was für ne bekackte einleitung.

  5. Schillerkiez apartments tend to be cute..that”s right hehe

  6. Ich finds gut und schöne Fotos mal wieder

  7. hahaha die hunde ficken !!!

  8. Great pics, thanks !

  9. toll! vielen für die Fotos.
    The jumping man kissed me later…lol

  10. Dank

  11. Krass, wie sehr Berlin* gerade im Timetunnel der 80er-Jahre drin zu stecken scheint. O_o Zurück in die Zukunft ganz ohne Fluxkompensator.

    Sehr schöne Bilder, wie immer!

    (*) oder Teil davon; einen repräsentativen Anspruch wird die Photoserie über Fête De La Musique in Kreuzberg auch kaum für sich beanspruchen wollen

  12. nice pictures!!!

  13. Hey, vielen Dank für die coolen Bilder!
    Wußte gar nicht, daß so viele Hipster bei unserer kleinen Blockparty waren. :-)