Hit & Run Kino

7 Sep ’10 by Sara Community, Events
2016 update: the Hit & Run Kino is no more, unfortunately.

The hunt for new and exciting places is a tedious, slow process that strongly depends on all kinds of factors. Once you’ve seen most parties and locations in Berlin you slowly grow tired of the usual evening plans. Movies, restaurants, clubs, been there done that, but what’s next? On a weekday with no remarkable free events and rather coldish weather?

Berliners are notorious for spicing up their daily routine. The urban hunt for secluded and free locations takes up a big part of it all. Where to throw the next party, where to paint the next graffiti? Berlins youth is not (always) interested in the parks others created, they want to find their own spaces- illegally if they must.

The hit&run Kino is such an urban hunting experience combined with the chill atmosphere of a great movie night. Hundreds of people meeting up at a seemingly random place somewhere in Berlin, to be lead to an unused, unknown place where they’ll watch a movie somehow connected to it. Pay 5 € on your way in, get free drinks & snacks, sit down on the dirty floor, watch a stunning feature film.

Five comments

  1. are you aware of the fact that you’re about to ruin this phenomenon with your coverage? boost your ego with something else!

    Hiehu Faggsjohrmam
    • fair accusation, except we never gave any infos about it away and never tampered with their chosen ways of communication. i hope describing this sort of event without leading a tonne of curious people to it will result in more creativity and inspiration, not destruction.

  2. I would like to receive Newsletter to the next events of hit und run kino.
    I was several time 2 years ago, I don’t know if that still exits.

  3. Hi there nice article about Auckland and Wellington.

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