I EAT YOU II at Chalet

by Sara · 23.10.2012 · Events · 3 comments

The last time I went to the I EAT YOU din­ner I returned arm in arm with a stranger, cheer­ing and holler­ing the whole way back home. I still don’t quite remem­ber who that was, why it happened and how I sur­vived. Need­less to say I was excited to hear that the I EAT YOU din­ner series was to be revived at newly opened club Chalet. The Chalet guys have been going into quite a Bar25 dir­ec­tion with some of their design details, and I was curi­ous to see not only the din­ner pre­par­a­tions but also the interieur of the club (without a massive crowd of obnox­ious ravers and of course, accom­pan­ied by my camera).

The I Eat You din­ner is still a one of a kind exper­i­ence. If you missed out the last time, you should grab the oppor­tun­ity. A whole­some din­ner (with veget­arian option), set in a dreamy and cozy atmo­sphere, with friends and strangers, intim­ate and unique – it’s deli­cious and excit­ing at the same time. Play­fully arranged games and dec­or­a­tion and a spe­cial intro­duc­tion (I won’t give it away though) make it not only a sit-down thing to bore your­self with but also an inter­act­ive show­case. Speak­ing of: the per­form­ance between main and dessert is a bit too creepy for my own per­sonal taste, but inter­est­ing non­ethe­less. The back­yard of the Chalet with all it’s dimmed beau­ti­ful lights, the typ­ic­ally stripped down Ber­lin walls, the awe­some dec­or­a­tion – it makes for a per­fect get-together if you’re look­ing for some­thing special.

Grab some of your good friends and book your­self some seats with the I Eat You din­ner crew. Never again will you encounter so many beau­ti­ful details and have as much fun in a makeshift-restaurant. There are only a couple of days left, so be quick!

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  1. Do you know if there is a vegan option?

  2. Hi Patrick, I’m not sure about that, although most of the stuff (except for the meat, obvi­ously) seemed to be Vegan. Get in touch with the makers and find out! I’m sure they can do some­thing about it either way :)

  3. <3 Fou! <3