Goldener Herbst in Berlin

If I had to rate this autumn experience in Berlin, I'd give it a solid "meh". It started out quite promising with some 30 hot and nasty degrees at the end of September, then rapidly declined into a grotesque puddle of mud with hardly any sunshine to keep us coping. Some of my best mates have been entrapped in Herbstblues for the past two or three weeks. Personally, I've managed to watch every episode of every American drama series ever made, and I'm furiously shopping for thicker and warmer coats. The natural coping mechanism for Berliners is to get over the mood swings and embrace the only thing left to do: hide at work, under the blankets or in darkrooms. Before depression and hibernation set in, though, I wanted to share some rare snapshots of the few bits and pieces of actual autumn season that we had around here.
17 Nov ’16 by Sara Street Life