Fête De La Musique 2012

by Sara · 22.06.2012 · Kiez Life · 13 comments

Mid­sum­mer. Most chil­dren grow­ing up in Ber­lin will prob­ably never even know what that word means. They will think: “Sum­mer, oh, that’s just another word for autumn, right?”, because that’s damn straight what it feels like. But once upon a time, even Ber­lin encountered heat waves. Even I have spent days in the city with my skin melt­ing off my bones. I would wor­ship every second of it if it happened again.

Of course, sum­mer will return — someday. Prob­ably in Octo­ber. I don’t mind as long as it does. In the mean­time, Fête de La Musique, the annual mid­sum­mer fest­ival that is cel­eb­rated all across the world, was taken here with a little ironic twist. Rain and windy weather made it quite dif­fi­cult to enjoy the Open Airs, but then again: we’re born to party. We’ve had worse than this. Let’s not dwell on it (but yes, let’s dwell on it, I will not stop until sum­mer returns with full force. I will also not stop com­plain­ing about it in every post until it hap­pens. I’m a grumpy per­son and I need sun­light for my pale skin).

Like the Car­ni­val of Cul­tures or the First of May, the Fête de La Musique fest­iv­it­ies are free and for every­one to enjoy, but they are nat­ur­ally of a dif­fer­ent qual­ity. Since it’s always on the 21st of June — in my exper­i­ence usu­ally work days — the extend of the parties can range from two hours to two days. So we’ve made it a ritual not to be too stressed out or eager to find the per­fect place to rave. Some­times it just hap­pens, that’s cool. Yes­ter­day was more like an inter­est­ing stroll through Kreuzberg, a major excuse to listen to some great music by Robot Koch and Jah­coozie at our favor­ite spot on Cuvry Straße by the Spree and to go down on Kreuzbergs best chicken at Hüh­ner­haus. It always comes down to the same thing: we love our neigh­bor­hood and we will def­in­itely not move away from here, not even if there’s a cute little apart­ment in the Schillerkiez avail­able. Right? Right.

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  1. I got the hint. <36

  2. Hip­pie Hipsters

  3. Great pho­tos, really cap­tured everything yes­ter­day… Robot Koch & Jah­coozi — def­in­itely the high­light for me as well!

  4. was für ne bekackte einleitung.

  5. Schillerkiez apart­ments tend to be cute..that“s right hehe

  6. Ich finds gut und schöne Fotos mal wieder

  7. hahaha die hunde ficken !!!

  8. Great pics, thanks !

  9. toll! vielen für die Fotos.
    The jump­ing man kissed me later…lol

  10. Dank

  11. Krass, wie sehr Ber­lin* gerade im Time­tun­nel der 80er-Jahre drin zu stecken scheint. O_o Zurück in die Zukunft ganz ohne Fluxkompensator.

    Sehr schöne Bilder, wie immer!

    (*) oder Teil davon; einen repräsent­at­iven Ans­pruch wird die Pho­toserie über Fête De La Musique in Kreuzberg auch kaum für sich beans­pruchen wollen

  12. nice pic­tures!!!

  13. Hey, vielen Dank für die coolen Bilder!
    Wußte gar nicht, daß so viele Hip­ster bei unserer kleinen Block­party waren. :-)