Homie Lover Friend Festival 2013

by Marcus · 26.06.2013 · Events, Videos · 10 comments

Last sum­mer, a group of cool cats decided — just like that — to break with the Ber­lin Techno tra­di­tion and host a little one-day fest­ival at YAAM! They were prob­ably sick of all those illegal Open Airs with bad sounds and unchill vibes — you know, cops ruin­ing the mood, mono­tone after-hour min­imal music ruin­ing the mood, bad weather ruin­ing the mood, cranky bass ruin­ing the mood. So they packed up all their friends, threw in some big names, ren­ted out the YAAM! beach area and threw one of the best partys I have so far wit­nessed in Ber­lin: Homie Lover Friend.

And there it was: Bass, Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, from the clas­sics to the avant-garde, everything was to be had on stage. The per­form­ing artists and DJs were on their A-Game and the crowd went men­tal for every set. It’s just what this city was miss­ing. Good look­ing boys and girls unleash­ing their dance moves to Grime and Dance­hall beats, fire­works, skate­parks, beach­bum­ming… long story short, this was def­in­itely a concept to be con­tin­ued, and after look­ing for­ward to it for what seems like an etern­ity, it’s finally on: next Sunday it’s going to be Homie Lover Friend II and we’re pumped up and all hype!

In pre­par­a­tions of the fest­ival, we wanted to see what the Ams­ter­dam x Ber­lin x Lon­don crew had in mind for their second com­ing, so we accom­pan­ied them on their mis­sion to plaster Kreuzberg with their HLFII posters. We’re wired to be part of this amaz­ing new thing in Ber­lin. Let us intro­duce you to the people behind the HLF pro­ject and their mis­sion to broaden the music and dance scene of the city.

Win tick­ets for Homie Lover Friend II

Because we want you to be a part of Homie Lover Friend as well, we’re giv­ing away 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for next Sunday! The weather is going to be per­fect and YOU are going to have the time of your life with us — prom­ise. All you need to do is like, share, tweet or how­ever else recom­mend this post to your friends and leave a com­ment under this post to let us know you’re par­ti­cip­at­ing! We’ll pick out the win­ners before the week­end. Pow!

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  1. Look­ing forward!

  2. can’t wait!

  3. YES YES!

  4. das wird super.

  5. I was wait­ing one year long.

  6. love the pic with the guys hanging out wear­ing caps

  7. This looks fun, yes!!!

  8. uuuh yeah!all about love!

  9. I <3 Hip Hop!

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