IXTHYS Korean Food

by Sara · 29.08.2013 · Food, Places · 5 comments

Kreuzberg has everything, espe­cially afford­able but high qual­ity street & fast food options. I think you could travel around the world through your tastebuds here. And yet Kreuzberg lacks. There’s no proper Korean food to be found any­where (edit: someone in the com­ments poin­ted out that there’s Kim­chi Prin­cess and Angry Chicken; but I don’t con­sider Kim­chi Prin­cess street food and I haven’t tried Angry Chicken yet, so I apo­lo­gize for the state­ment). Turns out that’s a good thing because I’ll only leave my Kiez for food (don’t judge me, I’ve lived here long enough to have earned my vil­la­gers status).

And that’s how we ended up in Schöne­berg, loc­at­ing some of the best Bib­im­bap I’ve ever had. Our list of good Asian food joints is grow­ing now — we’ve got Thai, Viet­namese, Japan­ese, we’ve had Korean before but now we can add a place that is not just a pop-up but an actual res­taur­ant. In a very nice corner of Schöne­berg, close to Pots­damer Straße; unagit­ated and calm, almost hid­den albeit in open view. Schöne­berg — the grown-up peoples Kreuzberg, as they say (or as I say con­sid­er­ing how every­one who’s been liv­ing in Kreuzberg for more than 3 years is start­ing to think about mov­ing “some­where quieter”, as if Schöne­berg was some kind of fancy quiet area for people who’ve had enough of partying).

The food is deli­cious– but you know that already. IXTHYS is known quite well among the pendants of the Korean kit­chen, but it’s the lovely and oddly devoted reli­gious wall dec­or­a­tion that makes it so curi­ous and charm­ing. Appar­ently the res­taur­ant is run by two wid­ows and they def­in­itely love their Chris­tian God, right down to the menus. Proph­ecies and bible verses everywhere. It’s not as intrus­ive as I thought it would be, at least it’s an enter­pris­ing interior design. Beats the usual pas­tiche dec­or­a­tion of Asian res­taur­ants. In fact– it’s cute and lovely, like you’re being invited into a per­sons mind when enter­ing their kit­chen and liv­ing room. The ser­vice is excep­tion­ally sweet, too, and bet­ter yet: the Kim­chi is a rev­el­a­tion, and def­in­itely worth a trip out­side of ones own Kiez.

Pal­lasstraße 21
10781 Berlin

  1. You are kid­ding, aren’t you? Have you ever been to Kim­chi Princess/Angry Chicken in Kreuzberg?

  2. Aww I was just kid­ding. I love Kim­chi Prin­cess, although I still haven’t tried Angry Chicken. That said I should cla­rify that I meant Korean Food “on the go”, I con­sider Kim­chi Prin­cess a proper sit-down res­taur­ant for spe­cial occasions.

  3. Omg this looks great. We have a new bib­im­bap place open in Frank­furt as well. I won­der if that’s the new “in” food?

    Do they do veget­arian ones as well? It doesn’t look like your one had meat in it. We’re vis­it­ing Ber­lin in a few weeks so we’ll have to try it out.

  4. I know it’s not a street food place either, but you haven’t had Madang? It’s a “proper sit down” but really good! and in kreuzberg! Their bib­im­bap and naengmy­eon were both really deli­cious, and they have a good num­ber of the usual deli­cious side dishes out on the table too.

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