IXTHYS Korean Food

by Sara · 29.08.2013 · Food, Places · 5 comments

Kreuzberg has everything, especially affordable but high quality street & fast food options. I think you could travel around the world through your tastebuds here. And yet Kreuzberg lacks. There’s no proper Korean food to be found anywhere (edit: someone in the comments pointed out that there’s Kimchi Princess and Angry Chicken; but I don’t consider Kimchi Princess street food and I haven’t tried Angry Chicken yet, so I apologize for the statement). Turns out that’s a good thing because I’ll only leave my Kiez for food (don’t judge me, I’ve lived here long enough to have earned my villagers status).

And that’s how we ended up in Schöneberg, locating some of the best Bibimbap I’ve ever had. Our list of good Asian food joints is growing now – we’ve got Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, we’ve had Korean before but now we can add a place that is not just a pop-up but an actual restaurant. In a very nice corner of Schöneberg, close to Potsdamer Straße; unagitated and calm, almost hidden albeit in open view. Schöneberg – the grown-up peoples Kreuzberg, as they say (or as I say considering how everyone who’s been living in Kreuzberg for more than 3 years is starting to think about moving “somewhere quieter”, as if Schöneberg was some kind of fancy quiet area for people who’ve had enough of partying).

The food is delicious- but you know that already. IXTHYS is known quite well among the pendants of the Korean kitchen, but it’s the lovely and oddly devoted religious wall decoration that makes it so curious and charming. Apparently the restaurant is run by two widows and they  definitely love their Christian God, right down to the menus. Prophecies and bible verses everywhere. It’s not as intrusive as I thought it would be, at least it’s an enterprising interior design. Beats the usual pastiche decoration of Asian restaurants. In fact-  it’s cute and lovely, like you’re being invited into a persons mind when entering their kitchen and living room. The service is exceptionally sweet, too, and better yet: the Kimchi is a revelation, and definitely worth a trip outside of ones own Kiez.

Pallasstraße 21
10781 Berlin


  1. You are kidding, aren’t you? Have you ever been to Kimchi Princess/Angry Chicken in Kreuzberg?

  2. Aww I was just kidding. I love Kimchi Princess, although I still haven’t tried Angry Chicken. That said I should clarify that I meant Korean Food “on the go”, I consider Kimchi Princess a proper sit-down restaurant for special occasions.

  3. Omg this looks great. We have a new bibimbap place open in Frankfurt as well. I wonder if that’s the new “in” food?

    Do they do vegetarian ones as well? It doesn’t look like your one had meat in it. We’re visiting Berlin in a few weeks so we’ll have to try it out.

  4. I know it’s not a street food place either, but you haven’t had Madang? It’s a “proper sit down” but really good! and in kreuzberg! Their bibimbap and naengmyeon were both really delicious, and they have a good number of the usual delicious side dishes out on the table too.

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