I Bagni Di Viareggio

by Marcus · 21.06.2012 · Escapism · 3 comments

When I think of Italy in the sum­mer I have this Retro-Chique pic­ture in my mind. The people wear old-school bathing suits, the cars are still edgy, and the col­ors are nat­ur­ally ins­tagrammed. I know it’s a romantic view and a res­ult of cheesy 70’s movies. The real sum­mer beach life in Italy means mostly crowded places and the nice parts of the beaches are seper­ated by private Bagni — where you have to rent chairs and sunshades.

If you have ever been to the Viareg­gio coast area you know what I’m talk­ing about. Miles and Miles of privat­ized beaches for thou­sands of North Itali­ans flood­ing the region dur­ing their sum­mer hol­l­i­days mak­ing it the cen­ter of the whole coun­try for that time.

In the winter the pic­ture is totally dif­fer­ent. It seems that the coast is sleep­ing and tak­ing a big breath before the sunny storm.
I loved exactly this vibe. The run-down, rusty feel — like the whole place is beamed in from another time.

This series of Bagni entrances is already a couple of years old but shortly before your upcom­ing sum­mer trip I wanted to share it with you!

  1. good one.

  2. sehr schön!

  3. all those sum­mers spent in viareg­gio.. this great series brings it all back.. BIG LOVE